Sunday, September 30, 2007

He moved his arms and legs and I was Braver

This keeps making me giggle.

(a little background, in case you didn't know Kevin Everett is a football player who was temporarily paralyzed after a violent collision during a game a few weeks ago. This piece was about how he is slowly recovering.)


Anyway, at present I am trying to type with only my right hand because McKenzie is INSISTING I use the left to scratch her head. Technically, I am taking my hands safety into my, umm, hands, because you should really not HALF pay attention to an animal who can bite through a finger bon
e if she got jealous of the typing hand. But we... USUALLY... have a pretty good relationship. Buddy is the one who gave me the scar I have on my thumb. McKenzie is a pretty good girl. Now she is almost falling asleep on my knee. Awww. Okay, I am not a BIRD person, still... but that's pretty darn cute.

What a sweet little girl. She may not be a sugar glider... after all... I still don't TRUST a bird like I trust my babies. They might just turn on you. Granted, suggies might too... but not like birds. But for birds, McKenzie is definitely one of my favorites. And she looks deceivingly angelic right now. I should give her a treat.
hee hee!

In case you couldn't guess, I am birdie-sitting. The Roomie left for the weekend. She actually TOOK our newest feather baby with her, the baby parakeet, Critter! He is a cutie, but tiny. I have been calling him a
PARA-GLIDER... because we got this idea and have been carrying the little thing around in a sugar glider pouch! HA! And of course, she took the girls. (That's Trinket and Shasta)

So, as usually, I am tending the green things and the birds (minus Critter).

ANYWAY, today I feel a little brave.

This may seem silly but I am NOT good with authority figures. It doesn't really matter if they are nice or not. I do not, voluntarily, talk with doctors, policemen, OR Bishops. It is really hard for me. I get so sick of all these stupid doctors. Anyway, today I went to my Bishop of my new ward with out being asked to. I walked into his office and almost immediately started to bawl. I cried and told him how frustrated I was that I got this shot for my head, but then got the thing with my foot. How it seemed the harder I was trying to do what was right, the harder it was to actually DO so, physically. I told him how few Sundays I could make all 3 meetings. How today I had almost done it... 2 and a half. And how I wanted to be happy about that 2 1/2 but that I had had my procedure this week and just wanted to feel NORMAL now.

I told him that in this ward, where, really, we had a very large number of "special" members with various challenges I also didn't really feel I had any RIGHT to complain. There are people struggling much more than me with major disabilities and yet there THEY are, at church all the time. I KNOW the things he said, about just doing my best and the Lord understanding, I know them but feeling them are different. I did feel better after talking to him (partially just because I let him KNOW I wasn't just skipping church for fun, though I think he knew anyway).

And THAT, people, is progress. I talked to my Bishop without being asked to first. And he made me feel a little better. Yay!

I still feel lost. And damaged. But it's a START.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Night Phishing

I thought this was a pretty funny Phishing attempt.


Sep 28, 2007 9:26 PM

My name is Mrs Jane Mayon
My name is Mrs Jane Mayon,I have decided to donate what I have to you.I
was diagnosed for cancer for about Few years ago,immediately after the
death of my husband, who has left me everything he worked for.I have been
touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband
to the you for the good work of God, rather than allow my relatives to use
my husband hard earned funds ungodly.I am suffering from a long time
cancer of the Lungs which also affected my hearing ability and my brain,
from all indication my conditions is really deteriorating and it is quite
obvious that,according to my doctors they have advised me that I may not
live too long, this is because the cancer has gotten to a very bad stage.
I sold all my inherited belongings and deposited all the sum of
$10.0million dollars and Two Trunk Box (Family valuables) with a Security
Company.I decided to WILL/donate the sum of $10,000,000:00 to you. At the
moment I cannot take any telephone calls right .I have adjusted my WILL
and my Personal Physican is aware I have changed my will. You and him will
arrange the transfer of the funds from my account to you. I wish you all
the best and may the good Lord bless you abundantly, and please use the
funds well and always extend the good work to others. Contact my Physican
Dr Jack Ryan with this specified email--, Tel +44
70457 35828(Working) and tell him that I have WILLED $10,000,000:00 my
personal reference number law/chamber/solicitors/je/ws
/WILL/9834520012. I
have also notified him that I am WILLING that amount to you from my
perosnal descion.I know I dont know you but I have been directed to do
this.Thanks and God bless.I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in
this matter until the task is accomplished as I don't want anything that
will Jeopardize my last wish.
Regards, Mrs Jane Mayon
NB; Do Send Him The Necessary Below information To Faclilate The Funds
Release WILL For You
NB Contact my Physican Dr Jack Ryan with this specified email--
Tel +44 70457 35828(Working)
Are you tired of the phishermen asking you to keep sneaky, almost illegal (but NOT so illegal that you would be in trouble for doing so) deeds quiet in exchange for huge amounts of money? DON'T WORRY! Jane is not like that! She wants me to use it for the work of God!

And she KNOWS me. She knows that unlike her relatives who would spend it in ungodly ways, *I* am virtuous. She knows this because of how well she knows me which she proves by the fact that she, uuuh, knew my email address. Even though she apparently does not know my name.

Also, just in case, the fact that being religious doesn't convince you, Mrs. Mayon is *sniffle* DYING OF CANCER! Even if I don't want that money, how can I deny her last wish? Oh, poor Jane Mayon.... HOW should I spend her money?

hee hee hee!

I wanted to go to water aerobics at the pool today, but my dumb foot wouldn't let me. I did clean my room and made a couple bags to give to DI. So that was good... to... do. But as dumb as this sounds, it wore me out and really hurt my dumb foot.

And yes, apparently DUMB is the word of the day.

Even though I am so NOT Rinny, I felt a little like her and her silly roomie world... The Roomie had a Date with BalloonMan today I admit it made me feel stupid and jealous. Made me miss having, well, a boy even a far away one. Dumb. DUMB.

Sigh. Goodnight.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Shoes. Shoes."

I didn't actually realize that my work party was dumb enough to be held on a THURSDAY night in the first place. Sure the dinner was just going to be, like, Potato bar and such, but then we would get to go the corn maze and spook alley time stuff and I *WAS* wanting to do that.

Only nobody could come. Because, hello, all of a sudden it was a random THURSDAY EVENING!

