Friday, January 12, 2007

A Toast... to our Love and Other Scary Things

5 notable things happened today.

1. We lost power because of the snow. That was bad because that meant our space heaters turned off so it was a rather cold day here. And with the slippery roads I slid my jeep into a bush, but we are all fine... me, Happy Car (my Jeep), and the bush (unnamed... STEVE, perhaps?! HA!)

2. I finally got my new insurance figured out to a point where I am now going back to physical therapy at SaucePot where they actually HELPED, even though they are NOT where I like going to water aerobics. So that is good, but it hurt a lot today and getting the referals and stuff figured out took forever, so it isn't a complete positive. Still, a good thing.

3.Then craziness began happening. Apparently today is the day cages are left open. Because the first thing was that while I was gone, when Roomie, Lark, came home with the disabled guy she takes care of, J, McKenzie the Parrot flew out of the livingroom and almost ATTACKED J!!! SCARY! Because for one thing, I love that bird, but she IS evil. That is why we have her. Lark took her in here at our "Ark" because she(McKenzie... not Lark) had to leave her old home for attacking kids. Anyway she landed right on J's head and he was yelling and it was making McKenzie MORE scared and agressive. So when I got home it was ALL I heard about. I didn't know it was a WARNING!
Somehow one of the times today I was checking on my sugar babies I LEFT A DOOR OPEN. I haven't done that in at least a year, I am so spacey right now (blame my meds?)! Anyway, so, thing 4, I go down stairs about 10 and find the cage EMPTY! I freak out, of course, but start calling. My GOOD babies respond... I turn to see them running down the hall to me. (Actually, Heber ran PAST me and up into the cage to await a treat, and Lilo ran right up me and starting nipping and purring in my ear.) But NO EPIPHANY. I reward Lilo and Hebs and start looking for Nani, but can't find her ANYWHERE. Then I really panic.

Gliders are FAST.
Gliders are SMALL.
Gliders are TRICKY.
Gliders can fit in tight spaces, fly to high ones, climb walls that seem unscaleable... basically, a NIGHTMARE if they are not being good and coming when called. Our house is really big.

Okay, it's not, like, a MANSION, but it is really big compared to a 3 inch tall sugar glider and it is messy and LOTS of places to hide. Plus, my gliders don't always realize how small they ARE. For instance, Nani's baby, Plice once tried to attack McKenzie and could have lost a leg tail or his life in the process. Same baby tried to attack Shasta the bigger of the 2 little DOGS, too. However, I think Shasta beleieved he could eat her too, and she ran. But the other dog, Trinket would NOT hesitate to hunt a glider if she got the chance. Our house is a dangerous jungle!

So I was turning the house upsidedown all night, then taking breaks to be quiet and listen for her, but FINALLY I was checking email when I heard something in the game room... to see her flying across the room to land on a hanging toy storage. I was SO HAPPY to see her! But also mad at her... and she was mad at me for ruining her fun. But TOO DANG BAD, PRINCESS NANI! That was just now a bit after 3:30 am!
It has been a very very very stressfull night and now I SHOULD be exauhsted but unfortunatley stress makes me even MORE awake.
And add on me being me... okay, so here is the thing. The email I was reading when I heard the escapee was from Fresno. It was a very good email. *blush* However, he said something that makes me *think* he is going to say I Love You and that kind of scares the crap out of me because I don't know if I am sure enough to say it back if he does. Like sometimes I think about saying it, too, even, it's just I don't feel like I KNOW if it is and so I don't want to say something that then gives him, like, false hope, when I don't know anything because my stupid brain is slow on this girly stuff. Anyway, so I don't know. I think I maybe do. I almost SAID so on the phone one time, but I just stopped. I just... yeah. I don't know. Especially with how I am feeling about MYSELF right now, this is scary. I just don't know if he should.

Unless, you know, it is on TOAST. Cuz that is just funny.


  1. whoa ... that *is* a stressful day! Poor kip! Poor J and Lark (seriously, that's your roomie's name? why didn't I remember THAT?)

    Okay, as for Fresno, I know you're prolly sick of hearing "me and Moe" stories, but ... he told me he loved me one night while we were watching a movie and I wasn't prepared for it, had no idea that's where he was headed with his goofy look on his face, and wasn't sure I could ever love anyone again (ask CC, I kept telling her I was broken -- she kept laughing at me and couldn't figure out why I didn't think I loved him. HA). Anyway. I didn't say it back and told him I wouldn't say it until I meant it. He was hurt, but he still stuck with me. And after talking to CC (who pretty much saved our relationship a couple times in the early days), I realized I DID love him. And so I cheated, because that was scary, and I emailed him. "I know I'm cheating, but I love you too." hahahahahaha. But ... now I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park.

    SO, if he says it don't freak out. You're already a couple steps ahead of where I was with knowing where your heart lies, but honey, don't feel pressured to say it until you're ready. *mwah*

    Ba and Fresno sittin' in a tree ... k-i-s-s- ... sumpin' sumpin' sumpin' ... (ala Mater of Cars).

  2. just go with your feeling and tell your head to shut up! lol

  3. p.s. I love esther and moe stories!

  4. Holy... umm... don't parrots live a REALLY long time? As in, outliving their owners?!

    I had a huge iguana as a teenager. She was so big, we just kept her around the house because she didn't care for her cage. She was like the one on the Simpsons that Patty cradled like a baby. Whenever she'd disappear, nowhere to be found, I was always confident she would show up a few days later, ready for a meal. Pets are funny like that.

  5. Stewie, My roomie's SCREEN name is Meadowlark (or Lark for short) after one of her birds (she rescues a LOT. Right now, though she just has a canary, the parrot and one orphaned sparrow).

    Laurie, yeah, Parrots can live a long time. She wasn't a baby when Lark took her in, but she is a bird person and committed to her whole life, so no worries there. She is expected to live 30-60 years, though, like a person. So yeah, if you get them as babies they CAN out live you! Too funny about the Iguana, though. "You make me feel like a natural woman"

  6. wow. you had quite the day. aren't you glad it's over?