Thursday, January 18, 2007

fake smiles

It's been a long achy day. I am tired, my head REALLY hurts, and so does everything else due to my stupid ice slip at Target. However, I really need to feel happy today because I cried a lot this morning and guess what? It didn't make me feel better. I HATE DEPRESSION. So until I can get past some of this crap and probably get into a psych again I am going to have to "fake it 'til ya make it." Here we go. The following are the good thoughts:

* I went to the doctor because I have been sick for the past 3 weeks, and he decided I had caught something weird in Hawai'i that was Bacterial. He gave me an antibiotic that I only have to take for 3 days and it should make it go away (if he's right)! In just 3 days! Nice, huh?

* My bathroom is SO CLEAN. I have been "Swishing & Swiping" like a pro and so at least ONE area of my house sparkles. It's a start.

* Dwight is back on The Office. (I knew he would be!) But I LOVE that show. It's so freaking funny.

* My little brother, BoyKid, has been keeping me laughing with his tales of his "Girl Scout" job. Also, Fresno is going to try to FLY in for his "Farewell" at Church... February 25th at 9 am (Bleh. MORNING.) and then at Noon the party-ish thing. Okay, that is HALF a happy thought, half sad/weird that BoyKid will be LEAVING for Italy for 2 years.

* I stole some good music today. I love you, LimeWire. Ummm... I mean, listened to... and supported... the Artistry of... emotionally.


  1. that one dude int eh comic reminds me of Provo Matt... mostly because he would use that as one of his avatars...

    anyways... I love you!! That's good thing number whatever! hee hee

  2. I hate those fake smile days. . .I had one this week, and I couldn't even convince people that I was ok because I was crying and couldn't stop. I'm sorry!