Saturday, January 20, 2007

Samson went back to bed... ate a slice of Wonder Bread, and went right back to bed...

I should be asleep. But legs have been all dance-y and now my fingers feel the same and so here I am again. Almost 6:30 am and I am in BED, but have yet to so much as doze.

We have a thermometer outside and guess what it says? ONE. That's right, 1 degree Fahrenheit. My Padre/Landie said to run the water a drizzle on any faucets that directly meet an outside wall if it goes zero to keep from busting pipes. He is dealing with them all over with his apartments. Such is the life of a Landlord, but he hates this time of year. But at least Lark and I are actually exceptionally good renters and do as much as we can to care for our house ourselves. Because we like to be independent girlies! WE CAN

In too few hours I am going to drive out to the country to go to Coats' birthday party!
I love Coats. She is crazy (no. Really.) but NEVER boring. She started our weekly Relief Society Presidency poker games back in Cedar City. She still will only call me Bob. She got bored one day and joined the Army but called it the circus. She got all the way through boot camp and everything before getting discharged. So making a rather random trek down to roller skate seems fitting. I just was hoping I would have SLEPT before doing so. For her present, I got her some Cornbread mix in a John Deere tin (she is obsessed with all things John Deere for the kitchen, especially) and some Jalepino jelly that only she would probably like.

You know what is really annoying about not sleeping, besides the not sleeping? You get hungry at STUPID times. Like now. I could totally get up and eat. But then, if I let my stomach wake up the rest of me would too and then I would HAVE to stay awake and be all alert during time when I could get at least SOME rest before driving on possibly slippery ice roads. However, it may not matter anyway. For one, because I do not really think I am falling asleep "tonight" anyway, before the party so screw it. And for two, even though I am sure that skating sleepy is not wise either I think my Mom
is going to drive me purely because she is going south and is paranoid about me driving while taking the pills I take even when I HAVE slept normal and so she has been asking to drive me anyway. While I don't really WANT to have to depend on someone else for a ride, nor put her out (because really, what is there for her to do nearby in FILLMORE while I skate?!), meh... whatever. If it makes her not stress, I guess it's her deal.

MAYBE I can even stay awake ALL DAY! THAT would be good... very good! If I can do that, maybe I can use it to turn my stupid stupid schedule back to that of a NON-Nocturnal creature. Granted, for the past few weeks, I have only been getting about 3 or 4 hours of sleep a day... usually between the stupid hours of 6 am and 4 pm. Because THAT makes perfect sense. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I need to get things turned around from the OTHER direction. Just get up earlier and earlier regardless and my dumb brain will just have to learn to fall asleep like a normal person. I TAKE meds, they just don't work yet. They just make me groggy and sick. BLEH.

I am so tired of pills. Pills for sleep. Pills for Depression. Pills for Anxiety. Pills for
Diabetes. Pills for Cholesterol. Pills for muscle spasm. Pills for pain. Pills for stomach stuff. Pills for infection. Pills for Ulcer. GRRRRRRRRR.... I am trying to work on systematically getting rid of the REASONS for said pills, and then getting rid OF the pills until I feel human again instead of like a walking, people-shaped pill bottle! But for now... SIGH.

Yeah, here again and it is 7:30. I think it is safe to say that I won't be sleeping before the party. BUT if I can hold out MAYBE I can make it until an early night time, feed the sugar babies early and go to sleep early, and wake up early... and feel better! And have all kinds of things better! And make it to church! And be all righteous! And get blessings! And be Happy, happily ever after!

Or, you know, at least make some steps toward fixing the insomnia. Because really, it screws with your immune system, your emotional health, and your social calender (unless all your friends are bats... or in an opposite time zone... and I would like my friends to be in my real physical proximity for a change. Though, I am open to batty ones, too.)

I give up. I am going to take a shower and "eat" a SlimFast. Good Morning. SIGH.


  1. Coats sounds hilarious. lol.

    insomnia sucks rocks. hope you sleep tonight.

  2. slimfast is evil...!!!

    I'm glad you had fun... are you tired yet?