Monday, January 15, 2007

"There's not enough time!"

Severe TMI here... today I was very sick and my toilet backed up and flooded into the hall... the carpet... the laundry. All while Jack Bauer is trying to save the country from the terrorists. Yes, both me AND my roomie blew of FHE for 24. But I think we can find a gospel principle in there SOMEWHERE to make it count. Hee hee! However, I missed a LOT while I was downstairs being sick and ruining my carpet. So it is a dang good thing the Padres are recording it as well. Because I am going to HAVE to catch up. OH. MY. HECK.

24 is just... AHHHH! Last night was so stressful. I have to keep saying THIS IS
JUST TV! But really, yes, but it is 24! I know. I am a nerd. But I missed half of last night because that is when Fresno called and I wasn't going to tell him, "Sorry, I've got a date with Jack." But yeah, I am a nerd.

Since I am cleaning the bathroom and hall floors now anyway, I may as well do so in earnest. After all, if I was being a GOOD FlyBaby then I would be in Zone #3 right now anyway. I need to work harder... much harder, and get my house in order (*ahem* Favor with Man). Before this night is over I WILL:
1. clean the hall carpet
2. mop tile in hall and bathroom
3. scrub toilet
4. de-clutter Sink/Vanity
5. water bathroom plants

6. remove ring around tub
7. sterilize toilet brush and plunger
8. "swish and swipe" sink and mirror
9. find out what happened to the kid's dad who delivered the package to the terrorists
10. replace that little toilet thingy that turns the water blue from inside the tank

The problem with not having a job is... well, that you have very little life and NO M
ONEY. But ALSO that when there is a holiday you don't really notice until you see the flag in the yard that you paid the Boy Scouts to put up each holiday. So I admit I didn't remember to think much about Martin Luther King, Jr. today. I went to physical therapy and to the grocery store... neither was closed. Then I came home and pretty much vegged/was sick/cleaned. But I do just want to say that I am grateful for all those who stand up for equality. Living in Orem, Utah sometimes I feel a little removed from things... being a little whitewashed as we are, at least compared to when I lived places like Houston, TX, Lai'e, HI... and I would imagine Chicago, IL, though I don't remember it. But it still doesn't mean that I don't sometimes hear racist remarks said. I am a European mutt, myself... but a lot of my friends aren't "Caucasian." Actually, a lot of my family are different races... MOST of my cousins' spouses, oddly enough.

Just because I am thinking about it, these are the places I have lived:

create your own personalized map of the USA

These are the places I have VISITED and was old enough to REMEMBER:

create your own personalized map of the USA

Anyway, Racism, in any form, just plain SUCKS. (Most "-isms" do.) So I am grateful for people who stand against it in all time periods. So, yay, Dr. King! And others who are brave and stand for what they believe.

And now I should REALLY get back to cleaning. But my toes are frozen. And my rooms are downstairs. And cleaning involves getting slightly wet and thus colder.

Well, that and I just hate cleaning. Did you hear that, you sadistic purple fairy?! I HATE CLEANING! But I will TRY. *Whimper* I am TRYING to get organized... and STAY that way. It will help me be, well, CLEANER, obviously. And a better roomie (and EVENTUALLY, you know, WIFE, cuz most of those clean better than me, unless they are so rich they have maids, of which I am not.) [ie: Favor with Man goal again]. But ALSO it will help me be HEALTHIER. Because, yeah, chaos and ADHD are NOT friends. [Therefore Stature as well] Anyway, NOW I will go downstairs...

to clean.



  1. pffft. You call yourself a fan. I turn off the ringer for Jack. ;)
    And you know, you can buy or rent the first 4 episodes starting today :)
    I can't wait to see if more nukes go off! I knew about that one, but I have no idea if the rest are successful.

  2. You know, I've watched reruns of Jack but never really go into it. Maybe now is a good time? Sound fascinating.

  3. It just makes me so happy to see Jack on your Blog. Odd that I have never put a picture of him up on my blog...just sporadic references.

    I got so irritated though 'cause during the first two hours, SuperMish was texting me and asking me stupid lameo questions about Ahmed terrorist boy. Can't it frickin' wait until 9:00?! Cripes! I must give my utmost attention to Jack! And all those other people...

    The terrorist is hot this year...

  4. Actually, quite a few of the terrorists are *ruther* hawt. Heck even turned good one used to be Dr. Julian on Deep Space 9 (yes I am SUCH a nerd) and so Mom, like, LOVES him. And he has NICE eyes.

  5. oh yeah! Marva was saying that...of course...I'm not a Trek nerd so I had no idea who she was talking about. But heck, main terrorist dude, Fayid (or however the crap its spelled)'s no wonder his real name is Adoni...*drools*

    Ahem...Focus on Jack...Focus on Jack