Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowman Decoration... OF DEATH!!!!! (In case you were at a loss of what to get me for Christmas)

I haven't felt like writing lately.

On the bright side, none of my Christmas decorations have started anything on fire.

Jumbo snow globes + sunlight = consumer hazard

Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:33pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some 7,000 jumbo-sized snow globes were recalled by Hallmark Cards Inc. because the holiday decorations can act as a magnifying glass when exposed to sunlight and ignite nearby combustible materials, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Tuesday.

The snowman-shaped snow globes were sold in October and November at Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide for about $100 each.

The consumer agency said Hallmark has received two reports of the snow globes igniting nearby materials but no injuries have been reported.

Consumers who bought the snow globes, which measure 11 by 12 by 17 inches (28 by 30 by 43cm), should immediately remove them from exposure to sunlight and return to a Hallmark Gold Crown store for a full refund.

Details about the recall were posted at the government agency's web site at: here

(Reporting by Julie Vorman; Editing by Bill Trott)


I'd want a refund now if I bought one and I COULDN'T get a decent fire started.

Eventually I really WILL write about our trip to Vegas, seeing the tigers and dolphins, KA, Blue Man Group, and getting my new frog. But for now, just be glad that snowman isn't after you.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Feast with the Beasts (AND with the BEST[cousins]!)


This was a GREAT Thanksgiving. Thanks to the awesomeness of my Cousins, Animals, and the letter Y. Okay, not the letter Y.

For the past week I haven't even known for sure WHERE we were having Thanksgiving. It's been all "Oh, in Vegas with [Uncle J and Aunt J]" (Padre's favorite brother) one day then "We'll stay here and invite [Ostlparkwells] over here"(meaning Mom's favorite sister, Aunt Clare & Uncle Lynn/T-La & Les and their 3 adorable boys, Gabe, Caleb, and Elijah/Megs & Jakey/and probably Uncle-who's-not-really-our-Uncle Pat). So even though I kept pressing for REAL PLANS I got none, So I had to plan for either... like trying to get together a hotel workable travel cage for the suggies. And Nani was sick and on twice daily meds. Only weather seemed to be a major factor with Vegas. BUT having just moved to the new house, that seemed a stressful thing if we stayed. I just kept trying to get firm plans so I could KNOW where we were. And I kept trying to get a promise of if we are in Vegas, to go to the Secret Garden again to see the tigers and lions and dolphins and such. And if we DIDN'T go to Vegas to take everyone to the ZOO! Because I have been mounting a campaign to go to the zoo for a WHILE and zoos are more fun with people. Especially little people. But I really didn't know the plans for SURE till the day before and the AWESOME Ostleparkwells had us over THERE and PLUS ALSO I didn't know that it was a SPECIAL zoo day... Feast with the Beasts!

I am sorry to say, we missed some of it (Like the cool stuff on this video :O( )because of my stupidness in waking up. I really hate that about me A LOT. BUT we still got to see a lot of fun things. We saw the elephants squishing little (meaning NORMAL sized) pumpkins and eating them, black bears eating veggies out of turkey pinatas, the tiger completely snubbing a meat-filled pumpkin in true cattitude, etc. It was awesome! And the little boys had LOTS of cute comments. Because, well, they are cute.

We arrived at Hogle Zoo and picked up the schedule of the feeding. We started rushing down to the Black Bears which were being fed right then BUT got distracted by the fact that the elephants were smooshing pumpkins and eating them! It was so cute!

(Meggy and I later decided that Pumpkin would be a really great name FOR an elephant. We didn't know they liked them so much! But they seemed to really think they were delicious!)

