Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gastro Rant

You know, the chronic migraines, the Diabetes, the Depression, etc. they all get to me and frankly makes it hard to deal some days.  Somedays I don't feel so much like being funny.  This is one of those moments.  So for just a bit, pardon my rant while I whine a bit about how my Gastroparesis ****s up my life.

Gastroparesis, for me, means:
*I'm now vegetarian... but can't have fresh fruit or vegetables.
*keeping my fat under 40 grams a day... but never seeming to lose weight. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!
*Stomachaches that hurt so bad I can't go to church, can't go to work, can't go to a party, can't see my friends, can't think about returning to school, can't cope, can't HOPE.
*No social life. Wanna go out for dinner? Oh sure, you eat, I'll just bring an Ensure in my pocket! Because I don't seem awkward enough BEFORE!
*A acceptable reason to turn down anyone's cooking. I am allergic to FOOD! ;)
*The food pyramid is crumbling! Nowhole grains, no meat, no veggies, no fruit, little fats and sweets... poor little food Mummies... where will they live? Or be entombed, rather?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The birth of the MWPCC, the Gnome Rehoming, and Steamed Cabbage... TRIPLETS?!?!

Oh SO many projects! And not all of them work projects. In fact, MOST of them NOT work.
But hey! Happy results so far.

Here goes: So, I started this club.  Mostly for sugar glider people, but also for your basic small exotic (ferret, rat, dwarf hamster, what have you) people.  And for once not just an online thing but a dare to meet in real life and pray I am not too sick for said meeting thing!

The Mountain West Pocket Critters Conference

Yep, and we had our FIRST PARTY/MEETING THIS WEEKEND! And it was fun!  I planned it and still it worked out and I had fun with out being too terribly stressed.  We talked about stuff, had games with prizes, a gift exchange, soup and swap, made emergency kits for our critters, and watched in combined glee and disgust as our babies hunted juvinle Hissing Cockroaches. Yuck, I know. It was funny.  And we all had fun!  And the club is STARTED at last.  Finally we have a sugar glider group in Utah. And I made it happen! And everyone can run with it.  The next one will be at someone else's house and somewhere else the next. But I got it going and I am just... proud of myself. *TOOT* <--my own horn

And then there is Steamed Cabbage.  I am shopping thrift stores, restoring old Cabbage Patch Dolls and then making them Steampunk!  I am learning how to sew in order to do it (all handmade clothes). Yes, I am a geek, I do things backwards. 1. go pro with a title. 2. Become obsessed with idea 3.learn skill for hobby.

And my new secret (well, semi-secret. *I* am telling you I'm behind it!) hobby. Rehoming Gnomes. Hee hee hee hee!  It's part prank, part game, part social experiment, part publicity stunt, part insanity.
Wanna help? Spread the word! Or send me your gnomes to find places for. (You know, all those gnomes you have. Ha ha!)

So there you go.

OH, but one more thing. Haiti. That's not a hobby but has been on my mind, I guess on everyone's mind.  I have always assumed when I got to that point in my life I WOULD adopt... kids from Romania, to be specific.  But now, well, it's got me thinking maybe my children will end up being from Haiti.  It's an odd thought.  But it has me thinking a lot about the Haitian people.  Praying for them a LOT.  And gathering medical supplies for them.  If you want to help, here is a good, trustworthy way: Help Send Volunteers to Haiti! Thius is the "Healing Hands for Haiti" that you may have heard about.  I know 2 people with them... one of the ER Docs and their Press Secretary is my friend and she gave me that link.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, BoyKid!


First, of course, we HAD to go to the Chinese Buffet. It's Tradition!

THEN later that night.... TUMBLING GYM!!!!

It looked like nothing. Well nothing good, from the outside. But when you got inside, OH MY GOSH, INSANITY!  FOAM, PADS, ROPES, basically a grown ups version of a McDonald Playplace.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Holidays

This past couple months have been some wild holidays. In Vegas with the family we went to The Lion King, saw my darling tigers and dolphins at the Secret Garden (the 5 "cubs" are now SO much bigger but still just big kitties to me, but now 2 new little twin white cubs just charming the socks off the masses), etc.  Christmas was fun as home, and then New Year's we all went to respective friend parties and I saw SO many awesome friends there!

First of all, VEGAS. BOOM! Pictures abound.

It was a very fun trip.

Christmas was just... good. It was good to chill with the fam.  And, yes, doing all kinds of things to remember the birth of the Savior. We went to Temple Square to see the nativity out in the reflection pond and the lights, we read The Living Christ as a family as well as the account in the Bible.  We also watched The Nativity. If you haven't got a copy, you can for free from Okay, PSA over. ;)

NYE I really wanted to go play but was afraid I would feel too crappy. BUT I had a rare MILD headache, so I went.  It was so much fun. I felt almost normal, and I haven't been out of the dang HOUSE to see people in ages so it was pretty awesome.  Llama and his awesome wife and family held the party.  I rang in 2010 with Bobbie and her Hubby, the Bucksomes, The CFEs, Heather and Dirt, and others.  We played Trivial Pursuit, had a Mexican Food Potluck (I brought dollar menu stuff from Del Taco.  That's about as close to cooking as I get. Hee hee!), and just chilled, talked, laughed at kids, and blew paper horns.

Here is hoping 2010 beats the h*** out of 2009. GOOD GORDON.