Friday, January 26, 2007

Today has sucked so bad I just needed Beer...

...battered shrimp! And they were delicious. Heh! YUMMY, but bad for me.

Seriously, today... holy crap. Right now I am pretending today just never HAPPENED. Or that only the good exercise I did happened. (I did at least 100 crunches... and got 100 steps in on my pedometer at Wal-Mart... besides regular swimming.) But in truth what happened was this:

On my way to physical therapy I rear-ended another car at a light! In front of a cop!
Okay, actually we barely tapped bumpers but because I am just so super duper lucky the person I barely tapped jumped out of the car screaming, I kid you not, "Oh, this is going to be a soft tissue injury, I can tell right now! I have been rear ended before and it feels just like this, it is coming, there is NO question!"

There was no marks on our cars (that is to say, no marks on HER car, no NEW mark on my ugly little jeep.). I gave her my information and insurance card info, she refused to give me hers... whatever. The cop we waved over looked at the cars and just eventually walked off. Didn't give me a warning even, no ticket for sure, but the lady claimed I was still getting sued... however, chances are if the cop who SAW it happen knew it wasn't bad, looked at the car and still didn't give me a ticket it would be hard for her to sue. Not that I doubt she will try. It made it sound like she has done so in the past.


Yeah, I felt like an idiot but it really was an ACCIDENT. As in, I didn't slow down fast enough for as icy as that stop still was. ALMOST, but not quite. And I hit her car. And if the same had happened to me I would have been scared and they would have said I am so sorry and we wouldn't have even GOT the police because there was nothing wrong. But it wasn't me in THAT car, I was in the other car... it was my fault, and she wants money. I don't know if she'll get it, but whatever. This much I know: 1. Despite what CC may think of my driving ;OP I have never got a "moving violation" ticket (just one for having a light out I didn't know about). 2. I have never claimed an accident in my insurance. I have had a car accident but we just figured it out with the girl and me. The only other one was when I hit a deer one Valentine's day. THAT was AWFUL. Oh my gosh. Mali and Megan and BoyKid were there. Bad bad experience. (Even though funny BoyKid quotes came out of it.) Ugh.

Other than that, it is just a HORRIBLE headache day. Nothing is touching it today, I probably shouldn't have driven myself to therapy and the store anyway, to be honest. And now I feel like crap. I don't like it when I have to take heavy stuff for it, like Loritab or Robaxin. BLEH. THEY make me feel bad in their own way, too. But it looks like I will be needing one tonight.



  1. Poor thing! I wouldn't fret too much about it. I got rearended pretty badly last year. He hit me first and it turned into a 4 car pileup. Yep, he hit me that hard. ANYWAY, I lost my job and was injured for a while because of it and yet the lawyer said it would still be a tough case if I really wanted to sue. And we had a police report.

    Fear not girlie, she's just on one. I kind of wanted to kick her, but I don't know who she is. And I would have been really mean and not given her any info till she gave hers to me. :-D I'm like that.

  2. I wouldn't have given her info either. I would have wanted to provoke her into hitting me with her fist, just so the cop WITNESSING the event would arrest her. I probably wouldn't have, but whatever.

    Reminds me of the time I accidentally (key word) ran a stop sign and got broadsided by a surburban. Did I mention I was driving an OOOOOOOOLD Toyota Tercel? She was *freaking* about her small dent on the quarter panel, when we were just lucky we weren't dead like the car ...

    Careful driving on those meds, BTW. DUIs aren't just for alcohol and illegal drugs ...

  3. also... I want some beer battered shrimp...

    or coconut shrimp... yeah... that.

  4. mmm shrimp ... i think i know what we're having for dinner ...

  5. i would have demanded that she give me her info. what a nutjob. but just think... now you can make fun of her. just randomly say "this is a soft tissue injury. i can feel it."

    i'm sorry you had a sucky day. i want coconut shrimp. i also decided that when i go up north this summer... we need to hang.