Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important!

Whoa. Ummm... I am not sure about this new Blogger format.  It is so... arctic and sparse.  I don't know what to think about it.  Guess I will see what happens as I write this, add pictures, etc.  See how it all works.

So, this whole deciding what to do thing, has me with a serious case of deja vu. I mean seriously, look at this.
Same quandary FOUR YEARS LATER.  THAT is screwed up.  What is WRONG with me that I am still in this spiral?!

So, on Saturday, I participated in a fun SCNAVTA activity (my last?). The Dog Wash.  I wrote about it in my column.  You guys ARE reading my column, aren't you?  Because I get PAID for that... this one is just for kicks and giggles... and self-therapy.  I didn't actually wash dogs.  My arm wasn't cooperating like that.  But I did get them all signed up, so I got to meet them all which was very fun.  We made almost 600 bucks for Jim Dix's reptile rescue!  Awesome.

Also, today was one of the best story times ever.  It was Six Crows and it was a great story but the turn out was good and I got so many compliments about the story, but also just the PROGRAM in general.  It was just really good.  Everyone is just loving the way the program is running, and that means a lot since I am in charge of it.

THEN my sister/boss surprised us all with an "end of summer staff party"... seeing The Help in the theater, complete with large drinks and humungous popcorns (that I am paying for now. UGH.).  It was so good.  I was not surprised.  The book was excellent, but you never know, Hollywood often butchers good books.  But this one was great.  I highly recommend it. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Things are going to be CHANGE. But more about that later.  Right now, I am writing my Tales for Tots curriculum for work.  On the schedule for September are... 
Tuesday September 6th
How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague
Wednesday September 7th
Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino
Tuesday September 13th
Wednesday September 14th
Tuesday September 20th
Wednesday September 21st
Tuesday September 27th
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague
Wednesday September 28th
What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Ann Schwartz

I am most excited for Zack's Alligator because we will make cute alligator magnets out of clothespins and What Makes a Rainbow? because we are doing MAGIC MILK!  I love magic milk!

Have you ever done it?
Magic Milk

Materials needed:

Whole Milk
Plastic Take-Out containers or Deep Plastic dinner plates
Food coloring
Dawn Dish Soap

With just a touch of your little Q-Tip Wand, you can make EXPLOSIONS of color!

1. Pour enough milk in the dinner plate to completely cover the bottom and allow it to settle.

2. Add one drop of each of the four colors of food coloring - red, yellow, blue, and green - to the milk. Keep the drops close together in the center of the plate of milk.

3. Find a clean cotton swab for the next part of the experiment. Predict what will happen when you touch the tip of the cotton swab to the center of the milk. It's important not to stir the mix just touch it with the tip of the cotton swab.

4. Place a drop of liquid dish soap (the Dawn brand works well) on the tip of the cotton swab. Place the soapy end of the cotton swab back in the middle of the milk and hold it there for 10 to 15 seconds. Look at that burst of color! It's like the 4th of July in a bowl of milk: mini-explosions of color.

5. Add another drop of soap to the tip to the cotton swab and try it again. Experiment with placing the cotton swab at different places in the milk. Notice that the colors in the milk continue to move even when the cotton swab is removed. What makes the food coloring in the milk move?

How does it work?

Milk is mostly water but it also contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and tiny droplets of fat suspended in solution. Fats and proteins are sensitive to changes in the surrounding solution (the milk).

When you add soap, the weak chemical bonds that hold the proteins in solution are altered. It's a free for all! The molecules of protein and fat bend, roll, twist, and contort in all directions. The food color molecules are bumped and shoved everywhere, providing an easy way to observe all the invisible activity. At the same time, soap molecules combine to form a micelle, or cluster of soap molecules. These micelles distribute the fat in the milk.

This rapidly mixing fat and soap causes swirling and churning where a micelle meets a fat droplet. When there are micelles and fat droplets everywhere the motion stops, but not until after you've enjoyed the show!

There's another reason the colors explode the way they do. Since milk is mostly water, it has surface tension like water. The drops of food coloring floating on the surface tend to stay put. Liquid soap wrecks the surface tension by breaking the cohesive bonds between water molecules and allowing the colors to zing throughout the milk. What a party!

Repeat the experiment using water in place of milk. Will you get the same eruption of color? Why or why not? What kind of milk produces the best swirling of color: skim, 1%, 2%, or whole milk? Why?

Additional Info

Detergent, because of its bipolar characteristics (hydrophilic on one end and hydrophobic on the other), weakens the milk's bonds by attaching to its fat molecules. The detergent's hydrophilic end dissolves in water and its water-fearing end attaches to a fat globule in the milk.
So, ANYWAYS, things, they are a-changin'. Not just at work. Today I had 2 appointments.  One with Larry the Cucumber at Vocational Rehabilitation and the other with my therapist, Jan Levenson-Gould. My first was Larry the Cucumber.  Very nice, but blunt and informed, man. 

