Friday, January 26, 2007

My Thankimony and Mourning the Fish

People that have lives, have lives that have real people. People at work, school, etc. to lean on when things are bad. But when your life seems to have all but STOPPED... and you rarely leave the house for anything but the pool or doctor... where are your people?

The answer, people, is HERE! Not just HERE-Here, but here, and you know, just here... in my mailbox. Because you people are freaking awesome to me. I love you people. Thank you for being my friends and being there for me even when "there" isn't a physical place, like, my living room. I was thinking about this a lot today. I am still uber stressed with my non
-life. BUT I am very BLESSED with my friends. And I realized when I was praying that the MAJORITY of the important people in my life I have either met, or stay-primarily-connected-to, on teh inter-webs.

How weird is that?! I mean, I know, I am a pretty big nerd, that shouldn't be all that big of a revelation. But
sometimes I still need a little divine pat on the back that, despite the many warnings about the "evils of internet relationships," mine are somehow kosher and all part of the blessing. Maybe I am wrong. I don't think so, though. I feel like I have been pretty fortunate in who I have met in this big crazy digital world and I think that Heavenly Father has HAD to have a big part in that. So to you, who are part of that, thank you. I don't really vent here to read that I am loved in the notes...

but it sure doesn't hurt. *grins* I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!

ANYWAY, so today I had a physical therapy appointment, but slept too late and had to call and cancel. That wasn't so good. I did work out at the pool though, and did work a little on my room, going through my clothes to decide what to Freecycle/DI and some other things. Not quite Flying, but Fluttering, at least. Hee hee!

One cool thing, though, is an email I got today. A very good friend of mine, "Gilch," wrote me. He hasn't in a long time and it was so good to be back in contact with him. (I also gave him my blog link though I don't know if he is a blogger) He is one of those people that I think is BRILLIANT, and spiritual... and just SO CLOSE to the truth of the Gospel. So close, but still... issues. Anyway, that's not why I write him. I write him because we are friends, not because I am in "missionary mode." Though I won't pretend I don't think about that too, the church thing. Because, well, I DO. I am fairly sure if Gilch was ever to convert to the LDS church he would end up being a STELLAR missionary... and probably teach seminary or something. Seriously, the guy is AWESOME. Anyway... Yeah, Mali knows. SIGH.

Another tidbit of today is that I decided I needed another Blog. I know, I am pathetic. But this one will just be a place to PUT my poetry, when I actually write it. Technically right now I just tried to find all my old poetry and put it in there so that CC could turn it into ART! She's freaking talented, you know. And she's doing a project with them like the one she did before. She makes my poetry look famous! (and thus I grant her exclusive copyrights to play with it at will. Anyone else must ask. And woo me with flattery and possibly chocolate and money.) I love having talented/brilliant/nice friends.

And, well, cute ones, too. The anatomical heart came in the mail
today! My roomie thought it was very very funny. It does not come in a valentine like the one I pictured, it came on one of those anatomical skinless dudes. Not sized right though, unless, like the Grinch, it has already grown 20 times it's size. A very loving anatomical man. Anyway, the point is the heart anyway. I hope he likes it. I THINK he will. He tends to think the same things are funny that I do. Because he's basically a weirdo. Hee hee hee hee! Which is good as I like him muchly for it.

I should go to bed. What else happened today? I talked about my wonderful friends (you, mostly), the pool, FlyLady, Gilch, my new poetry blog (Oh! The name of it is Rye Mer Eazun. Just FYI.), Fresno... probably all that's missing is my critters and that should cover my life. HA!

Well, the critters of the Ark are all doing good. Actually, that's not completely true. The dogs, gliders, gerbil, and turtle are all good. However, I am actually very sad about my fish. The Goldfarbs, the goldfish "family," well, I really liked them. We made them a family, I know it is silly. But a few days after I returned from Hawai'i, Lucy the "wife" died. And then, just the other day when I was so sad, her "husband" Don Picard died! They were such fun goldfish... had more personality than most fish, I felt like. SIGH. Anyway, now one of my Long-Finned Zebra Danios, Italo (named after one of my dancer boys, if any of you remember him), well he's has a white tumor on his fin that has suddenly got much worse and I have been medicating, but I am afraid he will die, too.

I know that they are just fish... and I certainly am grateful it IS the fish and that my sugar babies are healthy and happy. I mean it is them that are my life. But I still feel bad for the fishies, too. I get pathetically attached. Even to fish. I am glad I am not the only one that silly. Sigh. (And yes, I am being VERY girly tonight.) But still.

And I should go to bed. So that I can wake UP. I HATE MORNING SO MUCH. Morning should die.


  1. Glad you're feeling better today, sweetie.

    And yes, morning should DIE.

  2. I'm so glad that you are doing better! It makes me smile!

    dude... that is going to be an AWESOME book... the poems... yeah. Hee hee... WE HAVE TO DO IT.

  3. OOH so the project is a BOOK? That WOULD be awesome! I need to write more anyway.