Anyway, when we got to the Black Bears we realized a few things. First of all, that the "featured" animal being fed meant it was REALLY hard to get close and so it was hard for the kiddlets to see them and second of all, that the bears were NOT being fed turkey. Instead, they were being fed veggies and stuff in a Turkey-shaped pinata! The first part was disappointing, but the second part was funny. (The second part was disappointing to PADRE who kept saying they should feed the carnivores LIVE turkeys. Umm, yeah, like THAT wouldn't traumatize the children for life! YIKES!!! Besides, I think the bears (omnivores) seemed plenty impressed with their carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.)The whole time Caleb kept saying he wanted to see the "crocodiles and alligators." He told me they were his favorite animal. We THOUGHT they were in a certain exhibit that we kept passing so we were very glad to see a couple lazy little crocodiles in the reptile house. However, for all his excitement, apparently, Caleb was really SCARED of them. He kept asking us about the glass and touching it to be sure it was still THERE (thank you, Harry Potter.) He stared at them very bravely, though, for a LONG time. He also whispered, very seriously to me, "I think THAT crocodile is LOOKING AT ME."
"Are you sure, Caleb?"
He nodded, looking a little terrified.
"well, would you like to leave?"
"Okay. We can keep watching them."
THEN, one of the crocs (the one NOT looking at him) actually moved. Caleb leaped back towards Megan pretty quickly. He DID go back up though... after checking the glass again since "that one came over closer to us!"

I think he was pretty proud of his bravery. So was I, and well, it was pretty dang cute.

One of our favorite animals was the Tiger. Part of the reason Megs and *I* loved it so much was because of how sad the old "cat house" used to make us when the Tiger would just pace around inside looking miserable and how much happier he looks now. Also he is just a BEAUTIFUL animal. I love that cat!!!!

We was just so... chill. Like, oh, no problem that you are all watching me... I think I will just siddle up to the glass and take a nice COOOOOOL bath. Ahhh.

Awesome awesome awesome.

Aaaand... Rinny randomly started dancing by the carousel while the boys had a potty break. And so did Padre. Scary.

ANYWAY, moving on...

The Ape House was hilarious. The little boys AND the apes were both adorable. There was a Gorilla, I think it was, and he had a blanket over it's head like it was sulking or something. Little Eli goes, "I think he's saying 'I'm in time out.'" We cracked up, but so did random strangers who passed the quote around and just cooed over his cuteness.

And then we watched Acara the UBER DARLING baby orangutan show off like crazy. She stood on a bucket, put hay IN a bucket, did somersaults, made faces... everything RIGHT in front of us, like LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME! I AM SOOOO CUTE! (She is right. She IS.)

*sigh* I SOOO love apes.

I also loved when the drinking fountain didn't work, but still got THIS expectant face.

And when we rode the Zoofari Express and Gabe wore a conductor hat.

And when Eli thought he was Hercules pushing that ball in the water.
The zoo was just a really fun time all around. I already want to go back. BUT by this time we were all really ready for T-La's EXTRORDINARY sweet potatoes. (and, for some reason, Mac&Cheese?) so we left and played the funniest game of "Eye Spy" I have ever heard in my LIFE. Adults included.

"..do YOU know what it is anymore, Caleb?" "Umm... I'll go again."

"..something Goldenrod..."


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vanishing Introspection/Tirade

So, apparently a post I wrote which was sort of even spiritual has disappeared. So I am annoyed. Because I really don't feel like rewriting it thank you very much. Long story short, it was about BoyKid's bestfriend JT coming home from a Mission, his little bro leaving on one and how a friend© I looked up to because of her high levels of quality funny has left the Church over Prop 8. (I am pretty sure there is much more to it than that, but that is the very very sad gist)

I am just not up to re-writing. Sorry. BUT, I so love little kids. And my baby bro. THE END. *sigh*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pieces of Eight

Pilfered from T-La

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch
1. The Office
2. Heroes
3. Chuck
5. Perry Mason
6. Gilmore Girls
7. It's Me or the Dog

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. Went to the Doctor *sigh*
2. Texted back and forth with a "Koda Bear" who has been doing so off and on, like, a year, and he asked me OUT. I said maybe sometime. But I probably won't. Because he is kinda weird. I've never met him. It is WEIRDER, somehow, than online. Texting some stanger out of the blue. SERIOUSLY. Who does that?!
3. Went to the pool and swam a bit
4. Watched Chuck and Heroes.
Felt like CRAP.
6. Started drinking the barium "smoothie" (vile stuff!) for today's CT scan of my stomach.
7. Tried very hard not to throw up said "smoothie."
8. Prayed a lot for a lot of people. <:O( See Wishlist, I guess.