We talked about the job market, how much I could expect to make vs. how much I had taken out in student loans.  I was hoping VR could help PAY for school... apparently they can't help much at expensive private schools like Broadview.  If I was going to a state school they might be able to, like, cover the books that the Pell grant didn't.  And so we talked about that...

Not just because of the money, though.  Because my arm/spine thing, is hurting still and not healing yet.  And vet tech is a really physical major. A really physical CAREER.  And I am the kind of klutzy person who GETS HURT.

So, I might love animals, but maybe it is a bad move for me to be a vet tech.  

And the money is an issue.  Not just the school cost, but the fact that Vet Techs make around 25,000 a year... where as ASL Interpreters are, on average $38,850... but can be much much more.  As in, like $40 an hour. (I currently am at the top of my game at Thanksgiving Point at 8).  If I were to go back to ASL and Deaf Studies (which is what I was majoring in at UVU (then UVSC) back before the headaches began), become a 'terp, well, maybe I would have money to pay for a home of my own, have the pets I want, maybe do some rescuing.

Not to mention even if the economy gets even worse, there is a chance vet tech jobs will be even harder to come by... whereas social programs that need interpreters will still be needed.

The other thing is the education itself.  With the Vet Tech program I get a Vet Tech degree.  Which is good ONLY if I really become a vet tech. It's not a bachelor's degree.  But I CAN get a bachelor's degree in ASL and Deaf Studies.  A bachelor's I can do something else with, if I choose not to be an interpreter... a bachelor's I can continue with to get my Master's of Library Sciences so that IF a Children's Librarian job (ie: dream job) ever opened up, I could actually get it.  If it never did, I'd still have ASL.

So, in the next 2 weeks (because that's the date for UVU) I need to decide for sure, but I think I am going to change.  Change Majors... majorly.  Change majors, change schools, change plans, change identities... okay, so not that last one. ;)

BIIIIG Changes.  Kind of freaking terrified?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am not a Sark!

(whatever that is, I am not one.)

My new therapist, New-Ivy, who's real pretend name is Jan (as in Levenson-Gould on the Office.  Not JanBrady, my cousin Squall's little girl), wants me to seriously do affirmations in the mirror.  Not "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!!!" but telling the mirror ways in which I am a success.  Doing that with her, I bawled like she's asked me to murder a puppy.  It was so embarrassing.  So, what I am supposed to to TELL said mirror is as follows:

1. I am going to vocational rehabilitation.
2. I am going to therapy to change my way of thinking.
3. I am going to physical therapy and water aerobics to get stronger and healthier.
4. I am taking my prescribed meds to be well.
5. I have a part-time job that is fulfilling and fun. 
6. I am starting my own small business (Critters 2 Go).
7. I am going back to college to get a better career.
8. I am talented, and keep busy with creative things.
9. I take good care of my animals.

I'll add some more if I think of any other "I am not failing" type of thoughts.  But I don't think that saying it all in the mirror is going to help me AT ALL.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This week on Animal Horders...

Okay, no really, I know I have a LOT of pets. But 1. they are WELL cared for 2. I am not letting them make me unhealthy 3. the house is not stinky or over run. (like this---> 
Ergo, I am not really a hoarder.  I firmly believe hoarding is not about numbers, just like not every breeder is a puppy mill.  It is about the care and condition.

Plus also, they are now my BUSINESS! I am still getting Critters 2 Go off the ground.  And I am adoring my newest member of the family, Stanley Yelnats, the Bearded Dragon.  However, I actually do have plans to get at least 3 more animals.  I know that sounds crazy.  But hear me out...

2 of my little guys have passed away... Hawkeye, the Asian Long Tailed Grass Lizard and Eenie Meanie, the Bumble Bee Walking Toad.  I would really like to get new ones, but I have had horrible luck with ALTG Lizards.  If I could find a better source for them, or figure out what *I* am doing wrong, I would like to get a pair again.  I may or may not get them again, but I would like to, it it was possible.

However, before that happens, I probably WILL get another Bumble Bee Walking Toad (Pair or more).  Granted, they are much more pricey, but they are so darling, and the cage is still just sitting there waiting for them.  I want those striking, tiny little fellows again.

And eventually... EVENTUALLY mind you... I WILL have a hedgehog.  I have wanted a hedgie for years.  Conpared to my sugar gliders, and even the chinchilla, this exotic is pretty low maintenance.  And They. Are. ADORABLE.