But ends up doesn't MATTER... since I can hardly walk. Limping through a corn maze would probably suck anyway.

I just... I just wanted to go. I like Halloween and fall and... fun things. I got NOTHIN'.

Not having a very good week.

And a lot of that right NOW has to do with my damn FEET.
I HATE wearing shoes in the house. I would like to claim a cultural reason for that...

but the truth is my feet just don't like being suffocated.

But now my right foot hurts horribly if I try to walk without a tank of a tennis shoe surrounding it's stupid tumored up self. I suppose I COULD just wear it on my right and leave my left all free and unencumbered, BUT I would just end up walking lopsided and probably fall down more and end up MORE broken. So I am a goody-2-shoes for real for once.

And that's not all. Today I found out another reason I can't wear some of my favorite, not so supportive shoes. I have this pair of slippahs. They are just cheap, but they match some Sunday stuff I actually LIKE. I got them from WalMart for, like, a couple BUCKS is all. But... I liked them. Today I found out I can't wear them again. Because THEY ARE POISONED. Yes, really.

You know how it seems everything from China is getting recalled for lead? I have sort of thought people were being paranoid. Only guess what. Consider me among the mob now. Because I got this alert, checked it on Snopes, and looked... yup... MY SHOES. Can we trust ANYTHING anymore?! Spinach? Dog Food? Barbies? Flip-Flops? GOOD GORDON.

At least I only wore them a few times on Sundays. Because THIS chick has GROSS pics (you have been warned) of what her's did to her). And my mom is making me take mine back. And yes that is Perry Mason in the background because that is what I am doing right now... SLACKING.

p.s. FOR THE RECORD the TITLE is totally dedicated to Mali and Chan ("Whatthehull?") I am just NOT embedding the video it is from for F-wordage!
"Fithcul Rethponthibility."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pain and Doctors from Head to Toe... Literally

Doctors yesterday.
Doctors today.

SIGH. Seriously, can I just trade in my body for a newer model? Because this one SUCKS!

Yesterday was the Head thing.
I got through it and I am glad I did. It was the right thing. But I am glad my dad came over before the procedure and gave me a father's blessing with the priesthood. And I am glad I trust Dr. YeahBaby's SKILL. Because his bedside... a LIIIIITTLE scary. Like when I was laying on the table, face down, covered in sheets and iodine and unable to be under sedation. And they are threading an epidural tube through my neck up under my skull, and hit a nerve. And so what does Dr. YeahBaby say to his (rather annoying)PA/nurse man IN FRONT (or, you know, BACK) of me?
"Do you know why we don't do this procedure very often? Because people DIE. Do this wrong and she could die."

I am laying there thinking "Um, hey people, remember how I am NOT sedated because I can't be for this?! And I can hear you? And I am scared so bad I might pee my pants if I weren't dehydrated? SO MAYBE YOU COULD NOT KEEP MENTIONING HOW I COULD DIE FROM THIS?!"

I mean, yes, I know I COULD. We have discussed it many times. But it was one of those things where the benefits outweigh the risks. I signed a lot of papers to say so.

But I'd rather not be reminded while laying there scared and half naked on a table, you know?!

BUT his chewing out DID impress the seriousness of the operation on the helper I guess (or else Dr. YeahBaby just didn't let him help anymore, I am not quite sure) because the rest went perfectly. My headache is gone... MAYBE for 9 months again. I have to take it easy a few days, and the ordeal left me pretty drained. But it was a success. And I would recommend Dr. YeahBaby to any who needed a Pain specialist (and, you know, give them his REAL name).

Then came today. The past week, for some reason I have been just HOBBLING around. Like a broke my right foot but couldn't remember when. Hurts to do ANYTHING, and making my toes have pins and needles, too, for some reason. So, I finally got an appointment with a a FOOT doctor. Never had THAT before.

Because I sure did need another STUPID ailment.

So what "fun" thing do I get to have now is a little, but MEAN, tumor on a nerve in the ball of my foot called a neuroma. It is benign, but still causes the same pain.

The Dr. Foot told me that what we could do was to give my foot cortisone injections for awhile to hopefully postpone the time when I would have to have surgery. However, the shots would do BAD things to my blood sugar. I told him that as I had, just yesterday HAD an injection that very likely had done so, that might be a little bit overkill for my diabetes. He agreed. He didn't really want to rush the surgery, either because at present I have full feeling in my feet and that is something I can LOSE with the diabetes... and removing the offending nerve, well, OBVIOUSLY not helping THAT. So, for now he has my foot in a brace. And FlyLady wins... I finally have to wear shoes in the house. And I try this wacky brace a while till I get shots... and eventually, probably surgery... and stupid special shoes.

But right now, there IS no alternative. I hurt so bad this week I can hardly walk, and am needing a a cane or an arm to balance on half the time. I can't give field trips like this, and I can't drive to work on the levels of pain meds I am on.

So there you go. Doctored and doctored from head to toe, quite literally. But with the brace, I can walk (even if I look a little wobbly, still) and my head is considerably improved, so either way my doctors win this round and I have to be happy. I wish I was happier.

Just feeling a little discouraged at being who I am right now, though. Sorry to be such a whiner. I know I am very blessed, I really do. Just... having a tricky time of it at present.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

That's so Suet of you, Walrus...

Ummm... The Animal in You quiz is pretty accurate, but not very FLATTERING.

Genera and species: Odobenus rosmarus
Collective Term: A suet of walrus

These superficially benign individuals are usually easy to recognize. When you think of walruses, think of those large people sunning their perfectly rounded bellies at the beach. Or just think of Wilford Brimley. Either way, the walrus is that ruddy uncle at the family reunion, who dispenses charm and off-color jokes like donuts.

Aah donuts! Walruses have an unrelenting sweet tooth and a weakness for home cooking, and though they might seem comfortable with their roly-poly physiques -- one shouldn't overdo the teasing. Underneath that thick skin is a surprisingly sensitive spirit. But still, it's difficult to embarrass a walrus. Nothing in life is taken so seriously that it cannot be laughed at. Its infectious love for life contaminates everyone who has unprotected encounters with this hearty beast.

Walruses are not to be trifled with however, and as good-natured as they appear, they can be cantankerous and aggressive when slighted. Mostly however, their bark is worse than their bite and their big-hearted natures soon reassert themselves.

