Saturday, January 20, 2007

Puppy pictures are more Addictive than Porn (Your results may vary)

I just need to stay awake a few more hours! I think I can do that as I seem to have PAST sleepy now anyway and have just gone straight to just sort of zombie. (Like Hello Zombie perhaps?) So, I SHOULD be able to go to bed early tonight and get a start on fixing Insomnia.

So this morning, after I gave up trying to sleep I had an oh-so-yummy breakfast of SlimFast (Meh.) and got ready to go Skating in the Boonies. But before my Mom came to play chauffeur Fresno called!

Well, first he pretended to order a pizza, because, well, the boy is weird. THEN he admitted to me he had had a BIGGER plan to trick me, he was planning to FLY to Utah February 9th and surprise me! For Valentine's Day (except, you know, the 9th through the 11th, because he works Valentine's)! He would stay at his friend UTFriend and UTFriendsWife's place in Sandy so he could sneak into the state... UNDETECTED... Dun DUN DUN!

Only he changed his mind about surprising me THEN, because Curtis is trying to sell him a house and he decided that if he went with that plan Curtis would drag him to properties for most of the time and then he'd see me a little. Instead, he wants to hang out with me the whole time and "Maybe we can go surprise Curtis, for a few minutes, I guess, so we can surprise someone?"

Why we need SURPRISE his Realtor friend, I don't know, but I find that VERY funny. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! Fresno is so weird. And funny. And cute and weird and funny.

So, part of that call overlapped into when my mom came, but not a lot of it, and then we (Mom and me) continued to "The Pod." Granted, once we actually ARRIVED, "The Pod" was a little under the size of the "cultural center" at church, and that was not the only similarity. Basically it was a school gym with DO-IT-YOURSELF Rentals! That really should not have been cool to me, but I was. When my head got too bad and I took off my own skates I spent awhile behind the counter putting away skates and getting kids different sizes. Yes, I am a dork because that was fun. Hee hee hee!

The party was fun, though, while I was there. Basically, Coats had invited all of her little town and all of her family. I was the only, like, past-roomie-type friend, and it was funny to be called BOB by everyone again. Cousin Jas hugged me a long time and I wish we could have talked more before he introduced his Flavor-of-the-Week and immediately lost his ability to talk unassisted. *grumble grumble frickin' battered man-wife syn-drone grumble grumble* Me and Coats talked a lot, but not ENOUGH and we really should get together more often. We did get to catch up on our old roomies though, and, uhh, Poker buddies. Trav is engaged to a girl in Holden and apparently our playboy Cowboy Jas (not Cousin Jas) has been MARRIED, like, a YEAR now, to some Statutor-ita of NOW 18. Hmmm... Trav says she's perfect for him. Figures. hee hee! *rolls eyes* Idiots. The lot of 'em. No, just kidding, I am happy for them... I think. If they are happy. But I miss our little SUU world. And I am weirded out by it all... Nat the Trollup having a baby with her Just Sinful Enough RM. Trav getting married. Cowboy BEING married to his 18 year old. LibbyNet the Cartoon being married to her Book of Mormon Villain. Never mind Parker's breeding program with a boy due in March. (Not that he's Cedar/SUU... He's Fringe... Coats is both, but you know what I mean) JUST. SO. WEIRD.

And about as wacky, I might not call Valentine's Day Single's Awareness Day (S.A.D.) because for, what I think is the FIRST time, I have like a boyfriend-type person. I mean, I am SINGLE, as in I am not married. But, I am not, like, ummmm, AS single as ever before. Which is, well, unique.

After I went home from the party I watched old episodes of the Office I had recorded from BoyKid and CC showed my pictures of some of the cutest puppies you have ever seen until my "head almost exploded from cuteness!" It was painfully adorable. Puppies!!!! *KABOOM*


  1. Whoa ... your friends sound ... interesting .... hehehehhee. wait. i'm one of them. AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

    Glad you had fun. I probably would've done the same thing with the DIY rentals. well. Maybe.

  2. I'm a DIY girl because I HATE waiting! But we have a speific repairman who is funny and nice, so I let him do it all...

    plus he's going to fix the hot tub.

  3. Ok so the Hello Zombie thing just made me laugh so hard. I love manipulating classic things. And I suppose that puppy pictures, though more addictive, are far less damaging in the long run than Porn so...enjoy!

    Um...oh! snowy stuff there. Was one of those points on the road last night where I was nearly sore from my body being so tense driving those icy roads. But I'm glad you got to see Coats...and most everyone else from that crazy group. That's awesomeness.