It probably won't be for a couple of years.  But it's name will either be Sam the American Igel OR Oliver the Urchin and it will probably be palamino or pibald. :D  Yeah, I am always looking at them. Hee hee!

So, do you not know what I already own?
Well, if you want PICS, check out the Critter Bios on my Critters 2 Go site.  But at present I have 2 sugar gliders, a chinchilla, a turtle, a tortoise, a tree frog, a bearded dragon, 2 leopard geckos, 5 hermit crabs, and 100+ Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.  I also have 2 bettas, a kuhli loach, and there is a praying mantic egg sack in the mail to me on it's way.

SIGH.  Someday...

Saturday, August 20, 2011


So the family gossip...
1. My brother, BoyKid is pretty much done with Kimpossible.  She has a missionary and isn't worth the fight, apparently.

2. There is a creeper at My sister, Rinny's apartment complex. Rinny's roommate's bras were all stolen from the washing machine as well as some other girls' bras and swimsuits.  That is kind of amusing, but not as funny as her roomie's response. "At least they aren't my good bras.  They are just the OLD ONES I SLEEP IN."
Whiskey Tango... SLEEP IN?!  I realize that, though I am a girthy girl, I have almost no boobs.  So I actually debate whether an activity of the day warrants a bra at ALL.  But who sleeps in their bra?  Weirdo.

Today I went through a lot o my paperbacks and parted with a LOT of books.  I am going to have a massive garage sale soon.  Because I am basically letting go the MAJORITY of my possessions.  I feel like a monk.

A monk who talks about boobs.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can't Hug Every Kim

Things I Want Right Now:
Heber back.  I really want Heber back.
Gnocchi Mac & Cheese. That looks so dang good. 
An end to these d**n migraines.

Things I am Doing Right Now:
Watching my new beardie, Stanley Yelnats climb in his cage.
Laughing at "Can't Hug Every Cat" with Mom (the song based on the eHarmony Crazy Cat Lady. I don't care if she IS fake, it is STILL funny.)

What I Should Be Doing Right Now:
Cleaning my hermit crabs' tank.
Finding Newsies in my DVDs because BoyKid wants to watch it with Kimpossible (who he likes and she likes him. Aww, cute.  Wish it was Kiddo, though.  She is my FAVORITE Kim in his life.) on their date tonight. Actually, yeah... it's 7:30 almost. I will do this now.


A few hours later.  The date is going on downstairs, I am watching Burn Notice, playing on Pinterest... I still haven't cleaned the crab cage. Maybe tomorrow.

Today I went to Voc Rehab.  I don't know if they'll help me at all. But I am seeing.  As for my new therapist, New-Ivy, I just... okay, IDK. I am having the hardest time dealing with my new therapist. I had a therapist I really liked. She was like my friend. However, she has recently had a baby... and made the decision to leave her practice to be a full-time SAHM. So she transferred my records to her replacement. Which should be fine. New-Dr. is a good psychologist. She is also nice, personable, etc. Then we start talking about what I do with my free time/Critters 2 Go. She tells me "Oh, you have sugar gliders?! My daughter had one!" First problem... ONE. Second? The daughter is 8 years old. Gliders are NOT good KID pets. Third, "HAD." Yeah, she tells me "well, and they just DIE. I mean, like after a few months. How long do they live for anyway?"
Me: "15 years."
Oh, AND "and they stink so bad." Now, gliders DO smell, but mostly if they have crappy diets. Well, and the boys just stink to high heaven when they aren't fixed.
ME: "was it a male?"
HER: "Oh, I have no idea" she laughs, "like I said, they die so easy."
ME: "yeah, they have pretty specific needs, a really specialized diet, stuff like that." She blew that off pretty quick.

Okay, so she is still a good therapist, but the whole time I am stewing and seeing her as this lady who got an exotic pet after doing no research for her daughter who was too young to care for it and doesn't seem particularly sorry about it's early death due to, in all likelihood, incorrect care. Grumble grumble.

So, am I being completely irrational? The thing is, if she was some other doctor... I mean there is no necessity to click with your podiatrist! But someone who is supposed to be helping me with my emotional/mental health? It is probably petty, but I have a really hard time with the whole thing. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beauty without Proper Citations

I have been having a kinda depressing day. Maybe it's just been my stupid sugars out of control. That doesn't help. But I thought maybe looking at random pictures people have emailed me... and that I have no idea of their source! I want to save them somewhere, be able to share them on Pinterest.... oh Pinterest. But I wish I had the photographer or something to give them proper credit. So if you know, please share the info!