Although it is accustomed to large groups of people, the walrus is self-contained and respects the privacy of others. It is happiest when surrounded by the comforts of home and feels little need to travel far afield. For all their carefree mannerisms, walruses are dependable and forthright, and people are attracted to their consistent and predictable personalities. A walrus friend can always be counted on to dish out a loan or lend a hand.

Walruses don't shower their lovers with gifts, but communicate their feelings with demonstrative hugs and sloppy kisses instead. Their biggest asset is their hearty laugh; a generous, deep-bellied guffaw that can disarm even the most cynical, and with such an engaging disposition it's easy to see why walruses are so effective in their social lives. In the bedroom, the assessment is not quite so encouraging. With their belief that affection can substitute for physical contact, they tend to be lazy and indifferent to their partners' sexual needs.

Walruses not natural communicators and prefer to let their actions speak for themselves. But when pushed to disclose their feelings, they will reveal the naked truth. When they've achieved closeness with that special someone, they throw open the hatches and reveal a genuinely loving soul.

Careers and Hobbies
Food inspector Store manager
Government worker Actor

Watching TV Babysitting
Dinner parties Playing cards

Famous Walruses
Drew Carey, Roseanne Barr, Wilford Brimley, Boris Yeltsin

Friday, September 21, 2007

honest with a robot

Today was a hard day. I started to have a really terrible pain in my foot Thursday morning and it has been getting worse and worse. The thing is, my mom had it the same way in the same spot and if it is the same, well, that's not good.

If it doesn't stop over the weekend I am going to have to get it checked out.

But hobbling around is not the only thing I have been dealing with today. A woman called to tell me she had found my credit card outside the pool and called the company. They told her to cut it up and when I called to report it missing it would already be destroyed. Well, she called me, too, and left it at the pool desk.

It is nice that there are honest people out there.

I deposited my recent pay check into checking... only to find that as my auto-payment had just gone through ON THAT CARD... I was over drawn and even my new pay check didn't cover it. I transfered my savings into it to get me out of the whole.

I called the credit card company to "officially" report my card lost, found and destroyed and the computer voice asked me to verify which of the recent charges I had made.

I admit that for just a moment I thought "I am in debt. I could at least say I did not buy what was recent." I would NEVER have thought that had I been talking to a PERSON, but somehow, talking to a robot, I lose my integrity? Well, I didn't. But it crossed my mind. And THAT made me feel horrible even thinking about it.

But no, I do not lie. Not even to Robots.

But my life is a little scary right now. I can't hang on to this job just because I like it for much longer. I am out of money. My good insurance runs out in November. I am scared to start dealing with the Voc Rehab. I am nervous about my procedure with Dr. YeahBaby... which is TUESDAY.

And now I am limping because of a maybe nueroma (benign growth thing) and have to borrow money from the padres. UNCOOL.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandma, are you haunting Aunt Margaret?

Today I spent a large amount of time tying yarn necklaces. BORING. But the TRAFFIC, both to and from, was so AWFUL I spent two 15 minute commutes with 2 1/2 hours on the road! ARRRGH! Yeah, it was TERRIBLE.

So, my Great Aunt Margaret just won a HUGE contest, you may have even heard it on the news (because *I* just saw it on the news the other night). It was a Delta thing called the SiteSeer Challenge where they filmed their vacations and now they get to travel even MORE. I don't know if anyone has been following it. I was oblivious, but my mom has been voting like crazy of course. My mom was excited but told me she feels a little bad because "Oh, Grandma would be so mad."

"That they won?!"

It seems Grandma was always really ticked at her sister and brother-in-law because "they don't need to be traipsing all over the world like that!" although I am pretty sure that is the sister she went to Egypt with. But she always thought Margaret was really frivolous for traveling like that.

And now, well, they WON for doing so, and they are going to do it even more with the miles they won! HA! Neener neener.

Not that Grandma cares now, I mean they are probably pretty busy in Heaven doing... heaven... stuff.

I dunno. It IS Grandma. Maybe she IS still ticked. And HAUNTING the Waterfalls. I wouldn't put it past her.

"It Tastes like Salsa!"

Yaaarrr people! Ahoy! 'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! My favorite fake holiday of all for all my landlubbers and scallywags alike! But as it is after the time of midnight, I will cease with the talking in pirate manner and instead just talk ABOUT the day as it is much much easier. Avast!

First of all I woke up and was doing normal house stuff, but then I got up and got to doing really important things... like dressing my Gaia character in Pirate clothes.

And then I emailed or texted, like, everyone for whom I had contact info for wishing them a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Okay, so not EVERYONE, but practically. Even those I probably shouldn't. (ie: Gilch. You know, if someone's religion forbids them to celebrate even REAL holidays like Christmas, it is probably poor taste to textually harass them about silly holidays. I will probably apologize for that tomorrow. ANYWAY, yeah.)

THEN, I dressed in my best piratey garb. I wore my "My Dad is a Pirate" shirt (made by Phoenix who sells them (don't worry chica, the props are free *wink*), my pirate scarf (around my waist) Rinny made me for last Christmas as well as the Lobster necklace I stole from her, and my awesome pirate hat and stuff CC and Stewie gave me when my house flooded in May. YAY! So at least I LOOKED the part... SORT of.

Unfortunately, then it was time for Doctors (which is why this day did not include WORK, you see. Because, oddly, TLAPD is not usually a recognized holiday off from work). So off I went to that. I texted Mali about our plans (which were big!) from the waiting room.

I did try to pretend I was a pirate who had been shipwrecked when I was in the pool (instead of a dancing water nymph or a mermaid like I usually pretend) but physical therapy techs kept coming in and making me self-conscious.

Finally, I was done and Mali was done teaching and we were ready to roll! I mean set sail!

Our plans? A special pre-theatrical (should it ever make it there) screening of Pirates of the Great Salt Lake at Broadway Centre Cinemas downtown where dressing up like pirates was to be encouraged and one of the leads, Trenton James would be there. Also Hot Topic at the Gateway and adding to our pirate embellishments. And finding somewhere yummy to eat.

And so after plotting our course, we lifted anchor and shoved off to adventure! YAAAARRR!!!!

