Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And my people, lamented because before the month

That was just my awesomely favorite nonsensical subject of spam!!!! I do not plan to make it into a comic like Spamusement or a poetic movie like this hilarity---->

BUT I DID plan to dedicate it to Mali, the Nasty Butler. Why? Because "If you can see it, we can laminate it!" And only she'd think that was funny! Ha!

I realize that a large portion of my life and humor depends on private jokes. Even things that are movie quotes, they are not that funny unless said to the people you saw them WITH. It is all about shared experiences. I guess that is why this concept of "online dating" seems weird to me, even though I am certainly Nerd enough for it to seem plenty Normal. But WHY? Fresno and I have tons of silly private jokes both from the small amount of time we have spent together in real life AND online, chatting or on the phone.

Still, I guess I feel like I JUST. WANT. MORE. I want Fresno *here*. I want us to see more silly movies, play more board games,
go to more parties, hang out with more friends and do nothing, get more... well... kissing lessons, meet more best friends and cousins. I just hate that he is such a huge part of my life, emotionally... but such a tiny part of my actual time. I mean, California isn't exactly the edge of the world, but it sometimes feels like it. Long distance is so... LONG. And DISTANT! Hee hee. But seriously, why couldn't we be, like, kids?

You know when your best friend was just down the street? You
wanted to play? You hopped on your Big Wheel and rode over there. The biggest obstacles you had were one of you had to finish cleaning their room or something first or your mom made you go to a dentist appointment. But other than that, you played when you wanted to. You played until it got dark and then you played Night Games in somebody's yard 'til your dad called you home.

I miss that closeness... that physical LOCATION closeness
that you had as a kid with your friends.

But on the other hand, you had no choice. Your friends lived close because you couldn't have met them otherwise. Now my best friends are all over the world. Nobody is really close, except my roomie and my critters. Even those that DO live pretty near by, well, seem to have actual LIVES and so still SEEM far away.

But, at least in terms of the boy I may just find myself in love with, so he lives in another state right now... I can't NOT like him. THAT seems pretty clear. I am in deep smit and there's not much I can do to remedy that condition and I have a rather catchy yet semi-timely song from Scrubs in my head and right now his friend has him buying a house in Utah as an investment property before he even gets OUT here and he is doing it and my life is so different than I ever imagined and I am so sick of being SICK but so AMAZED by this guy and how PERFECT he seems.

OH CRAP. On a completely different issue that title says "lamented" NOT "LAMINATED" which was the who reason I even POSTED it. I feel like SUCH a dork.

Yeah, " people, laminated..." SIGH. BUMMER!

Anyway, this is a REALLY pathetic entry. I apologize... though not a LOT. I mean, it's my journal you're reading. Read some whiny emo girl's diary... how much entertainment and just plain COHERENCE do you expect?!

ANYHOOoo... it is still COLD here. And on the news they have been saying Cali has been freezing, too (this is not about Fresno, just FYI, it's about sugar gliders, the OTHER topic I talk about) and that fruit and veggie prices are about to go through the roof. SO after physical therapy I decided I had better go to the store and stock up on produce that I can cut up and freeze for my sugar babies. Good plan in theory but I slipped on some ice in the parking lot in the process and even though I didn't break or scrape anything that I could see I JARRED every bone in my body. Already, I hurt... but I am guessing it will be MUCH worse tomorrow.

I was really hoping to be feeling much BETTER by Saturday because COATS invited me to her birthday party! If I can go it will be a drive... she lives out in GREENWOOD... which is near HOLDEN... which is near Fillmore.... which STILL is way in the boonies. But how old school is this? She is having a roller skating party! Like an 8 year old! Now I will be TOTALLY impressed if we get little single serve ice cream with wooden "spoons" that are actually flat like the old "Classic Skating" place had. Anyway, I hope I can come, SOME how. Because that will be freaking HILARIOUS! Awww... I miss all the Fringe! Parker, Coats, and Jeppson. I need to tell them about Fresno. Especially since, you know, one day he may need to be inducted into our little secret society.

Speaking of Fringe news, though I forgot to say that ParkeRisa are expecting ANOTHER Mini-Fringe! Their first baby, "Hell" is going to be a big sister. Basketball, anyone?


  1. Hee hee hee hee.... basketball.... man... I never get tired of that story because I laugh SO HARD everytime you tell it... and YOU are the one that makes it so funny. Hee hee

    ANYWAY, other than that this is my favorite entry you wrote about Fresno EVER! Wanna know why?? Because you admitted to maybe being in love with him. And you made some very valid points and even though it was really girly (tee hee) it was very grown up of you too.

    Wow... that's scary. Kip grown up.

    ANYWAY (2).... don't worry about the laminated/lamented thing.. because it's still pretty funny... hee hee

    Life is good. I hope that falling doesn't make you hurt TOO much. Be careful!!

  2. I have to agree with CC. That video is still extremely funny and I love that someone actually took the time to filter through all that Spam to get all that fodder. Rubbing...

    And still, if you can see it, you CAN laminate it...or lament it. Ha.

  3. lol. i told moe the basketball analogy. it made no sense to him either.

    we just keep a basketball in bed now. that should work for birth control, right?

    (yes, I'm lying)