Friday, October 16, 2009

Critters to Go [and STAY!]

I haven't been writing for awhile and since then, even my family has grown...
Okay, mostly in the Herp sense. ;)

If you are my friend on Facebook then you probably know that Conference Weekend was also REPTILE EXPO weekend and I went with Jakey and Megs and I brought home a sweet little gecko named Jack. He is adorable. Seriously adorable.

But that's not all. Much of this, or at least SOME of this, you can blame on my new business endevor "Critters 2 Go." You can see the website, a work in progress... here. Let me know what you think though. Because I am still trying to figure it out. But here is my little Furry, Scaley, Slimey, etc. Family up to date:

Lilo, Epiphany, and Heber, my babies, my darlings, aka: my Sugar Gliders

Bratanik, my Russian Tortoise, who's Observed Birthday (adoption day) was yesterday

Tortuga, my Red Ear Slider Turtle

Jack, my new baby Leopard Gecko

Mab and Oberon, my new baby American Green Tree Frogs

Legolas of the Woodland Realm, my new and very very LONG (measured him today - 13.5 inches from nose to tail tip!) Asian Long Tailed Grass Lizard

Edward, Giselle, Lil' Spencer, Jessi Jr., Cynthia Jr., Rooster, and their 24 Unnamed Relatives, my Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

(Oh... and though I don't OWN her, I still almost always count my friend, Cali