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. China Bowl (BEST. Egg Drop Soup. Ever. Even if she is the Soup Nazi of Chinese Restaurants. "Yeah, can we get Lemon Chicken Dinner to go?" "NO. You had that too many time. You have something different today. You have
Coconut Shrimp. You like." "Oh thanks, that sounds good, but..." " NO LEMON CHICKEN. You Have Shrimp! You like! Very good!")
2. Macaroni Grill (Shrimp and Pine Nut Portofino, hold the mushrooms, please!.... mmmmm.... and the BREAD.)

3. Betos
4. Skipper's (too bad it's GONE!)
5. that Brazilian place on State Street that has the cheese rolls sold seperatley. Mmmm... I want some NOW.
6. Cafe Rio (Pork Salad!)
Target (Yes, THAT Target. They have Sushi.)
8. Cold stone. I like to eat at coldstone. Does having ice cream for dinner count? <---YES. It Counts, because ME TOO!!!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To

1. The 2nd Coming
2. being healthy and DONE with all doctors, tests and meds.
3. the Holidays
Ooh, one of those cookies my mom is making for someone else. Hmmm...
5. taking a bath
6. The next Heroes (yes, I AM that big of a geek)
7. My Baby Bro Spencer coming home from his mission
8. Thanksgiving Dinner (with the Ostleparkwells... or some Tigers. If we are home we are definitely having it with T-La and Megs and their Fam. But we MAY be in Vegas. If that is the case I am pushing to go back to the Secret Garden. I swear, am p
acking a lunch and staying the WHOLE DAY in there. I love those cats.)

8 Things on My Wish List

1. For an online friend of mine who once was looking into the LDS Church to do so again and feel the truth of the gospel and mostly how it could HELP his life.
2. That those who are so full of HATRED about Proposition 8 in California could just... CHILL and have softer hearts. Disagreeing is one thing. For me it was hard to stand behind Prop 8 100% because I have friends and FAMILY who I love dearly that struggle with SSA. I knew this would hurt them. BUT I know that the leaders of the church SPEAK FOR THE LORD. And for whatever reason, they have asked us to take a stand on this cause. And, honestly, if it's causing THIS MUCH of a fight... mobs attacking temples and stuff, then, it must be super important.
But I just wish the contention would STOP. Why is it ANGER and screaming and picketing? I just think of sadness...
3. My home was clean and organized...
4. And that I was LIVING there. :OP
5. I wish could get healthy. Get a healthy weight so my dumb diabetes under control. Especially now, because, oh, my doctor thinks I may SORT OF have TYPE ONE Diabetes as well as Type 2. Like little kid Diabetes. Just not really bad. How crazy is that? Anyway, losing 100 lbs would be REALLY great.
a Ferret. He is adorable and I love him. He is silver and white, and follows me around the cage in Petco, and snuggles with me. But I can't have him. But this is a WISH list dang it all!
7. Hey, while I am wishing for things I can't have, how about a funny, cute boy that likes me and DOESN'T live far away, etc.?
8. Money. Or at least a job that I like that gives me more of it. *sigh*

8 People I Tag

Umm... you... eight.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Friends and Wandering in the Desert

Friday was pretty awesome as as a fairly last minute thing I got to go up and play with CC in honor of her birthday. YAY! It included CC, Mali, Kami, Scooter, Zach (one of the DesignBoys), and 2 Roomies that I can't remember names for, and Me going for garlic burgers at Cotton Bottoms (it's a bar, but ALL of us just had Cokes. Well, all in our party. Not all in the bar. But that would be a bit much to ask.)

Then we went to Fat Cats and after deciding not to bowl we played in the arcade. Mali was, of course, DDR queen. I played Scooter in air hockey at least 5 times. And yeah, he creamed me mostly. CC and Kami mostly did ski-ball and won Superman tattoos with their tickets. They were just plotting to stick them on their boobs when they let me in on their secret society, too. So I went and got ME some super cool tats as well. ;) YAY FOR SUPER BOOBS! I have such awesome (and awesomely dorky) friends.

I admit, I am not nearly as good as making friends as I am at TAKING them... borrowing my friend's friends. But I love my friends' friends.