Mali drove. And as we drove we played Veggie Tales to get us in the mood!
"I think you look like Cap'n Crunch!"

We bought our tickets first thing (which was good, later it was CRAZY) and went to the mall in search of buried treasure! I mean food! We ate at Costa Vida which is always good. Then on to Hot Topic!

Okay, so if we REALLY wanted lots of pirate stuff we would have hit a costume store. But we DID get temporary tattoos... and Mali got some REALLY cute stuff, like earrings and a Transformer jacket that I would covet if the biggest size they had was not 2X. But, yeah. Good stuff. Also, the clerk was impressed with our outfits and said "okay, see YOU 2 obviously know what day it is!" because apparently nobody did. Then she invited us to, like the store worker people planned to, dress up in the costume stuff and take a picture. And so, we did. (Along with a headless (and legless) wench!)Molly... who I suppose was saying Arrrrgh, but looks a little more like she was confused...

and Me... I swear standing this way FELT normal, I don't know why it LOOKS like I am walking on eggshells. (and my REAL hat (the one I wore to the show) is cuter, but anyway)!

After Hot Topic we went to the theater and the line was LONG but we got to saunter past it. There were people (pirates... and one inexplicable person with cat ears?) sword fighting all over. NERDS OF A FEATHER, baby! IT WAS HILARIOUS! It was somehow extra entertaining that this wasn't like a POPULAR thing like Star Wars Fans or something getting ready for the next Star Wars. NOBODY has seen this, and yet, we are all dressed up to see this possibly TOTALLY lame movie because dangitall IT HAS PIRATES!!! And, okay, it looked stupidly funny.

And, yes, it actually WAS pretty hilarious. We laughed a LOT. Granted, being surrounded by people cheering "YARR!" at parts, how could you NOT?! But yeah.

(For those of you wondering, yes, it earned the PG-13, so, like I do NOT expect, like, my sister to go. Use that as a guide, should it ever make it big.) Before we went IN, we went int to rest room and got properly inked. This is my arm.

I also have a skull and cross-well-SWORDS on my ankle. Shiver me timbers!

They showed it on a DVD player (which kept making us giggle at the not-so-professionalism) but on the big screen to many a cheer. And Mali and I decided, despite his protest when we asked him that Trenton James may very well be the Ask a Ninja NINJA.

Which, being a PIRATE, too, well, kind of is a conflict of interests, but seriously, if you heard him talk in real life... AWFULLY suspicious. He said "I get that a lot."

(btw, During certain parts of the movie we also decided he could be Will Ferrell's illegitimate son. But we didn't ask him about that, just the Ninja connection. Hmmmm...)

ANYWAY it was all VERY funny. Then we went to 7-11 in a dodgy part of town and Mali got hugged by a panhandler (yes, hugged. Not mugged. But I question the difference at times) because she is freaking charitable. We got Slurpees and BY THE WAY, kudos to 7-11 for making a DELIGHTFUL Crystal Light Slurpee so us dieters and diabetics could join in the fun! YUM!

It was a probably the BEST TLAPD ever. I don't know that I'll be able to top it the next time September 19th rolls around, but I am sure glad we did it this time. I have been having a crappy go of things lately and while one day of piratude didn't fix my medical, financial, or emotional state... well, it sure didn't hurt.*

*okay, so it hurt a LITTLE. My head is pretty bad today. And I spent money I did not have yet. But STILL! I NEEDED THIS.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Favorite Colors

Last night I went to a Colors concert! YAY! I have missed those boys SO MUCH! I was on my mission when they decided to stop playing and focus on their families and stuff. Me and Rinny got to be friends with them, over the years, and I have actually missed THEM, not just their CDs, though I *do* love their music.

I admit the show made me kind of sad, though and nostalgic. I miss the "old days" dang it!

Like, the "old days" in general.

When my friends and I all had time to play after classes and I SAW many of them every single day.
When I went to the doctor about things like Strep and sinus infections, instead of the scary stuff.
When Megs lived closer and we went to church together.
When Brady was alive... and so was Uncle Ariel, Grandma, and my dog, Cassie.

But yeah, it was a good concert. And I will finish this tomorrow as it it so time for bed.


AND now it is ANOTHER tomorrow. Seriously, why do I even post right now? My head hurts... my brain hurts... my heart hurts.

Nothing is okay.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


The Roomie and I are babysitting her niece (hilarious 4 year old) and nephew (boring and crying baby). Just reminding me that kids rule... and babies drool. Literally.

Last night I dreamed that Fresno came back. We were at the Harvest Festival that is coming up at work. He was there just to talk or something. I kept kissing him, trying to kiss him really HARD to, like, CONVINCE him that we WERE attracted to each other. Like, Frenching, which I don't actually DO. Incidentally, I don't think I was even DREAMING a very successful French Kiss, having no real life experience.

I woke up... frustrated.

It was stupid.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Say My Name Say My Name...

1. MY ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car),
Snow White Jeep
(umm, that's more like what I *HAVE* than what would be were I a rock star!)

2.MY GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie),
Caramel Praline Chocolate Chip

(not very Gangsta... OH! GANGSTA COOKIES! That reminds me!

So, today at the 7th grade TLC thing, we were doing the DNA part again and they were ready to go to the Kitchen to learn frosting decorating and most of them knew that because other classes had told them. So this cute kid tells me, "So, I hear your cookies here are pretty gangster."

"Huh. And so, forgive my ignorance, but what does that MEAN in regards to COOKIES?"

"Oh, they are cool."

"Oh, great then. Have fun?"

(Mind you, this kid is Black, but apparently very UTAHN because yes, he even said Gangst-ER, not Gangsta))

3. MY “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name),

4.MY DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal),
Purple Sugar Glider

5. MY SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born),
Marie Salt Lake

6. MY STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first),
MayBet (Umm... No. NOT very Star Warsy.)

7. MY SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink),
The Red Fresca

8. MY NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers),
Bus J.Lawrence (That'd totally work!)

9. MY WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ),
Jean Reed

10. MY TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter)
Conner Carlsbad (I THINK it was Conner... I actually MOVED mid-grade and don't remember well)

11. MY SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower).
Autumn Daisy (how is THAT sneaky?)

12. MY CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Nectarine Nightie

13. MY HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree),
Pills Plumeria
(what the...)

14. MY YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”),

The Bibliophiliac Thunderstorm Tour

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I love my job I love my job *muttering to herself while rocking in a fetal position*

I love my job... right? I do, I know I have said so before. I am trying very VERY hard to remember that RIGHT NOW to keep from HATING it.

