Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Brother, the Girl Scout!

I just can't believe how OLD we are getting! Today THIS little boy turned NINETEEN!!! 19?! BoyKid?! Yes, that's right my baby bro's birthday was today. I have to say, I love my brother. Not at first... he was, as a little kid, more than your average brat. He is and was VERY smart but also had such a horrible temper that even when he was a baby, that little vein would pop out on his neck and forehead. He reduced my mom to tears at least weekly and she often said "that boy's going to end up in prison... or as the president."

Really, I couldn't stand him most of my life as he was just SO annoying, however somehow he developed into this hilarious kid that I would want to hang out with even if he wasn't my little brother. Now THAT is a sign of a cool sibling... one you would PICK on purpose. Yeah, I really love the BoyKid now. Not just from having grown on me, he just turned out way funny.

I DO love my sister, too... but I LIKE BoyKid more. The kid ROCKS. It's going to be weird when he goes on his mission... I mean, look at that kid, who would call HIM to teach the Gospel? Well, I guess, ummm.. God. Yeah. Good thing, too, because really, if He wasn't God I might think he was nuts. Because he is a GOOD kid, and funny... but responsible? Not so much. And I think he is going to have a hard time being that far away. He lived in the dorms this last semester but he still came home 2 or 3 times a week.

He got his first job other than working for Dad in the family business (we've all done it) today! He is selling advertising printed on the back of paper cookies to be placed in real welcome baskets for a company called "Cookies in a Basket." Later on he MAY get to deliver them, but that part will likely done after he leaves for Italy. But when I asked him what we was doing for his job to earn some money for the mission, he said "I'm a Girl Scout. A paper one."

And now that I wrote that I seriously would kill for some Thin Mints. Damnit! *whimper* I want something yummy and I am trying to do a LOT better with losing weight AND Diabetes. I want some chocolate. I didn't even have cake or ice cream.

Now I want chocolate. Dumb boy and his joke.

Anyway, yeah. My little brother is 19 years old now. In other bizarre aging news, as I try to get my headache normal enough to attend church (and my insomnia under control enough to wake up on time), I will be going ALONE again. Blast it all, my roomie has decided to leave our ward (congregation) for "young single adults" to go to a ward for... ummm... NOT-as-young single adults. Yes, technically, our ward is for ages "18-30" and Lark is just SOOOO OLD *rolls eyes* turning Thirty-ONE in March and so she is taking off early. I can't blame her. Neither of us have loved this ward... especially our always special "Family Home Evenings." But still, it's worse by yourself, especially since I haven't been active. But oh well. Like I said, I have hated enough of our ward's ISSUES that I have been thinking of leaving, too... but where I am doesn't matter THAT much right now so much as GOING back.

That reminds me of a funny thing Fresno said. (Yes, I realize I am way girly and MOST things remind me of Fresno at some point) He was talking about when he was coming to visit me, and going to church.
"I guess I would come with you?"
"But it's a YSA ward, isn't it? You don't think they'll card me?" He kidded. "Well, I am 33, you know."
"Yeah, well, so long as you can get past the age detectors at the door without beeping."
He is such a dork... such a CUTE dork. I miss him. I wish he was here already. Keep him... and his cousin and illegal roomie... in your prayers? Yeah. I miss him. Dang it, this was NOT going to be an entry about the Boy, it is an entry about the BoyKid! Grrrr...


  1. HA HA

    you are so in like with him... dare I say in love???

    sigh... reminds me... of me. hee hee.

    but I think you don't have to worry about this one taking off. ;)

  2. lol. she lurves him! Kippie lurves Fresno!!! hahahahaa.

  3. Hee hee...yeah Sp...BoyKid is a really funny kid...and that trips me out too, even though I am much closer in age to him. I was still weirded out when he started driving. I guess I'm getting old...*sniffles*