Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Active Culture

Watching Secretariat with the family. It's good, though I am not, for all my animal mania, a big horse movie person.  I am rather annoyed though at her family.  They didn't support her all.  Sad.  But happy ending, basically.

This past weekend was an interesting mix of BIG time pain and, ummm... culture?  My stomach hurts and my head hurts and it doesn't seem to be getting better.  The head thing... who knows.  But this stomach pain, well, I am going to the doctor again tomorrow.  It is so frustrating.  It's probably just my gastroparesis, but it sure hurts a lot.  I am taking some pro-biotics and eating yogurt with active cultures and such and it's just not covering it.  Besides that I am so tired I could sleep all day everyday.

But speaking more of culture, remember how Padre had some big surprise that was NOT Brian Regan?!  Well, it still wasn't.  But the Symphony was made fairly entertaining by having the show include singers and be "Wicked Divas."  2 Elphabas belting it out! One was actually who we saw in San Diego, so that was cool.  There were also some rather awkward moments like when they called out President Eyring in thr audience and calleed HIM a Diva.FUNNY!

Had a few minor melt downs.  Scholarships and stuff and then this paralyzing fear of WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR? ISN'T AN ETERNAL MIGRAINE BAD ENOUGH?  YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE UP THIS WAY INTENSE STUDY? YOU ARE SO STUPID,

School is approaching.

SO is my vet home check for my USDA License to Critters 2 Go and then I am going full steam with that plan, too. YEEEEEEK.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not so happy Valentine's.

Padre said for Valentine's Day he was going to take us to a SURPRISE PERFORMANCE on Friday.  So my brain went February + Utah = OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHBRIANREGAN!!!!!

Yeah, so I have been super excited for Friday and looking forward to it majorly.  So finally I came out and asked "Mom, do you know? IS it Brian Regan?"
"What? NO. Oh I WISH."

Guys it's the SYMPHONY.  No offense to my more cultured friends but when you are all excited for Brian Regan? BIG let down.

For actual Valentine's day, well, I still like Ola. Who is still a gazillion miles away.  So, yeah, I had a turkey pot pie and watched Ramona and Beezus with my mom. It was a cute show. 

As for today? Meh.  Like most days lately I spent a lot of it sleeping.  TOO MUCH of it sleeping.  Not good. Yeah.  I hate Depression and all that goes with it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I hate my Guts! Literally.

Last night we continued celebrating my sister Rinny's birthday by watching Eclipse. Not NEARLY as stupid as it could have been. Fun.

 Today though I went to the doctor because I was feeling like crap the whole time, my ear hurts and my mouth and throat are killing me.  Turns out I have an ear infection and THRUSH. Not the bird, the illness that AIDS patients and babies get.  Because I have basically no immune system. Awesome. :OP

I did 1 good thing today on the way home from the doctor.  I went to the pet store and got Jack a moist hide just like Clementine's.  His cage is a lot more cluttered but Clem just adores hers so I think it's worth it.

Now I am just aching like crazy.  These pills for my earache REALLY hurt my stomach.  I am watching Monk and eating crackers trying to distract myself but it really hurts. I think I'm going to go lay down.  I can't even concentrate on the story. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got class and crabs.... hmmm...

Today was a better day, though my head hurt pretty bad.  I still cried about losing my condo, but not for as long.  I went to school today for a short class on taking online classes.  It was silly... I know how to use Blackboard, so it was pretty pointless, but it was good to get out of the house and DO something.  Granted, my head was killing me, but I did it.

I also took care of my animals.  I haven't been able to fix Clementine's eye yet, but I am still trying.  At least she is well adapted.  She is stalking a little hissing roach right now... though she occasionally looks over at Baby Fable like she might want to eat HER.  At least that's more realistic than JACK who still thinks he can and should eat ME.  He stalks whoever walks in front of his tank.  Psycho!  I cleaned his tank really well because he, like all leopard geckos is really good at being naturally potty trained, but I haven't cleaning stuff up for awhile.

The new hermit crabs, Fossil and Mahana are really happy with Archie MacPhee in their new 30 gallon.  They love the set up with all the cholla wood and ponds.  It is so fun to see them climb all over it.  They are all really active, pleasant little crabbies.  In the spring I am going to add 2 Ecuadorians and 2 Blueberries.  I am ordering them online.  From, well, I guess Ecuador and Indonesia.  Hee hee!  My 3 are from the Caribbean. 

I love my critters so much.  Last night Heber went bounding out of my room into the hall until I called him back and he turned right around.  An obedient little guy, for as naughty as he can be.  All 3 mean so much to me.  I can't believe it's been almost 9 years... far too close to 15.  Man.  I can't even think about that. AT ALL.