TLC tours... OH MY HELL. Death. 7th graders... teaching them to extract DNA... make fossil casts... do decorative cookie frosting... be insufferable pains.

Today has been really hard anyway. I mean besides work it is like everyone has to mention it is 9-11 every 4 minutes. I KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS. I don't want to watch "footage" set to patriotic music. I want to pretend my cousin Brady didn't die. But I can't because everyone keeps reminding me what happened 6 years ago. So trying not to think about the date, you know? But it is all over the news. So, umm, HERE!

Hee hee hee!

Funny stuff is... good.



The world is just... sad. I am sorry for the friends and family of the Miners (like Tiff and Big Cade and their peeps) . I am sorry for the friends and family of Camille Cleverly... although I guess closure is better than NON-closure. But still. My mom has been so worried... she kept saying "what if it were Rinny or You?!"

But yeah.

But I am glad that little boy was found quickly.

Also, this is the anniversary of another tragic day, which prompted a very random email to me from an Anti-Mormon stranger demanding that I, as a Mormon, "officially apologize for September dawn!" Yes, not for the Mountain Meadow Massacre... he actually called it September Dawn. Now, even though I should just ignore it, I admit, it took all my power not to respond "Oh, and I DO! I mean, I wasn't involved in making the movie at all, but I for one AM sorry it was made. I hear it REALLY sucked!"

However, I was nice and as I had just read about this (It actually HAS been apologized for before, btw, but yeah, Since it is so "public" right now, fine. Good.), I sent him the link to the official apology at Which says this:

Elder Henry B. Eyring’s remarks at the Mountain Meadows Massacre Sesquicentennial on 11 September 2007, in Washington County, Utah.

Dear Friends—

I speak today, by assignment, on behalf of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In so doing, I express their appreciation for the invitation to participate on this program.

It is important and appropriate that we meet together on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. We gather as relatives of the massacre victims and perpetrators and as unrelated but interested and sympathetic parties. We gather to remember and to honor those whose lives were taken prematurely and wrongly in this once lush and pastoral valley.

We believe it is our obligation to understand and learn from the past. For this reason, the Church responded favorably several years ago to the request of three experienced and able historians, Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley, Jr., and Glen M. Leonard, to cooperate with their researching of a book about the awful event that occurred here a century and a half ago. The book they are writing is nearly complete and will be published in coming months by Oxford University Press under the title Massacre at Mountain Meadows.

Although they are Church employees, the authors have retained full editorial control and have drawn their own conclusions from the exhaustive body of historical material they assembled. They have been given full access to all relevant materials held by the Church. Two of the significant conclusions they have reached are (1) that the message conveying the will and intent of Brigham Young not to interfere with the immigrants arrived too late, and (2) that the responsibility for the massacre lies with local leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the regions near Mountain Meadows who also held civic and military positions and with members of the Church acting under their direction.

Although no event in history can fully be known, the work of these three authors has enabled us to know more than we ever have known about this unspeakable episode. The truth, as we have come to know it, saddens us deeply. The gospel of Jesus Christ that we espouse, abhors the cold-blooded killing of men, women, and children. Indeed, it advocates peace and forgiveness. What was done here long ago by members of our Church represents a terrible and inexcusable departure from Christian teaching and conduct. We cannot change what happened, but we can remember and honor those who were killed here.

We express profound regret for the massacre carried out in this valley 150 years ago today and for the undue and untold suffering experienced by the victims then and by their relatives to the present time.

A separate expression of regret is owed to the Paiute people who have unjustly borne for too long the principal blame for what occurred during the massacre. Although the extent of their involvement is disputed, it is believed they would not have participated without the direction and stimulus provided by local Church leaders and members.

We know, too, that many of those who carried out the massacre were haunted all their lives by what they did and saw on that unforgettable day. They and their relatives have also suffered under a heavy burden of guilt. No doubt Divine Justice will impose appropriate punishment upon those responsible for the massacre. Nevertheless, our continued prayer for their relatives is that knowledge of a God who is both just and merciful will bring a measure of peace to their souls.

In 1999, President Gordon B. Hinckley returned and joined with many of you in dedicating the monument that stands near our place of assembly today. The Church has worked with descendant groups since then to maintain the monument and surrounding property and continues to improve and preserve these premises and to make them attractive and accessible to all who visit. We are committed to do so in the future.

Having reflected and commented on both the past and future of this hallowed meadow, we conclude by expressing our love and desire for reconciliation to all who have in any way been affected by what occurred at Mountain Meadows 150 years ago today. May the God of Heaven, whose sons and daughters we all are, bless us to honor those who died here by extending to one another the pure love and spirit of forgiveness which His Only Begotten Son personified, is our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

101.9 The End of Summer Jamboree!

The day of the Jamboree arrives and I guess I didn't really get the whole-day-ness of the event and then I had the radio on while I was just chillin' in my bedroom and they said they were down at TGP getting set up. So I texted Mali, who texted back "what time are we going tonight?"
That's when I told her my discovery that I was a dork and didn't realize it started, technically at NOON! Well, she had chores to do and I should have too, except to be honest, I was curled up in bed really wishing the concert was next week.

Between my girly guts and my worsening headache again, I woke up wishing I was dead. But I tried the whole "fake it till you make it" thing... and even though I medicated heavily (Ugh.) I don't think I did so well at it. The meds helped, but I was sick in every bathroom I went to, and my head wanted to explode. Yeah, BLEH...

Anyway, I went to Mali's and we found a blanket and some card games and then went to lunch at Los Hermanos. Yum! (Even though I ate very little of my meal, (but a lot of the chips and horchata) since I felt so yucky, even that was TOO MUCH.) Then we went out to TGP. I was sick when we reached it though, and needed a restroom quickly. So we went to the Farm first, especially once we saw the sign that said "No Re-admittance." NOT ready to commit fully to the conbcert yet we used the facilities at Farm Country and looked at the silly goats. The newest baby... a little black pygmy... is just a DOLL! And I said hi to my little girl Ambrosia, who looks almost all grown up. If the door latch hadn't have been such a pain (and Mean Meagan was eyeing me) I would have hugged her while I was in there.... and TRIED to catch the cute new kid, but probably failed. They are QUICK! But NEXT time, Mali, I will be more behind the scenes and see who we can catch. Hee hee!

