Friday, January 12, 2007

Baby, it's Cold Outside...

It is COLD! I am sitting on a couch in front of the front window and feeling like somebody dropped the sofa in the Antarctic. I keep checking the window to see if it is OPEN or something, but it's not. It's just COLD in our house. We have plug-in space heaters for all the animals. It just doesn't seem that long ago that I was complaining about it being too HOT for the critters, dropping ice cubes in the tanks to give them some relief. Weather is weird. Brrrr!!!

I am having a better day today, at least. For instance: None of my Fuzzbutts is lost in my house, I am more appropriately medicated (for the day anyway), and when Fresno called we had a fun but not overly serious conversation and the "thing [he] wants to say to me" should "really be said in person."

For one thing, I probably agree. For another (well, and mostly) that gives me time to sort out my own feelings, even though I think they will be the same scariness unless he has, like, moved here and has been here awhile. I don't know. Anyway, NOT worrying about it right now. For now I will just be *entertained* because, well, he is fun and *still* likes me! WACKY.

And he is so dang cute about it. Even when he is stressed... and he is SO stressed. Because the way I am with animals, he is with people. He is talking about moving to Utah when his lease is up at his place in California, but really, he'd pay the money and move early IF he could make sure his ROOMMATES had places to be. One of them? His moderately disabled cousin. The other? The illegal immigrant he introduced the LDS Church to and consequently got kicked out of his family, including his aunt (a US resident) who he was living with. When he got baptized she threatened to get him deported. So he is now thinking of buying a house there for them to rent. So he is working hard towards that. I just... I don't know. I hope things DO work for him.

And me.

You know.


  1. you ain't lyin about the cold out side. Up here in Ogden.. its well cold INSIDE. Sounds like the same in Orem. I've decided to stay in Ogden til tomorrow instead of coming home tonight
    You know, I don't know your fresno, but from what I've read about him.. I LIKE HIM... I Like him ALOT. Tell him he is approved by me ;)

  2. Shabang approved? Can't get better than that, Kip!!!

    It's cold in Pleasant Grove, too. Indoors, outdoors ... *shiver*

  3. I think it's colder down there than up here...

    SO glad I'm in my parents house instead of the unheated dungeon.

  4. I have to say, because of all this crappy weather, Vegas is looking better and better...

  5. forget vegas... let's hit so cal....

  6. I would vote for Cali as well *innocent* but as Mali dear has a possible job in Sin City, she is probably thinking something a little more long-term.

    Which, seriously, Chica, is SO WEIRD! We are not that OLD!!!