Friday, January 5, 2007

Resolutions... How 'Bout It?

I have been blogging my brains out the last few days. I know it doesn't look it, but the thing is I am STILL writing about my family's trip to Hawai'i! I am almost done writing it... but then I have a zillion pictures to share.... ("Slide show... boring! Losing... Consciousness!" ~The Tick) so I am still working on it. Because dang it all, this may be my blog, but I ALSO print it out and it goes in my JOURNAL. So I can't skimp on Hawai'i even if all y'all have no real interest in reading it, I am compelled to write it for myself. Whether it is more because I am a closet Molly Mormon or a wannabe author I am not sure, but the result is the same: The Library of Skittles Deferred gets a dose of Hawaiian Punch. Okay, random tangent, but do you remember those commercials where the little guy jumps out and hits people? I am pretty sure they had those and I didn't dream them... Did I? I think those were real. And violent! Only now I am not sure I didn't imagine them. I need to check YouTube.

Anyway... Now, for my Resolutions of 2007!
Once again I go to my favorite goal-making scripture Luke 2:52 (My favorite goal-ACCOMPLISHING scripture is Philippians 4:13). Talking about the way the Savior improved himself as a young man it says only "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and favour with God and man."

So those are my categories to improve in... Wisdom (Intellectual), Stature (Physical), Favor with God (Spiritual), and Favor with Man (Social). I have about a gazillion things to improve in in all those things, but if I have them ALL I won't do ANY, and so it is better just to do a few (and then make new resolutions later on in the year). So, here are mine:


1. I will get a tutor and re-enroll in ASL classes and make strides toward getting my interpreter's license. I will practice DAILY.
2. I will get a job so that my parents have to help me as little as possible
3. I will cook at least one real food from a real *recipe* per week
4. I will begin working on a real-ish online portfolio for professional illustration of children's books and possibly start trying to get in with Cricket (because it is my favorite magazine ever) or other real companies.
5. I will write either: a poem, a chunk of any story, some piece of atypical prose (ie: not a normal blog) once a week, either on paper or in blog, whatever.


1. I will be much more careful about sticking to the meal plans set up by my dietitian and meds in order to control my Diabetes.
2. I will eat wise choices (see above) and exercise more days than I do not, mostly water aerobics, with the end goal of being healthier and losing about 75 pounds, but with the emphasis on the HEALTH not the actual weight. But yeah. 75.
3. I will continue to fight the depression that seems so overwhelming in trying to deal with the headache thing (Now officially-ish diagnosed as Occipital Neuralgia) by being an active part in my health care and searching for answers and doctors. Also I will take the meds I am supposed to even when I feel sad and don't feel like it.
4. I will drink a LOT more water.
5. I will use the awesome resource of support that is my friends.
6. I will fit into cute t-shirts with web comics on them. I know that sounds dumb, but seriously, I don't. Not the girl ones... the "babydoll raglan" or whatever they are. I want to.
7. I will have a Bed Time and I will ENFORCE IT even if I am bored and laying in bed doing nothing.

Favor with God

1. I will read scriptures everyday. Even if it's just, like, A scripture some days. Yeah.
2. I will pray every morning and night and meals... aloud if I am alone. I haven't prayed aloud alone in awhile. But Fresno was just talking about that, and saying how it was so much easier to not let your mind drift off that way, and he is way right. Actually, I have to admit, the boy is way too good for me.
3. I will take the sacrament more seriously.
4. I will actually try to do my visiting teaching... sometimes.
5. I will do my calling or get brave and talk to the Bishop about not having it. I will try to do it first, either way.
6. I will go to the Temple at least once a month
7. When BoyKid goes on his mission I will write him something spiritual at least once a month.

Favor with Man

1. I will get my house in order by establishing good habits with FlyLady. That way I can be happier and healthier and friends can come over more and party!
2. I will learn to kiss. ;O)
3. I will try harder to know and remember peoples' birthdays and at least text them happy birthday so even if I am broke they will know I am thinking of them.
4. I will get in contact with at least 5 friends from high school or college that are worth re-meeting.

Enough Resolving... Resoluting? Anyway, whatever it is, enough of it. I need to go to bed. You will see Hawai'ian Vacation pics and blogging soon! HOPEFULLY tomorrow!

Ah! You see? I feel vindicated now.


  1. I do that too -- resolutions in different categories. Although, I will now have to adopt your resolution scripture. :)

  2. good idea! maybe I should make some resolutions... I have some "goals" in my journal... but... yeah...


    See? Professional already with the yelling and stuff. ;)

    I think I'll adopt that scripture too!

  3. Because professionals express HOW professional they are by yelling. It is true. I have seen wall street on TV and played Pit.

  4. I never knew that strange red stuff on his head were antlers...I guess I always thought it was a straw hat gone terribly wrong. Oh and the reference to kids in high-tops is just too perfect!

    Good luck with the resolutions! You will do awesome!

  5. good luck with your resolutions! i bought Body Clutter and Sink Reflections yesterday. hopefully i'm on my way to FLYing, too.

    we can FLY together. :)

  6. I think that IS a hat... not antlers but that the cartoonist wasn't alive when the song dude wrote that. Seriously.

  7. Gurl,
    I'm with ya on ALL of those counts and I love that you have a scripture to reference it. You will do well, Holla if ya need some encouragement or just a good ol' laugh to keep your spirits high when your body is feeling low.