Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloweekly Planning

I officially have my USDA papers and am working on them for my Exhibitor's License!  It is a little daunting.  I need to write up my "Veterinary Plan" of how I care for my animals and get it, and THEM checked out by a qualified vet.  I hope Dr. Dobson will do it! She has been my gliders' vet before, though she has never seen Fable.

Last night we had a little Sibling Party.  Watched Clue (one of my FAVES... haven't watched it since, well, I guess since that date with PoetryBoy in college in Cedar City., carved pumpkins (Mine was Trogdor from Homestar Runner, Spencer's was Boo from Super Mario, and Corinne's was Charlie Brown. Yeah, we are old school.), ate REALLY yummy pumpkin bars from the Thanksgiving Point's Harvest, and fed the pumpkin scraps to the critters. The tortoise, the gliders, the hermit crabs, it's good for everybody.  Not that they will all eat it. Fable wouldn't.

It was good times.  We (me and the parents) will be passing out candy (well, chips.) to the Trick-or-Treaters on SATURDAY, Padre about FREAKED when I said we should save some treats for kids that came Sunday because not everybody knows how Utah operates. "THOSE kids will come to a dark house. They will learn not to bother people on the Sabbath." Jerk.

 I doubt they are PURPOSELY bothering people on the Sabbath. They are just Trick or Treating.  I hope everyone just comes Saturday like the news says they will.  What if they come MONDAY?!

If I had kids they'd go Saturday.... or whenever their friends were going. Safety in numbers and such.  I really want to be a mom.  Someday I am definitely adopting.  Kids, too, not just babies.  Probably from Haiti, maybe from Nigeria if that's easier, if MyNigerian and I are together someday.  Dang but I hope so. I love that man. *SIGH*  And we want kids. They can be from Nigeria, Romania, Haiti, or here in the US, wherever they let us love them.  Someday.

Okay, I'm gonna go read in the bath now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Chinchilli Day?

Today was my cousin's kid, Chad's, mission homecoming talk at church.  He did a good job... he also did a good job serving the Lord for 2 years.  I am proud of him. It's weird how OLD everyone is.  His big sister has a new baby... the same sister I remember as a cute 2 year old living in my grandma's basement in Sandy.  Makes me feel downright elderly.

It is hard with all the cousins (and 1st cousins once removed!) having kids, living "grown up" lives.  And I am still so dependent on my padres.  With not being able to work right now, my head still being what it is, I'd be utterly screwed with out parental support in a big way. :(

I love my padres.  I appreciate how they support me. But I wish they didn't have to.

The OTHER excitement of the day is Fable, that BRAT of a chinchilla, escaped. DANG is he FAST! It took me half an hour to catch him and he was in plain sight!  Crazy rodent.

I just finished The Loud Silence of Francine Green and it wasn't awesome but it was pretty good.  And it made me think.  Yes, it's a kid's book but it still made me think.  About the parallels between the McCarthy Communism trials  and the black listing of pro-Prop 8 in the entertainment industry. Now I am watching M*A*S*H* until bedtime.  Unfortunately I have no audiobook for tonight.  Time for a library run.  Until then I will just listen to one I one, like one of the Tennis Shoes series or Ella Enchanted.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chuck it!

Watching DVRed Chucks, crying my heart out (not ABOUT Chuck. About LIFE), with my glider pouch around my neck so I have my 3 babies close to me as I can.  Having a REALLY hard day.  The Headache is still here, Botox be damned. Really really discouraging.  I miss MyNigerian as he can't chat often. I miss leaving my (parent's) house. I miss LIVING in MY house (you know, that place my roommate lives?). 

Things I am grateful for today:
Writing for the Examiner (I got my first paycheck!  50 bucks! WOOT!)
Fable the Chinchilla
Heber, Nani, and Lilo, my babies
Jack is alive!
the Gospel is TRUE
The ability to type out my thoughts rather than letting them consume me like pirahnas
Pumpkin Seeds. Go tryptophan!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Letter-versery and Writer's Block

WHY CAN'T I WRITE?!  ARGH!  I have 2 articles that I am semi-Jazzed about writing. One about pumpkins (more fun than it sounds) one about the Feline Conservation Federation.  And yet, I am totally suffering writer's block. Big time.

