Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Good GUYS

It has been what has become a typical-for-ME Sunday: Horrible headache, No Church, being BROUGHT the Sacrament, watching Little House on the Prairie, and playing with the silly little dogs, especially Shasta. (I love that dog!)

You know, though, some things are different. For one thing, because a few days ago my Relief Society Presidency came to visit me and see how my headaches and such were going, she had sent Sam, the Elders' Quorum President to give me the sacrament I missed today.

Padre and BoyKid have done that often when I can not come to church, but I've never had anyone else, had someone officially from MY congregation. It shouldn't matter, of course... they hold the same Priesthood. And so I never asked. But the girls offered, and I accepted, a little embarrassed to have it so OFFICIAL.

But you know what? This probably sounds weird, but it seemed MORE "official" before. As goofy as both my dad and baby brother are, and as much as they both love to joke around, they still approached the ordinance of the Lord's Sacrament with more reverence and respect than Sam and the other guy. Dad and BoyKid act as if they really are preforming something in the name of the Savior, with His power. Sam and the other guy did what they were supposed to do, but somehow it was different. It still was true... it still "counted." It just made me grateful to have strong, worthy Priesthood holders in my life... men who really do act in the name of God when doing his work.

I fight a lot with my dad. I do NOT think everything Padre does is right, obviously. But I think that when he is doing things as an Elder of the Church, he is doing them right... and that he is doing them just like Christ would. And I think my little brother has learned from him and expanded that by a billion times and is basically, like, SUPER righteous. He will be a TRULY STELLAR missionary over there in Italy.

And, ummm, well, also a 3rd righteous guy in my life, though far away, Fresno. He sent me his answer to that 55 questions quiz today and it was just so cute (c) (that's copy written for you, CC! "Stop copying me!"
Hee hee hee! "Cute Puppy Aneurysm!") and funny... I mean nothing huge, just... yeah. It was just good. And a good day that way, just... good, happy thoughts about the boy... and a possible future with him. A FUTURE! And I am not, at present, freaked out by that. Weird, huh?

Prayer helps.

Sigh. <:O) But I still have a long ways to go... on a lot of things. I want to get my life in order, as you know. My Luke 2:52 Goals might need a little tweaking... not CHANGING, really, just some that are more short term, like goals of the week. Adding some, I suppose. So this week...


* Get Jeep registered/inspections finished.
* Renew driver's license.
* Look through new jobs and send applications to possible part-time jobs, particularly that MAY be full-time when I get better and don't have to go to doctors all the time.

* Work out with Water Aerobics at least 3 times this week.
* Journal food eaten with ALL HONESTY!
* Go to Weight Wellness class on Wednesday night if head allows me.
* Be OFF the computer and therefore in bed and READY to sleep just in case I can by 1 AM every night this week! (this will be the hardest one)

Favor with God
* Read something in the scriptures each day this week.
* Be here Tuesdays for the Visiting Teachers and try not to be so annoyed by them.
* Pray a LOT... in with more sincerity!
* Be up and READY for church on Sunday, the 28th regardless of if I can go, so that the decision of whether to attend can be based solely upon the severity of the headache.

Favor with Man

* This week I will follow FlyLady in working on Zone 4... my Bedroom! Dun DUN DUN! Also, get at least a big part of my FlyLady Control Journal started. I am not good at it, but I really do think it works. The system, I mean.
* I think I want to get Fresno something for Valentine's Day. I think I want to get him a candy heart, but one that LOOKS like a heart because I think that is really funny. So order either that or find something else Valentine's-y.

ANYWHOOO... Bedtime. Pretty close to that 1 am plan! Granted, I still need to feed to suggies and such, but I am getting off the computer before, like 3 am. So that, pathetic though it sounds, is PROGRESS.


  1. I love the heart that looks like a heart!

  2. That heart is freaky...and entirely you. Seriously, get it for him. I'm sure he would laugh his head off...or his heart out? Hmm...

  3. that heart is disturbing.


    or not.. you know.. if you're busy snogging... but I only live like an hour away now!

  4. i think the heart that looks like a heart is pretty dang awesome. i'm sure that fresno would appreciate it. i might have to look into getting one of those myself.