When we finally went in and staked our claim on the lawn, we had a pretty good time just chilling, playing cards, and listening to music, even though most of it at first was nobody I really KNEW. (Limbeck? Piebald? Maybe I just don't know new stuff anymore.) The only one that I thought was really good of the ones I never heard of was Lucas Reynolds. Had a pretty good sound. Mali called him a "little bit of American Cold Play." Anyway, he was pretty good.

The Aquabats were (of course) INSANE! Fighting the pilgrims and giant turkey over the right to rename Thanksgiving Point, High-Five City, sending toddlers crowd surfing on floating toys in a "seahorse race," and other antics. Oh my heck. Lunacy.

However, I feel bad because I just was NOT in a silly enough mood. I have ALWAYS liked them and I was looking forward to seeing them live, and DID enjoy it, but honestly, I just wasn't as into it as I should have been because I was tired and girly. And that makes me sad. I wanted to love it.

They are so bizarre. I especially liked when they were singing about Pizza Day being the best day of the week and throwing pizza and a slice apparently fell right on this chick's cleavage. One of the Aquabats said, "see, now, you should have listened to your mother. I bet she told you that was too low cut for 'standards.' And now you have pizza on your chest."

Anyway, funny stuff.

Colbie Caillat was good, just sort of... a Bummer. She is obviously a talented girl and stuff but the music was a little too... I don't know. It was making BOTH of us think about people we'd rather not right now (Fresno and Ender). Bleh. So we talked about how dumb boys were, how dumb we were, etc. But basically just not in the mood for her songs. OH but they had peach cobbler. Had to buy that! Woo hoo?

Decided I was NOT such a fan of The Format. Kind of whiny... annoying... yeah. Not a huge fan. But we decided to kill time ourselves, once it got darker... watching Scrubs on Mali's iPod. Hee hee!

Finally the best was Toad the Wet Sprocket, even though they made me feel old by saying, "some of you may have heard this one in the womb..." before doing one of their older songs. They were really good. And we also pretended to flirt with some cute boys' legs. That was funny. But I was feeling pretty crappy by then. And we decided we wanted to hear Toad, but didn't care that much about Dashboard so after the set (which was mighty good) we just listened to them as we walked out of the park.

So, yeah, that was the night. It was good. I just wish I was in a better mood. I am sure I wasn't much fun to be with.

And I didn't even get HOME-home after before getting sick again. Stopped at the Padres.


And lest you think CC is the only nerd, I thought I would share MY house in Gaia (because I am super proud of it)...
along with points of interest circled in Blue.

A. That's right, I totally have a little parrot to answer my phone. Because that is way better than an answering machine.

B. I also have a dog. It is a Sheltie and I am just going to pretend it is playing with and not mauling that baby chick. And since the whole THING is pretend, it can be TRUE.

C. No, that is not a Girlie Poster, it just goes with my retro/surfer/Tiki stuff, you sickos!

D. That's right, pancakes and Coke for everyone! I am just that awesome of a pretend hostess.

E. Yes, I stole that from CC. Covet Covet Covet!!!

So... yeah. I should go to bed, like, yesterday. BLEH.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

"We are the Knights that Say *BEEP*"

I have been writing about MONDAY till now, trying to get caught up. (even at this moment I have yet to put publish because I haven't been able to upload the picture of Mali at the portkey, but by the time you READ this, it will be.)

It was late Wednesday and I was fixing the babies their dinner. I went downstairs to find smoke. We do not have alarms yet. We keep saying "we need to get some fire alarms." "Yeah, not having smoke detectors is just ridiculous." "yeah. So, what is up with the zucchini, is it supposed to be so, like a BALL? Is it like a hybrid? Because..." Blah blah blah. So we don't have them.

Because my first thought was that their heater had tipped over (even though I have not had the heater out in months), I ran for the glider room to grab my gliders, but their room, with the door closed was, thankfully smoke free.

It was my room. It wasn't a fire, like I thought though... and it was pretty easy to see what was causing the smoke that was making me feel sick very quickly (anxiety of thinking my sugar gliders were on fire didn't help the sick thing much either.). The standing fan in the middle of my room had shorted. I don't know if it was a storm thing or what, but the plastic was melting and the smoke was horrible. I was so upset and scared, I could hardly think.

I took the fan out and threw it in the dumpster right then and started air purifiers in my room. I fed the babies and got in my car, bawling. I did leave a note on the whiteboard for the Roomie, but I just took off and spent the night in the padres' basement.

I did NOT sleep.

I felt so sick all day, though. Girly stuff, I think... though, who knows with me. I called in and told Rinny I was not coming in.

However later the family had PLANS. Going to Spamalot! That was... wow... okay, so mostly it was HILARIOUS. But watching it with the parents and Rinny who rarely watches shows over a G? HIGHLY uncomfortable. Let's just say, I do not know how well the ludeness is going to play in Utah. I mean, my Dad was pissed, but that is easy... but even me and my mom raised our eyebrows at a few parts. So, yeah. Funny. OF COURSE wonderfully quotable, since, you know, it's mostly the same but bigger and more musical.. But... ummm... yeah. You have been warned. Don't take your non-Monty-Python fan family to it. It will NOT be pretty.

Furthermore, like I said, I am sick. And THAT is really putting a damper on EVERYTHING.

"What, the curtains?"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

If I had an air popper it's name would be Frank Bennedetto and if I had a Camaro it's name would be Bumblebee

But my Microwave IS named Mrs. Bennedetto, for the record. Happy Labor Day!!!! And it really was! Yay!

Only now it is past bedtime and I need to, like actually wake UP for work so I might need to go to bed soon as I HAVE taken pills for that, but BLEH because I am not in the mood to sleep and am using my time so wisely *cough*watchingMASHandplayingonGaia*cough* Yeah, okay, I will update tomorrow. SIGH. BORING. Stupid bed. Stupid non-sleep. Stupid morning.