One thing that is kind of cool. To me anyway. It is like my Letter-versery tomorrow.  One year ago today MyNigerian and I started writing regularly.  Dang but I love that boy.  I hope he can be patient.

Thing-a-Day: I know that was meant to be for creative endeavors.  But for me, I call TADs doing ANYTHING because so often my head and other medical crap keeps me doing NOTHING.  So anyhow TAD: I totally redid my Crabitat and the crabs are totally running around checking it out.  And, yay, my little surface molting streaker is back in a shell and looking healthier.  And JACK, my awesome leopard gecko is acting healthy!  And since I was scared to death he was going to die when his cage looked like a murder scene.  But whatever it was, he seems to be okay now. I am so glad. He hates me... or rather he wants to eat me... but I love him.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Broken, and Broke to Boot

Today's headache remedy?  Botox (yes, I have a *pretty* headache again.) and a huge Coke.  The Coke helped a little today, hoping the poison helps within a week or 2.  REALLY hope so. If it does then I am going to have surgery.  Get some muscles in my forehead removed, and the nerves in my temples removed too.  Scary but worth it because a 2 + month long headache is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I just watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Getting ready for November and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I!  Woot!  I am such a nerd.  Now I am watching Chuck.  Like I said, NERD. So what?

They still haven't sent my papers to get started on my Exhibitor's License for Critters.  I am getting worried. I hope I am allowed to do shows and classes again SOON.  I have had to turn one down already, and have one as a "Maybe" depending on how long this takes.  SIGH.  I also hope it is not expensive.  I don't have  much at all, plus I am attempting to earn enough to go to Spain to visit MyNigerian.

I haven't been able to work for real, like at Thanksgiving Point.  I spend all my days mostly in bed, my head stabbing and trying to kill me.  It is not cool AT ALL.  So I am not earning any money, either.  This while I am still trying to save as much as I can for that Ola trip.  And I have felt sick besides. 

So NOTHING is really going great in the luuuurve department.  MyNigerian and I hardly talk. We love each other, I think, I mean I KNOW I love him and think he loves me but with his life being all screwy right now with not having any money for school and losing his home and MY life being all screwy with no work and pain in a non-relenting series, ugh.  It is just a struggle catching each other.  Plus I am scared he is going to give up... on me.  I would. :(

Okay, I'm going to take a bath and probably be a baby and cry.  I need to get an appointment with my therapist, I have been too Bleh to go and I just got a letter from her asking if I was doing too well to come. HA! Awesome. That would be so funny. "Sorry, I am a little too happy to come to Therapy, thanks anyway, Ivy." HEE HEE HEE!  Instead I am too, well, BUMMED for THERAPY. hee hee! Yeah, I am a nerd.  A depressed, screwed up, hurting, in-love-with-a-boy-in-Spain, NERD.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Goody 5 Shoes

1. General Conference is good. I loved the counsel of the church leaders. I loved what they said. I loved how I felt - for at least a few hours, and then I was back to normal (depressed).  But such is (my) life.

2. I am reading the last of the 3 "His Dark Materials," The Amber Spyglass.  I am sure there are some of you that think it is a bad book. I'll tell you why I *don't*: Okay so in the book God is the villain. But the thing is in the books he IS a villain.  He's a liar and he's cruel..  IN THE BOOK. It's not reality. It's fiction. This is a story of if God was this way and the world were this way than such and such.
He's NOT and it's not, so yeah.  I am not stressed by it. It's a fantasy and a good one.  And the fact that the author is an athiest doesn't mean anything/  I'm not. 

3. Saw the aftermath of an accident. A bad one. A man was layiung on the road, so was his motorcycle. And his shoes. Why does it always knock their shoes off.  When my aunt was killed on the freeway, her shoes were knocked off too.  Seeing those shoes today made me sick. 

4. I am going to get my USDA license.  Critters 2 Go will NOT be taken down by a tattle-tale. I am not sure how much this is going to cost me. Or how long it will take me. But I want to do this right.

5 I am watching Iron Man 2/  It's good. ;)