Monday, January 1, 2007

Oh 6 Oh 7 Akimbo

New Year's Eve day started bad, but still ended pretty good considering!

Fresno was supposed to be here.
He was supposed to go to church with me.
Then we were supposed to go to my friends' party.
And at 12 o'clock we were supposed to kiss... and I have never kissed anyone at New Year's before.

Instead, Fresno is stranded at his friends' in Reno (His best friends, J & Y) with the Flu!
I have been having a terrible headache day and didn't even make it to church myself, though I did watch the very good fireside that was on TV (and Little House on the Prairie... and THEY went to church... so that should count for something).
I stayed home and went to no parties at all.
And certainly did not get kissed.

However, just a few minutes before 2007 here in Utah, Fresno called me (and before he put himself into another good Theraflu coma) just to count down with me! Then we talked for a little over an hour (even though he sure sounded stuffed up and sick) and laughed and made things feel just a bunch better regardless of it all.

He can always make me laugh. We talk about the dumbest things. Hee hee hee! But the thing is, he is also just so... real... and honest. Like I can hardly believe he likes me... and then he says so and I have no choice but to believe him. It's just bizarre. I am still trying to understand it. But I do so like him... muchly. SIGH!

Anyway, I am sort of glad he stayed at J&Y's because he didn't really have work OFF besides the actual HOLIDAY and he was planning to drive all night and that made me awfully nervous. So maybe the flu kept him alive. I love that he wants to come see me and even that he gets so stubborn about doing so... but I worry about him putting his health or safety in danger for it. I just wish he'd fly or something... or that it was June.

Because he IS planning to move here in June.


What WILL 2007 bring?

Hopefully more health, a job, etc. But yeah. I should also do some resolutions. But as one of them is sure to be "GO TO BED EARLIER!!!" I will do that later. Good night... errr... MORNING... and Happy New Year and welcome to 2007.


  1. Ah man! That bug is just going around...nasty thing that it is. Remember, I know nasty. We all came down with it round here...

    I'm glad you at least got to talk and giggle and flirt, if not actually kiss. I know you were totally looking forward to that buzz. ;)

    So he IS planning on moving here in June? CRAZY!!! And Awesome!

  2. We missed you at the party, but glad to hear you got such a great phone call!

  3. I didn't get kissed either... boo hoo hoo hoo... hee hee hee >:oP

  4. I did ... way before midnight though. I went to bed early. hehehehe. thbbbbt