So yeah, Rinny decided we should go FISHING. Because SHE is so windernessy? I don't know, she just decided that that is what one SHOULD do for Labor day and after convincing Padre to take her she tried to get ME to come (at FIVE IN THE MORNING. HA!).

Okay, now I *like* to camp actually. But fishing, not so much. I like my fish sandwiches pre-murdered, thanks anyway. And spending time with just Padre and Rinny... sometimes not... safe for my psyche. Anyway, there is very VERY little worth getting up that early. So I said no and let Rinn and Padre have a Daddy-Daughter-Date on their OWN. Heh heh.

I went back to bed till around 10-ish. Hee hee hee! Then after some general lazing and animal stuff (bird cages, replacing Tortuga's filter pad, talking to my sugar babies, etc.) me and Mali textingly made some plans! Wee! She would show me her school (because, really, without proof, how am I to believe my friends are REALLY grown ups with grown up jobs? HMMMM?!), maybe do some shopping, and go to Transformers that I REALLY was needing to see. It was a good plan. And I was READY to go.

Till BooBonic, my gerbil, turned SUICIDAL! I was all ready to leave, pretty much, when I glance at Boo to see her PUSHING on the ball bearing of her new water bottle WATCHING it drain out and down her arm like "oooh look what I can do!" Her old bottle was sticking (which is why I replaced it) and I think she really was, just fascinated by the fact that SHE could MAKE the water come out like that. Gerbils really ARE pretty curious and bright little critters. Most rodents are (like rats) Smarter than HAMSTERS anyway.

But I was furious, considering wet litter kills gerbils ALL the time (they are desert animals and their respitory systems do NOT handle that well) and could have caused her sister, Latte's death last October. I grabbed her out of there so quick and yelled "Are you TRYING to die?!" and replaced her Carefresh with what little was already upstairs and put her back.

She was probably rather confused and being yelled at for making such an interesting discovery. Poor thing, but she scared me. Dumb baby. I have gotten very attached, even though she isn't a sugar glider, I LOVE her and do not want to lose her! She only just turned 2 this past June. (However, their life expectancy IS only 2-4 years... though I am planning on her exceeding that, dang it all because she just NEEDS to. She's a good girl! And our house is a little fanatical about our animals anyway. I wonder how those statistics take into account things like Not breeding them, mixing own food for optimal nutrition, etc.)

ANYWAY, after Boo and her Suicide Watch issues Mali and I took off south to her school! I was much impressed (but think that you should hang like test tubes and MASH-like still stuff behind those 4 sinks if they insist on being called a "LABORATORY." Maybe Pinky and the Brain in a cage. Something more laboratory-worthy than, like, 4 sinks in a nook. Geez. hee hee!). Both with the grownupness of HAVING a CLASSROOM of her OWN... and with the goofy stuff of having enough standies, toys, etc. in the room to make it seem like an extension of HER. Hee hee hee! It was hilarious to me. I don't know why it just IS, okay?!

Then we went to the Provo Town Center (or is it Towne Centre? I forget, were they trying to be old English? Like Ye Olde Sweets Shoppes?) to buy our tickets to Transformers. Then, having secured those we did the Mall thing and talked about, you know, STUFF... cuz we are girls... and Mali bought some pretty sweet Celtic music and I decided that I was in a terribly PATHETIC demographic in that even though I am NOT anxious to have children...

I AM a little anxious to DRESS those random children in Hot Topic onsies that have Optimus Prime on them or The White Stripes. Because, really, how cool of babies would I have? THE COOLEST. And they will be rocked to bed by rock that is cooler than lullabies and they will probably quote movies as their first words. Because THAT is how cool my babies will be.

If, you know, I end up ever having some. (Or 500 of them. [Cool] BABIES EVERYWHERE!)

So we shopped and talked and then decided we should get food but not before we found THIS! Okay, first of all, that's just AWESOME. Second of all I think I can make an awesome picture of her disappearing as she touches it, like animated which will amuse me to no end. Why yes, yes, we ARE geeks. But still! Weee!

We went to Bona Brasil for Pao de Queijo... but I must say it was kind of a disappointment. It's like they are different EVERY time. Usually that doesn't matter because they are still FANTASTIC, just different (sort of like German Pancake, you know how it just changes every time even when you follow they EXACT same recipe?) but these ones were just not that great. I mean, they were still okay (and the lemonade was great) but certainly not heaven, and so it was sad! Sometime, Mali, when I get a really good one I am going to save it and make you taste THAT. Because, well, that just was not the same.

Not that you HAVE to like Cheese rolls, it's just... yeah. hee hee!

Anyway, we actually went to the movie then and despite some reviews to the contrary (Eric Snider, who I usually tend to agree with completely, yeah, we part ways on this one) I LOVED IT. I mean, I was a fan of a kid, so I expected to like it. But not as much as I DID. There WAS a lot of jumpy random robot fighting where you would normally be like "who is fighting who?" except that true to Transformers style they usually began by yelling out their opponent's names, which made me laugh, but was also appreciated.

But if it had JUST been robots and cars and eye-candy, even though it WAS cool, it wouldn't have been that great, but it was FUNNY. Mostly because Shia LaBeouf. He seriously CARRIES it and is so likable and awkward and FUN. He is becoming one of my favorite actors, I think. Also, I swear he IS BoyKid. "I'm a child. You know, a teenager." Hee hee!

Also for some inexplicable reason certain things struck me so funny, like the evil cop car, Barricade ("to Punish and Enslave") yelling "ARE YOU USERNAME LADIESMAN217?!" I seriously laughed so hard I thought I might pee my pants. I DIDN'T, mind you, but that... was just... SO FUNNY. WHY?! WHY IS THAT HILARIOUS?! I can't even type it! It makes me laugh so hard!

It was a GLORIOUS summer flick. I definitely intend to BUY this one. And I have disturbingly serious crush on Optimus Prime...

but I did 20 years ago so this is nothing new. SIGH!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Roadshows and Bird Brains

I didn't know for sure if I was in the Special Ward, like, officially. But I HAVE been going every week except, like, when I went to Sandy to do the signing thing, though only Sacrament... an hour... usually. A few times more, but not often. The thing with my head, though, I THINK I have found a temporary solution besides going home. Find a room, in the dark, lay on the floor and stretch awhile. It's not a good solution, but it relieves the pain a little. I don't know exactly what it is about the benches or something but I can't do them for that long... they pinch just that wrong nerve or something and I can't THINK it starts to hurt so bad. I am going to have to go back to Dr. YeahBaby soon, I think. That, if you remember the last time, well... it's scary.

