Monday, January 8, 2007

Funniest. Blogthing. EVER.

You May Be Pregnant

Yup, you could be preggars! See a doctor to confirm, okay?

(I have a stomach flu, remember?)

p.s. If you don't know me and thus don't get the joke...
I am:
1. not sexually active
2. in actuality, a virgin
3. a Mormon
4. a little confused at
why you are reading my blog, not that I mind...

[p.p.s. EDIT: I think I fixed the broken link. You can now all take this completely unmedical exam... If you wanted to.]


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA ... you know what's even more funny? I took this right before I got my last period, after having been so sick for two weeks (like, nauseated sick like I was with Munchkin from the second she was conceived). I wasn't late, but felt like I was going to puke constantly. And I'd had "unprotected" intercourse (TMI, i know).

    It told me I probably wasn't pregnant. hahahahahaha ...

    I'm not.

  2. One of my bestfriends, Coats, and I talked a lot about "when we grow up." Her sister kept giving us updates on how they were "trying." And I don't mean she just said "we are trying." She would tell us, like schedules. Eeew much?!

    So we promised each other "so, yeah, if I ever get married, I am SO not sharing when I am trying." "Good. Same here." But then we decided if we ever DID, like especially somewhere very inappropriate like dinner, we would say it like that.

    "Bob and I would just like to announce we are having unprotected sex!" *with winning smile* HA!

  3. hee hee... I am thoroughly amused.

  4. Dang, I tried to take the test for myself (you just never know! I mean, those blogthings are always 100%, right?!). The link seems to be broken, though. Guess I'll take that as a sign and keep up the binge drinking and chain smoking! Yay!!

  5. schedules?? hhaahaha ... and that's hilarious about announcing it at the dinner table. after about 3 years of marriage, my little brother kept getting crap from everyone about why they hadn't had a baby yet and he just said finally, "we hope to have one soon." after 5 years of trying (and a couple of medical procedures), they have a beautiful baby girl. *sniff*

    I'm still not ready to have more babies. Eeep.