Sunday, January 7, 2007

"500 of 'em!" "Yeah! Babies Everywhere!"

Another Sunday not in Church, but this time it had more to do with my stomach than my head, though my head is always part of it. Some days I HATE MY GUTS!!! And I mean that in the very real, literal sense. My Gut hates me too. Which is why I am punishing it by eating things like Jello (YUCK.) and Pepto (DOUBLE YUCK.). That'll teach it!

In other news, I FINALLY finished blogging my
Christmas in Hawai'i so if you feel the desire to watch slide show after slide show of my sybs making faces, dolphins jumping really high (So long and thanks for all the fish?), me looking very uncomfortable with the other end of a camera, and sea turtles, well, just laying there, then GO HERE.

However, the coolest show is
probably watching my little brother eat sand in an effort to boogie board where real surfers are. There is no sounds but you can scream with pain during some it and it makes it funnier. If, you know, you are a mean older sis who finds it kind of hilarious to watch her little brother be devoured by monster waves. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! I know, I am mean. But he didn't DIE. I would be sad if he actually DIED. I promise.

In other other news, yes, I am a "Utah Mormon" and hate Jello. Even, and especially, green with stuff cut up in it. However, I kind of like Jello Jigglers. I know it is the same stuff, but when they are hard enough they ALMOST taste like gummy bears. Thus NOT the same.

In other other other news, I just got off the phone with Fresno. He is just... amazing.
[Caution: Girly Gushing ahead. Feel free to skip if you want to.] Sometimes it just sort of floors me that he still likes me... he is so *cute* and there are other girls that like him, some that I am sure are cuter... or at least CLOSER to his home in California.

But then also sometimes him liking me and me liking him makes the most sense of anything in
the world. Like every time we talk, we think the same things are funny, even really stupid things like pretending to talk to each other like dolphins. We feel the same way about animals (except for his fear/loathing of monkeys) and how they should be treated. We both get on the same soapboxes about parenting issues and most political issues. He is far better than I am about church stuff, but makes me want to be better than I am. He works hard, he is intelligent and articulate, but so silly.

Fresno. is. AWESOME. But there is always that chance that things won't work out. And even though I am feeling really good about all this (which is odd for me), that chance is bigger while it's long distance. So we are just in Live and See mode. But sometimes it still scares me to get my hopes up... to get too emotionally invested.

But the fact is I already am. My hopes are way way up, I am very emotionally invested, and were things with him to go the way of, well, TexasBoy, it would be a LOT worse than with TexasBoy. Because this is different.
He's different. All of it is different... but that is good because I do not want things to end the same.
In fact, I don't want thing to end. Period.

Today we were talking about, well, mostly silliness. Napoleon Dynamite and especially the Nutrigrain Ad that I ADORE. And then suddenly we were talking about a really spiritual experience he had had while driving and just thinking about future plans in regards to when to move to Utah and all that and things just being Okay and just.. yeah, the whole us thing. And he is telling me all this and it was just... so good. And he is right. Everything is going to be okay, whatever way it works out, timing and such, whatever. It will just work out for the best.

SIGH. Yeah.

In other other other other news my baby bro is turning NINETEEN this Saturday! Last night I dreamed that I was a little kid, like toddler age. Like Muppet Babies (Yes. AGAIN except it was us and not our kids). I was about 3 or 4, so was Rinny, and so were T-La and Megs. But BoyKid was not. I remember thinking "how weird, we are all babies, but he is the same age he always is!" But when I woke up I realized that that age was about 13. And I was right. In my brain, my little brother is forever 13. But now I am 6 years off. Wacky!

In other other other other other news if you are ever feeling crappy watch thing and you really will feel GREAT! Or at least terrified. Or both.

But seriously, it makes me laugh out loud EVERY time... and I have watched it at least 20 times.

In other other other other other other news I want some chocolate... or garlic bread...
or really, anything NORMAL/yummy (not crackers, Jello, chicken broth, medicine, Gatorade, etc.). But I only want it ONCE if you know what I mean. BLEH. I hate being sick. (But I feel GREAT!!! YEEEAAAH!!! Hee hee!)


  1. hahaha... ok, so that commercial really bugs me. lol... mostly because of the lady in it, but that's ok.

    Fresno is right you know... everything will be ok! it'll be GREAT!

    hee hee. you're so weird. I love it. Feel better!

  2. i'm so glad that i graduated from a clear liquid diet to regular low-fat diet. i hate jello too. but i LOURVE rainbow sherbert. that's pronounced SHUR-BURT by the way... i don't do that SHUR-BIT nonsense.

  3. CC, that's funny because the lady in it is the main reason I LOVE the commercial! She is HORRIFYING! Like a monster as she stuffs stuff up her shirt.

  4. LOL. I'm laughing so hard at that commercial that I woke up Munchkin. Oops. The whole thing kinda bugged me, but uh, mostly I thought "is this a REAL commercial" during the whole thing. hahaah.

    hahaha ... talking like dolphins to each other? I guess that's no weirder than acting like Dory on a date ...

  5. it could be worse... he could act like... the Boy on a date... more like the Boy on... oh it would take too much to explain it....

  6. No, I think it was *me* acting like Dory on a date with my now-husband but then ... not so much. hahaha. yeah, if he acted like the Boy, I wouldn't have married him. thbbbbbt.

  7. I don't know, we got started on this bit about Dolphins, a Dolphin named Glovey that was kidnapped, specifically... REALLY silly, Anyway, we started, like squeaking/neighing sort of like a retarded dolphin... it is really REALLY hard to explain, but it makes me laugh.

  8. neighing??

    now that's one retarded dolphin.