Sunday, November 28, 2010

A mini-update

I am watching Wizard of Oz with Mom (but wishing it was Airplane in Leslie's honor. Rest in Peace. And don't call me Shirley!) and feeling crappy. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"She pooped! She pooped in my pocket!"

Low-lights of the day:
Highlights of the day:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fable 2

Big Fable now has a new home with a woman named London who knows all his quirks and unlike my family is not scared of his biting.  I have cried about it but am now okay with it, just don't tell Squall's kids JanBrady and Mini-Squall.

I feel REALLY guilty for THEM.  But hopefully Baby Fable looks enough like him that they won't be able to tell. Because SHE is just PRECIOUS and taming down VERY well.  She is a lot smarter than Big Fable too and has learned the wheel, the ball, and we are now working on potty-training.  She is a doll!

The rats, too, have a great home with Kayla.  So glad because I was so attached to them. I love rats. If I didn't have gliders I think I would totally have rats.

So my rescuing for the time being is complete.  When I have a house of my own I am sure it will start up again but for now all my pets are now my own.  And I am TOTALLY enjoying their antics. Baby Fable is a hoot.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Holiday Looms

So I am watching Covert Affairs and Fable play in the new cage I got from the rehomed rats.  THEY are happy with their new mama. The chinnie is happy in the new cage.  And I am being uber domestic... knitting My Nigerian his Christmas present!  Okay so it is on a loom but it still says knitting on the package. WHat I supposed to call it? LOOMING?

Monday, November 8, 2010

indian giver (I know. Racist.)

Last night I thought I was getting a hedgie/ I chatted with the gitl for about an hour, talked about a lot of things actually, and mom had been talking to dad. He had seemed not exited but okay about it.

That changed;

Now I am FORBIDDEN to get anymore pets. "Fable is the last!"
Where does that leave Critters? BOO.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lists and a Hedgehog and Rats

Things I think my future kids will say
  • I don't have to obey you, you're not my real mom!
  • What's a Walkman?
  • Can I take one of your animals to school for show and tell?

Things I want for Christmas
Things I am really tired of
This headache. This plus 3 month long migraine
Living at the padre's
Not being a real part of this ward because I don't stay the whole time because my head hurts and stuff

So I MAY be GETTING that Hedgehog, and early.  I am talking to a girl who has a perfect one named Mr. Ouwie that needs a new home.  He is darling. I don't know about having him early, as I am going through all this USDA stuff, but he is going to need to be registered too anyway because I definitely want him to be part of Critters 2 Go!  Anyway, I am texting the girl about the little guy back and forth tonight. 

Meanwhile, I HAVE RATS. 2 truly darling little girls that if I could I would keep but I can't so I am looking for someone awesome to love them.  Because I already adore them and they deserve it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My blog is more journal than, I don't know, BLOG.  I write for myself mostly, and someday I may even print it all out into a book. Who knows.  But I am still curious if anyone reads me anymore. It's not important. I don't get paid like I do for the Examiner and writing for nobody but myself does not bother me.  But I am still curious.

Anyway, I have been on a little bit shaky ground with MyNigerian.  Nothing has HAPPENED, it is just so hard to not be in the same dang country that sometimes I get a little weird.  And I don't like his little expiration date of December.  I mean if he wants to date other people, just do it. Don't make it be December when he already knows I can't come. I dunno. It's frustrating.  I guess I just feel like I need to start falling out of love so it doesn't hurt so much. Mom reminds me if it is meant to be it will work out, and if it isn't it won't. But my health and other circumstances are such that it's just probably not going to work.

But the thing is, and I am not being negative here, I am being realistic, how many chances do you think I am going to have?  TexasBoy... Fresno... MyNigerian. Each felt like a miracle.

And then there is the BrazilianVampire.  He swooped right in yesterday, reminding me "I like you how you are" and telling me he'd kiss me and he would move to Utah and pay for a trip to Brazil.  He told me so many things, right when I was feeling my saddest about Ola, that it was tempting.

But that is so literally what he is: Temptation.

He is not an active member of the church and has no desires to go back.  He drinks. He gambles.  He would screw up my life.  It would be worse than PoetryBoy.

How many chances?

I want Ola. I want him and his spiritual powerhouse ways and his sweet words and everything.  And I think I am not going to get him.  I just feel like swearing. DAMNIT.

I hurt.

My HEART hurts.

And it goes with out saying my HEAD HURTS.

OY.  Other than that, I just finished The Castle Corona. Reading is my escape.  I kept getting stories mixed up though (I blame the headache) They were asking what the corno (like a cornucopia) could mean and all I could think was DUH, the thing in the middle of the Game where all the weapons are!  Only that was not IN sweet little Castle Corona. THAT was in Catching Fire of the Hunger Games trilogy. HA!

I just started Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and it seems interesting.  Maybe I'll go read now.  My brain is tired.