Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Attack (and Subsequent Marriage?!) of the Clones

Status: Still Stressing and Depressing...
BUT less so then yesterday.

So, by way of update on the boy, I just got off the phone with Fresno. I told him I was having a Depression time (true) but was excited to see him (true?) and then we spent the majority of the 2 hours talking and giggling stupidly about Onesie underwear,
Wonder Twins, and snails. We talked about serious stuff, too, like the frustration of his job and the fact that he actually put in his offer on the California house for his cousin and friend. He is waiting for it to be accepted, but basically is just planning on buying it regardless, for them to live in and he will move here. Because he just takes care of people he cares about. I just hope he isn't doing too much, taking on more than he should.

Which, by the way, brings me to something else I wanted to say. It doesn't make more sense, but I wanted to clarify, I am NOT afraid that Fresno will run when he realizes what a mess I am, emotionally. I am afraid he WON'T find out what a mess I am until we are married and will in a sense of exceptional, Fresnoesque, loving loyalty just stick with me but not ever be really happy. And I want him to be really happy.

(He WILL however, never find anyone as *entertaining* as me. Mostly because he has a really really SILLY sense of humor. But I just don't know that goofy entertainment is a good trade for emotional stability.)

Okay, anyway, so today I got a wedding announcement for someone I was best friends with back in high school, Stephie Burr. It's been a long time, but Mali saw her (on BYU campus, I think?) anyway she got us connected again. So Stephie sent me an invite with the picture of her and her hubby-to-be. Can I just say CReEeePY?! They are, like, TWINS! They have the SAME FACE! He is a Bald version of her! And the way they posed, and the shirts, well, they even looked the same that way. I am very tempted to scan it in and PhotoShop her hair onto him just because. Now, even though Roomie Lark totally agreed they look like clones, she DID talk me out of giving said artwork to them as their wedding gift (Even though I would find a cute frame to put it in.)

Sadly, that means I need to find a cool present. Because, well, she was a good friend, even after high school. It was only post mission that I lost track of her. So yeah, I will find her something cool.... but SECRETLY I *will* think it is creepy that she is marrying herself as a bald man for as long as I want. Hee hee hee hee!

I am a wicked person. *blush*
So, this has been entertaining me ---->

Yes. That is the real guy. And the other real guy. And the other real guy. And the guy in the car is THE Karate Kid. And the real other guy is really that guy. Awesome, huh?

I *heart* YouTube.

I should go to bed. It is not, as you may have noticed, "before 1" per my goal. It is, well, 2:30. I feel like crap. Unfortunately, not like sleepy crap. Just regular crap. Speaking of, who would let their kids play with THIS?


  1. Even more, who would pay $40 to let their child play with that???

    And that's hilarious about the girl marrying herself ... yer so silly.

    Okay, I see where the worry comes from Kip. Just one thing: You *never* know what marriage to any individual will really be like until you are actually married and living with that person. So many things changed after our wedding ... oy. I didn't realize how dark hubby could get on his down days, but then ... his good days are still very good. I'm still happy, even on his bad days. And just because something is difficult or someone is difficult to live with at times doesn't make it or them bad -- you have to take the bad with the good, and so does Fresno. So, if/when it gets to that point that y'all are married, realize he will probably drive you crazy with leaving toilet seats up or caps of toothpaste or leaving socks on the floor or whatever, and your bad days will be hard for him, but that doesn't mean he won't be happy.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Stewbert. Marriage always has it's highs and lows. But having someone there always makes it worth the lows. Poor Jeremy had no idea how much left over crap from my first marriage I deal with until we were married, and it worried me for months that he'd pack up and leave... but he didn't, and it's a lot better now. My grandfather always tells me. "He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it." AND THAT, is how marriage (and life) is. :-) You are so great!

    Oh and those toys are interesting (maybe you found your wedding present. HA HA)

    And that video made me giggle with laughter. THANKS.

  3. wait... what real guy???

    the antiboy wants the plushies.... of course.

  4. OK..... I just got the CUHREEEPS reading about what that wedding invitation might look like.... *shudders!*

  5. I remember seeing something on KUED about a study trying to discern if people were attracted to others who had similar facial characteristics. So...there you go. Burr fits that profile I guess...

    It may be because it has been FOREVER since I saw Karate Kid but I didn't understand that video at all.

  6. The people in the vid are all the real originals from the Karate Kid. Just made me SO nostalgic. I am such a child of the 80s.

    Anyway, I love writing here. Because I can just vent and get it out but also because you guys are just WISE. You have good advise and help me think better. I LOVE YOU ALL!

  7. I think I've seen karate kid.... like never in my life.

    are you surprised?

    didn't think so.