Not remotely related, but moving onward and... DOWNWARD... I am totally sick today. I have had a cold the past little while and I went to the doctor this morning fearing a sinus infection. Well, yeah, I was right, but the doctor was worried about some other things, like me being really tired, and weak and flushed and stuff, and he did a blood test and the infection had shot my sugar up high and once I was home he called me rather quick with my results.
Ketoacidosis. He told me if I didn't want to go to ER I had to stay in bed, drink a LOT, and use the fast acting insulin to get regulated and FAST. Basically I feel like crap because my stupid body seems to think I am lost, wandering in the desert. Therefore I am weak, dizzy, dehydrated and burning up my muscles instead of carbs or fat. My muscles are cramping up from lack of electrolytes and all that. Yes, my body is STUPID.

And yes, that Superman is TOTALLY singing Karaoke.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Fave Five... Can one week HOLD this much hilarity?!

The following things totally made me smile this week.

1. I was watching this show and yes, I am embarrassed to admit it because it is really stupid. It is called something like Get Paris a BFF and consists of various contests to eliminate people from being Paris Hilton's Best Friend. WHY these people would want to be her friend I do not know because, seriously, every time she TALKS it reconfirms to me that that chick has NO SOUL!!! I can only assume they are just after her money and she gives them things through out the contest... and I don't even feel BAD for her that these people want her for her fame and fortune because again, I do not think she has a soul. I think she is empty inside. I think if you got to know her, really know the real her deep down... THERE WOULD BE NOTHING. It is creepy. ANYWAY, that is not what made me smile. In the midst of this, one of the things I guess they decided to send them home for was being too fake (okay that DID make me smile. Because Paris is so real and down to earth... but anyway...) and so they were having PEREZ Hilton, this very queeny gay reporter guy grill them about things in an interview.

So he starts going after this chick saying that everyone thinks she is stupid, is she really stupid and her answer, totally unscripted was, " Well, umm, I don't know, I mean, I know I'm not like a rocket surgeon, but..."

And yes, Perez (and it sounded like some camera guy) cracked up. I am sure clip show people were running around screaming "COMEDY GOLD!" because *I* about died. A ROCKET SURGEON?! THAT IS AWESOME!!!! A brilliantly retarded blend of "it's not rocket science" and "he's no brain surgeon" that just made me smile for hours.

2. Rinny has 2 boyfriends, and she can't decide between them. They are SkaterHot and The 12 Year Old. She thinks she truly likes them both equally. She MIGHT like SkaterHot more were it not for the fact that he does NOT dance and 12 Year Old DOES. And they dance weekly. So she goes out with SkaterHot, like 3 times a week, but dances with 12 Year Old every week as well. Does NOT make for smooth sailing in Boyville. BUT it did spark a need to look up Safety Dance on YouTube so we could hear it. And then realize we had never seen the video. And then proceed to laugh and laugh for several hours and watch it 8 times and dance to the video and have my mother wonder what her daughters had taken. OH MY HEART.
Have you SEEN the video?!

3. THEN we needed to watch our favorite bad video 10 times, copy it and laugh till I almost threw up and remember how much BoyKid loves it! Another true TRUE gem.

4. Chatting with the boy I have a slight crush on despite a few issues, BrazilianVampire. He's not uber active, but he is trying to do better. He's a little too desperate/fast for me (like really wants to fly me down for New Years). BUT he is also funny, smart, super cute, hard working, and generally just a very good guy. His dad was a mission president in Brazil (Campinas mission 92-95), and he has family both there in Brazil and in Utah. (and yes, he is legit. I mean I don't KNOW him, like really, but I do know he is a real LDS guy with a Mission president dad and a less active mom who is a SAHM and all that... who is not a scammer) Anyway, Chatting with him has been really fun. I have missed... well... being liked back. I don't know that anything will come of it. Probably not. I mean that's a long LONG distance relationship. But STILL... maybe?

Maybe. I do VERY like him.

5. I have happy friends. It is almost CC's birthday and therefore you should totally buy a subscription to the magazine Wasatch Women! Because... ummm... it's probably not boring if you are into that sort of thing! And CC designs it! W00t!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How far will Kipluck drive to Get fried balls of dough? TO THE CAPITAL BUILDING!!!!