Anyway, today BOY WAS I AN ACTIVE WARD MEMBER! I stayed All. 3. Hours. PLUS an extra [lame-o] meeting about a ROADSHOW. ROADSHOW. Whiskey Tango...

Yes. really.

I was in sacrament meeting and accidentally was sitting by the very nice Cemetery Plot Matt. (And I MEAN accidentally. I sat down by some scriptures. I didn't know he was passing the sacrament. BLAST.)

So, I am drawing in my journal (it is an awesome one from Megs. It has Wonder Woman (just the regular one, not a fat one, but I still adore Wonder Woman. She is one of my heroes. But then, so is MEGS!) decoupaged on there!) as usual. WHAT was I drawing? Well, at the time, a VERY sacrament appropriate (yeah, I have no clue) rendition of Ricky and Lucy Ricardo as stick figures. Yeah. Embarrassing.

"Do you draw?"
"No. I doodle. There is a distinction."
"Well, could you help doodle the roadshow scenery?"
NO. Doodling, by definition, is SMALL. Scenery is LARGE. And I am almost CERTAIN roadshows are BANNED by the church in... the... No More Roadshows Proclamation. And I do not like teamwork. IF I actually want to do something right I want it done well. This means selecting the best person, artistically, (at work, usually me... among my friends, obviously not) to do it ALONE. No mistakes. And I am busy with work. "Umm... probably not. It would depend on when."
"We'll just work around a time when I see you home."
Yeah. He is my neighbor and can SEE MY CAR FROM HIS HOUSE.
"Uh, Okay."

Damn nice boy. HE SABOTAGED ME!
I don't even know if I am officially IN the ward!
"And by the way, you ARE officially on the ward list. We just assigned you home teachers."

I come home and the birds start ticking me OF. McKenzie is being adorable and I pet and cuddle her. But BUDDY, on the other hand, tries to BITE said other hand. He throws a tantrum. He is being a but. He tries to ATTACK McKenzie and I can't FIND the perch to separate them when a neighbor comes over to chew me out for having a GEYSER out of my roof. My cooler broke... AGAIN. Grand. So the lady is telling me all this and I am trying to say I didn't know (and really why does that hurt HER? Stupid busybody.) and the birds are yelling in the background I just wanted to tell her "MA'AM, I need you to leave RIGHT NOW because since you are apparently OBLIVIOUS you do not notice I have a TANTRUM to break up!"

So, while I am congratulating myself on how GOOD I was to go to all of church, today has been just TOO MUCH.

I think my Padre/Landie was a bit confused when I called him CRYING about the cooler. He was like "I... I can fix it tomorrow?" He SHOULD... but if it weren't for the day, it wasn't worth tears, you know?


Long day.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just for Kix

Just a helpful hint for the domestically inclined...

When the power goes out while you are trying to make your Rice Krispie Treat thingies take it as a sign, remember you can't REALLY cook, especially not all improvisationally like that and quit.

Bleh. Stale Kix, organic peanut butter, marshmallows, and margarine does NOT a treat make!

I will write more tomorrow. Right now it is bedtime.

can I agree to disagree... with myself?

A little bit ago, I was asked a random political question and, with all the political signs up right now, well, it got me in the mood to take a bunch of political tests and compare them.

First, Political Brew.
On Non-Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Moderate Conservative (62).
On Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Centrist (49).

Your score is on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being fully liberal and 100 being fully conservative.

Where as Beyond Red Vs. Blue put me as

Pro-Government Conservative.


You Are 8% Politically Radical

You're a very traditional person and perhaps a little resistant to change. In a few more years, your beliefs will be so old fashioned that they'll be radical!

The self-proclaimed "World's Smallest" test says...


The political group that
agrees with you most is...



CENTRISTS espouse a "middle ground" regarding government

control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on

the issue, they sometimes favor government intervention

and sometimes support individual freedom of choice.

Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind,

tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what

they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.

Harvard says:

IOP Political Personality Test

Cluster Map

You are a Religious Centrist. Religious centrists like you tend to be:

  • Strongly supportive of affirmative action.
  • Supportive of environmental protection.
  • Concerned about the morality of gay marriage.
  • Likely to believe religion should play a more important role in government.
Your Political Profile:

Overall: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Ethics: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

And finally...

You Are a Conservative Democrat

Frankly, the way most other Democrats behave embarasses you greatly.
You pride yourself on a high level of morals, and you have a good grasp on right and wrong.
It's likely you think America needs to get back to its conservative, Juedo-Christian values.
Why aren't you a Republican then? Because you believe the goverment helps more than hurts.

Hee hee hee hee! (I could be disowned just for that last one)

to Boldly Go...

I am having one of THOSE Saturdays. I guess it is a typical Saturday, really, for weekends where I am not teaching a scout class. "Saturday is a Special Day, the Day you..."

do laundry. Lots of laundry because The Roomie went home for Labor Day and so I don't need to hog it another day! Which also means...

birdie-sitting. Buddy's been jabbering away today. They both miss The Roomie a lot, though and get WHINY. But still, they are nice birds. Oh, and just to update a little bit, we do NOT have the Vizsla but we got her a "stay of execution" and connections with a Vizsla rescue group! *phew!*

spending too much time on Gaia. Especially right now. Because we are having a water fight. *blush*
Yes, I am PRETENDING to have a water fight. Such. a. DORK.

watching Star Trek.
Yes. As in the OLD one. hee hee hee.

missing my baby bro. His letters are awesome. But dang. SIGH.

Pondering very odd things. Like being a princess. Or being vegetarian.

BEING DOMESTIC! Yes, that's right people, I am feeling all COOK-ISH! Because I am cleaning out my fridge and part of my cupboard and found cereal! And MARSHMALLOWS! So I think I am going to TRY and make, like a Rice Krispy Treat thing! Except that kind with peanut buteer. I don't know HOW they do that, but it's yummier. Rinny makes them. So does my mom.

YAY! Imagunna do that NOW!