So, on a mostly unrelated note, my therapist Ivy has quit her practice to be a full-time mom. Which is awesome for her, and I think she should... but it sucks for me. I do not really like New-Ivy that much. She is okay, just.... yeah. Changing doctors is hard, especially when you sort of need to click with them emotionally. It doesn't much matter if a podiatrist clicks with you... but with mental health, yeah. :P

In other OTHER news, Mrs. Doctor Hasacrazywife is now spreading rumors about my dad. Now, my dad and I don't get along that well, but she is saying PSYCHO stuff that just ISN'T true. Like that he was screaming vulgarities at these ladies. Okay, *I* might say damn and hell sometimes, but he DOESN'T. Pretty much his version of cursing is saying stupid things like "quatching" and "oh my heck" and if he is really mad "FETCH!" Somehow the image of my dad saying really dirty foul things to ladies on the street who go to our church? Yeah. She is KOOKOOPANTS.

A Hose (I mean home!) for Moze

In the end, Moze was TOO popular.  Among the thousand's of dogs needing homes in the area, I had to break the hearts of a few people.  But in the end, Moze definitley took a chunk of my heart, and my mom's heart too when he left.  Fostering is, emotionally, really hard!  He was a really good dog, too.

He will have parents who love him (a young student couple who just adored him, especially the guy) and a little boy to grow up with.  He may end up with a pulled tail now and then, but I think he will love that little boy as he grows.

Good luck, Moze.  We will miss you but pray for the best for you.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Looking for a home for MOZE!

So, do you know of anyone who needs someone to play ball with?  Because I seriously have a pro fetcher here.  Steph's friend needed to find a home for their puppy Moze before they left for California and I, like the sucker I am agreed to do that. (FIND him the perfect home, that is... not BE that home.  Moze is a dog that NEEDS active kids to play with.  He is cute, funny, super active, and so in love with his ball it should be a crime.  The first night he cried all night.  The second we realized he didn't have his ball to chew on the night before... fixed that and he slept without a peep!

Moze is a terrier mix.  But he has this curly tail like a husky or spitz that is just ADORABLE.  He is a small dog.  I haven't weighed or measured him yet, but he is a small dog. I would guess he is more like a rat terrier, HOWEVER, not even a LITTLE snappy or bitey.  He is great around even little ones and "his boy" was a 4 year old.  He is hyper, but does calm down and cuddle.

MOZE NEEDS A HOME!  He needs a family who will love him and PLAY WITH HIM.  He's had his shots, but will need to be fixed.  There is no adoption fee for Moze, but potential adopters will be screened carefully... I already love this little guy a LOT and only want the best for him.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It All Ends (Pics or it Didn't Happen)

Yep, It all ends.  Not just Harry Potter.  My summer.  My direction. It ALL ends.  But it's been interesting.  And I've got the pics to prove it.

To begin with, I started an entry about a month ago... "So this week has been... INTERESTING.  I have cried my heart out.  I have second guessed my career path.  I have hugged a Furry. I have visited one of my best friends at her brand new condo.  I have done an animal show without my Heebster.  I have said goodbye to my Anole, Sprite, and one of my Bumble Bee Walking Toads, Miney Moe. I have packed up boxes and boxes of my things, getting rid of more than I am keeping.  I said goodbye to one of the best roommates I have ever had and her doggies."  But things never went back to normal.

So I guess I just thought I would share what has been going on since then while blogging hasn't been a priority.

June 21st our school had an All Things Animal Fair.  I taught about sugar gliders.  It was hard to do with out Heber.  But the highlight of the day was my friend and classmate(who is a Furry)'s Furry friends showing up in tails... and I don't mean tuxes.
But especially her "special friend."

For the 4th of July vacation I went with the family to Saint George. Rinny bought a long board so that she could ride with BoyKid and he taught her to ride. Padre also tried to ride, too. We went to Tuachan to see The Little Mermaid, Grease, and fireworks. On the way home we stopped in Scipio for a potty break... and discovered the most random little petting zoo at a gas station! Rinny and BoyKid tried herding the peacocks. It was pretty hilarious, I wish I had it on video. But anyway, here is Saint George trip, abbreviated:

The summer break drew to a close, as did the time I had for my arm/back/shoulder to heal enough to take my physical competencies and pass my class so I could continue with Vet Tech the coming quarter. I tried. I did physical therapy, got steroid shots, etc. But I couldn't do it physically. So I had to take a W in one of my classes (though in the OTHER ones I got a 4.0 and made the Dean's High Honor List!) and drop my classes for the following semester.

Which brings us to now. Taking a quarter off to do more therapy, working, and trying to decide if I can (or am sure I want to) continue with vet tech classes. I don't know what to do.

P.S. I did love the last Harry Potter. As you can see, so did BoyKid, who dressed up and went to a midnight showing. I went with friends, too, which was really fun. Haven't done much with friends for awhile so that was good. I need to do that more.