Yeah. So this week some major ups and downs. First a silly tidbit. Rinny and I had to be at the UEA Convention for work plugging or Field Trips, trying to get high schoolers into The Fairchild Challenge, networking with groups who might give our kids some events to go to for their "Environmental Immersion day," and collecting an inordinate amount of free pencils and whistles. Woohoo! Anyway, after that I really wanted to splurge and get something yummy. As in hush puppies and fish at Long John Silver's which I was pretty sure there WAS on State Street in the Sandy to Salt Lake area. So I figured I would just drive till I saw one.

Well, after awhile even though I pretty much knew there was no way there was a Long John Silver's on that street, it was like playing Chicken with myself. I WAS going to drive the whole street. And so, yeah, ended up at the Capitol Building to take pictures. hee hee!

I love the Lions. And the other statues. And the funky angles (I just adore architecture anyway)! And the random Spanish lady asking me if the Brigham Young in the capitol was the same as the prophet. (Si.).

So, that was Friday and some silliness. Earlier in the week was a bit more emotional.

First, there was Josie. The very first person who called ended up being the PERFECT person for her. A young Grandma who wanted her as a cherished pet. She will live with kids and grandkids to play with (which is much better than goats and sheep who she never really liked and with whom, well, she was the lowest on the totem pole. See how she ate?
This was how she ate EVERY DAY. UNDER the trough, picking at crumbs. MY PRINCESS should NOT have to grovel for food!) Josie is a PEOPLE Goat. She thought she WAS a human kid and liked playing with the neighbor girls (my mom's surrogate grandchildren). Also, Josie HATED the cold and wet and would have been miserable in the snow and yuckiness, especially with less people to visit her... and now she will have attention everyday with a warm goat house (and a lady who admitted she will probably end up inside the house more often than not this winter!) and her fluffy dog bed again. And all this farm stuff is moot anyway since they were going to sell her and who knows who'd buy her! But probably not someone THIS AWESOME.

Even with those scriptures about sheep and goats that now make me purse my lips a bit Heavenly Father surely answers prayers for little goats. I know he did. My mom and I were praying so hard and then this lady... and she hugged me 3 times when she met Josie and told me how beautiful and perfect she was (and she IS but I am glad SHE knew!) and told me all about her missionary son and hugged me again and talked so sweet to Josie and she was just... PERFECT. She is EXACTLY an answer to prayer. Pretty much the only way God could have topped this was to make this better was to magically give ME my own farm to keep Josie on.

But He's not Santa Claus or the Genie... He's Heavenly Father. And He obviously loves his GOATS as much as His SHEEP after all.

(Which totally reminds me of a story I am putting in the other blog. YES. A church story about Goats. Kinda. Hee hee!)

But I sure will miss her.

Then I went to my house (because sometimes I try to visit my OWN house and take care of things (even though my awesome roomie is caring for everyone) to make ME feel better.) after a trip to the Pet Store. I was missing Josie and decided to just poor that into my other pets. So I decided my little gerbil Boo needed some spoiling and hadn't got a new chewing treat in awhile. So I bought it and went home to her... to find her dead.

She had JUST died. The Roomie had seen her acting just fine just the night before. I had to pet her to even be sure she WAS dead because she looked just asleep, but not responding to my voice. I started crying so hard. There were some of those tears in there for missing Josie. But truly, Boo was the BEST Gerbil.

Most gerbils hide when people tap on the glass. BooBonic came out of hiding when you tapped. She would come to the top level to visit you. She would often follow the dogs in her ball. The Roomie works with the disabled, and her main client, J, loved Boo. She never once bit him or anyone else, not in her whole life with me. He loved to help care for her and it was part of his routine. Boo actually became the smallest animal in their Pet Therapy Program! She was so patient with children and the disabled. She was active to the end. She never slowed down or was arthritic. She got a few grey hairs, but other than that, she was very healthy as an old gerbil. I know she likely died of old age... she looked just like she was sleeping. When I burried her, she looked like she was sleeping still. I marked her grave with a stone painted like a pumpkin for one of Rinny's TV spots, then labeled with her name and dates.

She was sweet and funny and a WONDERFUL gerb. I will miss her terribly.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Heart: FOR SALE

I got a call today. Josie is being sold. Many of the babies were sold together, cheap, and maybe as meat. WeatheredLeatheredFarmLady called to let me know she had saved Josie aside for NOW to offer her to me first.