And Baby Fable, well, she makes me laugh all the time.  She is so treat crazy.  She has got everyone in the family wrapped around her little chinnie finger!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post-Game Wrap -Up and Depression

I have been having a depressive thing.  Like crying most of yesterday... and last night... and today.  I hate that I am losing my house.  I hate that I am losing my mind. I hate it all right now.

Depression just... sucks.

I watched exactly NONE of the Super Bowl today, but I will have you know that the Orangutan at Hogle Zoo TOTALLY called it.  I actually fast forwarded through the game to watch the commercials.  None were that great, but way to go Kirby Heyborne for being in one!  Except I did like the House spoof on that old Coke ad.  Weird to think that I still remember that from when I was little. Man. I'm OLD.

I DID watch a bit of the Puppy Bowl, though. Is it silly? Yes. But it sure is CUTE!

I did go to church, though my head was really bad.  But it was good to be there and take the sacrament and such.  I wish it wasn't so HARD to go, though.  I cried during part of the meeting.  People probably just throught I was feeling really spiritual. I wasn't.  I was hurting a lot and feeling crappy.

Tomorrow I need to go to the pet store and pick up food for Baby Fable.  I also think I am going to buy a moist hide for Jack just like Clementine's.  It is so much nicer than the one I made for him.

Clementine's retained eyecap is not coming off.  I have been treating it with saline solution and mineral oil but no luck so far.  I just really hope it doesn't get infected.  I am so worried for her.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moving home from home

This gum commercial just said "the average person has 28 first kisses." For serious? Is that accurate?  My dad was in the room and I said to myself, "dude. I've only had TWO." Dad said "WHAT?! You've have 2?"
"Yes! [PoetryBoy] and [Fresno]!"
"That's twice as many as I will ever have!" 
"For serious?  You only ever kissed Mom?"
"And all I'll ever kiss."
"Well, obviously. But still, 28?!"
So there you have it. For all my parents' talk about making out all over the place in college, Padre is more of a dork than ME.  And that's saying something.

After about a year of living at my parents' house, when school starts I am going to MOVING there.  It is so hard.  I know that sounds stupid.  What is the difference? 

The difference is that all this time I have had this thing in my mind "I don't really live here.  I'm just visiting. I'm going to go home when I get better.  Things will get back to normal."  But now... it's just too expensive.  I haven't been able to work, so my parents have been just letting me keep the apartment.  But school is going to cost us so much, my family needs the money for my place.  And any money I CAN make needs to go towards school, not an apartment.  So I am going to pack up all my stuff...

No, that's not even true.  I am going to pack up a fraction of my stuff and give a lot of it to DI.  Because there's nowhere to keep it.  I am not excited to go through my things.  I mean, I bought them all for a reason.  Why would I get something I DIDN'T want?!  UGH. I hate getting rid of things.

I just finished Marrying Malcom Murgatroyd, and am going to start a new book on tape to sleep to.  Not sure what yet. Oh okay, The Invention of Hugo Cabret It sounds interesting and yes I am totally judging book by it's cover,. Or, mostly, it's title. But whatever, at least I have an audiobook to keep me half-entertained during my insomnia.  In the bath, I am still reading (paper copy) Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian.

I admit when I go to the library for audiobooks I just pick out interesting sounding titles.  I have to have SOME noise to fall asleep to. If I fall asleep at all. Lately it's been after 5 am. :(


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You've got my numb-er

I am watching Fable the Chinchilla going to town on a piece of cholla wood as my Loritab sets in at last.  I had to go to the dentist today.  NOT Dr. Voldemort, thank goodness.  I cried as I walked in I was so scared.  We told him about the numbing stuff not working but he was sure it would.  I was so afraid I was shaking the whole time.  But it worked, it is a REALLY good thing it did because I needed a small dental surgery.  They cut into the outside of the gums and cut away the bottom of the roots and then stitched it up.  It hurts a lot now, but it had to be done and I GOT NUMB!  I am so grateful.  I am still not sure what happened last time. I was in a lot of pain before going and sometimes if you hurt enough that can make it hard to get numb, so maybe that was it, but it was just crazy.

But now the numbing is definitely wearing off and so I have to be on heavy pain meds.  The stitches in my mouth are kind of bugging the heck out of me, though. And meds are making me tired. I hate them.  But I am also very thankful for them. I just wish they didn't make me feel tired and nauseous.

I feel a little like a vet tech already.  Clementine has retained shed on her eyes.  It is really bad and can lead to infection.  So every day I have to rub her eyeballs with saline solution from my glider 1st aid kit we made at Mountain West Pocket Critters Conference.  Trying to soften the eyecap.  She hates it so much, but I want her to be able to see.  She is having trouble hunting and eating.  But it is really taking a step back taming her.  I mean how is she suposed to like me when I am poking her in the eye every day?! I don't blame her.