I said yes. I will buy her.

YOU guys know I can't have her.

Where would she go? She is so loud... and so, well, ILLEGAL. But she is MY LITTLE GIRL. I can not let someone take her who will not keep her as a pet.... preferably a wonderfully SPOILED one. So here it is. The KSL ad for my "daughter"... it's like giving her up all over again.

Oh, and also, speaking of Josie, this cracked me up... I was looking for something about work (Oh, about Rinny. Because she is on TV for a few minutes every other week at least right now. Wednesday Mornings every other week on channel 14 at 10 am I think... and then on Good Things UT on 4 or 5 whatever channel that is, randomly. But Yeah.) and randomly saw a picture in some strangers blog of Josie Pie. Made me proud of her.

p.s. look at the pictures on my ad. The captions are awesome. They are for Josie. Because SHE is awesome. The best goat EVER.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

bad bad bad day

Are you SURE we Mormons aren't supposed to drink? Because today would totally be the type to come home, crash, and do so. I have a split lip. A boy threw up on the tractor. I am covered in hives for some reasons. And if Mr. Rogers had as much trouble with his trolley driver as we have with ours, he's have ripped off that inside sweater in rage and beat the thing the little red plastic shards with one of his leather, outside shoes.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cutting things short

A Few Short Notes:

*My ulcer makes my stomach hurt so bad today I could cry.

*Got my hair cut short today. I may also do highlights. But for now, a bit shorter.

*I loved playing with my silly little goat on Tuesday. I miss her. She is so dang cute.

*I WASN'T disappointing with the Season premier of Heroes. BUT I understand those who were. I mean, How can you not feel a little let down after a build up like that? A freaking COUNT DOWN SHOW?! Geez! But still... yay! Heroes!

*I am going to be driving Tractor rides a ton during Barnyard Boo this month. SIGH.

*I will be seeing a rheumatologist in Salt Lake soon. Maybe, finally they will figure things out. Sed rate things... and help my Fibro more... maybe.

*BoyKid is completely hilarious. I mean, you know, his letters. I miss him.

*I need to go to bed. Night.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

P.S. (Proposal -o-Sunday) it gets worse

OH. my. HECK.

So, apparently I missed part of that story. The "friend" the Dork was on the date with when he fell for the friend he would later propose to in our house? RINN. She is in full hostess mode and throwing the ice cream party. But, Yeah. That means that dork is proposing to the girl in the house of the OTHER GIRL'S parents. Wow.

I was laughing so hard at Rinny as I was telling her I felt bad for her that I am not sure she believed I was sincere. Which was too bad because she was being really nice at the time.


Friday, September 19, 2008

He is coming here to PROPOSE tomorrow!

Did that get your attention!? Okay. GET THIS. At some point one of Rinny's friends was on a date with some dork at one of her parties at the Padres' house (pool table, big screen... you know.). Well, Dork ends up liking ANOTHER of Rinny's friends at the party (it happens. Fine.) and later asks her out to a dance blah blah blah. WELL, fast forward however many months that was they are going to get married. He wants to propose to her the first place he MET her... yeah OUR HOUSE (where he was on a date with someone else?!).

Umm... D'oookay? Now this is JUST MY OPINION. But seriously. I think proposing at my house, like upstairs at the pool table is a bit NOT romantic. Especially considering, you know, it's our house. But whatever. AND we are having another ice cream party to "set the scene" and then we all disapear for the big moment. I just think it is kinda tacky.

If you know who I mean, don't tell. (Not that anyone does... well, maybe you, Bobbie.) But still... come on, my parent's pool table room?!

p.s. I just got back from the hospital because I ended up getting driven HOME from work. Leaving my car there. I feel like crap. Ican't move because of my back and a stomach thing (ulcer). This is a BAD BAD BAD day. But still... the proposal is QUALITY freakin humor.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well, Color me Starstruck! (Now with Music Videos! (I'm like MTV before they were all about RealityTV Shows!))

YAY a weekend that didn't completely suck!

I was having such a hard time. Hurting a lot and crying so much. When Rinny kept reminding me of the Colors concert I admit I WANTED to go, but... I was not so excited. Last year's was emotionally hard, and the chairs weren't looking too great for my pain. Plus, I was just feeling so... alone. I had left a message for Megs to come, too, but got no answer, and figured SHE was having a week like mine and not up to going... or even answering her phone (which I REALLY understand as any of my friends no when I go into non-communication mode know.).

But then she called and Rinny persuaded us both to go! WOOHOO! With my Meggy! And Rinny, who organized this... and bankrolled this... so I really like at present. Yeah, sometimes I totally *heart* me sis.

And it was SO GOOD! (unlike the pictures!)

Even the opener. A chick named Stephanie Smith. Her song "Fragile Sometimes"? Talk about relating to lyrics. Pretty much my theme song at present. (not a fan of the puppet song though because I was in a really GIGGLY mood and it was serious and I kept thinking hand puppet. It's not. It's a string puppet. But hand puppets are FUNNY. Oh and crickets. Because we had a debate about Pinocchio verses Mulan. (Rinny was right. It WAS Pinocchio (OH! HEY! PUPPETS! I GET IT! I was on Loritab that night, just FYI. Blame drugs.) but Me and Megs were just slow. (and on drugs, in my case))) (Wow. THREE parentheses.)

Plus... and on a completely non-music related note, she had a MONA LISA ON HER SKIRT. And it made me covet it. I want her skirt. (Am I now a skirt chaser?)

But the concert? GOOD GOOD GOOD! The boys were fantastic and funny and great. The Hollywood bass dude the brought in was not so much (but I totally dug his OWN song! Can't remember it, but wish I could... something about next 15 in a row? Anyway, HILARIOUS and GOOD voice!) but I like my Colors boys the WAY THEY ARE.

But new songs is okay. Just the same pure sounds. MmmmHmmm... but enough of this ONCE A YEAR nonsense. FULL-ON COME BACK. Come on. NEW KIDS are even back. Can't you fully come back with MORE gigs? You KNOW the fans would come. The Sandy City Amphitheater was sold out, at the very least. And Rinny, Meg, and I... we will ALWAYS love you. Even though you ARE all married... and have kiddlets. And Megs is married too. Whatever. WE ARE THE SUPER GROUPIES!!!!

It was awesome. We sat with Brian's sister and a bunch of nieces and nephews and other fans so our insane cheering didn't look too out of place... we just looked like cousins or something!

In very Paparazzi fashion, this is Brian's Sister and nephew next to us. (Don't worry they actually loved us because we screamed and talked with us about football and crushing ankles and stuff (don't ask, I am a psycho.))

Also, after, I totally talked to Brian's SUPER cute barely 5 year old little boy because he wanted a hug from his daddy and the crowd of fans would not let him through and neither my Teacher mode NOR my obsessed fan mode would allow that so I MADE them move so he could hug his dad and ride on his shoulders. Pretty dang adorable. SIGH. So yeah. SUPER GROUPIES!

And I love my cousin and sister so much. This was a cute shot of Megs. Not so much of me, but I kept it anyhow, because, I liked her face. :OD
(Can you tell she married a TEXAN?! hee hee hee!)

The seats were still hard for my back, but I used an ice pack the whole time.

The only bad thing is I did not make it to even sacrament today. And that is NOT good at ALL. They have moved it earlier. This is not not not not a good thing for me having a hard time. Keep me in your prayers. I know that sounds like a lame thing to pray for, but I want to go. I really do. And it helps the week go better. Even just one hour of church.

Bleh. I am no good at Sundays.

OH OH OH! P.S. VIDEOS!!! Lookie!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Luxurious? I say Neigh! (Bad pun. I know. I hurt. Shut up.)

When I have physical therapy I pretend I am going to a luxurious spa and gym. I mean, there is massage involved, even if instead of scented candles there is electrical stimulation thingies zapping the heck out my muscles. After the "spa" they send me to the "gym" to work out on machines and swim in the [therapy] pool. I can usually keep this game up in my head pretty well (which is nice for my mood since therapy HURTS) except for this recent addiction between the "spa" and the "gym." They have started me on Lumbar Traction. Strapping me to a table and mostly just putting the thing ON me, like they are saddling a horse, then, well, stretching me out. Hard to pretend any spa does THAT. Some creepy... pony... spa. Ouch.