Tuesday, November 21, 2006


In 8 weeks I have never not had a headache.

U N T I L. N O W.

That's right, people. Today I DON'T HAVE A HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything ELSE hurts, but my head doesn't! And really, even if the pain just MOVES I am okay with that!

This morning I had a neurology appointment, usually fruitless, but this time, even though I HATE shots, my mom asked him if he might TRY a steroid injection right into the muscle to stop the spasming. And guess what... IT WORKED.

Is it a permanent solution? Of course not. Long term, I need well, a whole new healthy healthy self. And especially a stronger, more flexible neck. Which leads me to the NEXT appointment of the oh so doctory day...

I am now in a NEW Physical Therapy Program with a general Wellness program and joining a NEW Physician's Assisted Weight Loss Program! And today was the first of t
he new PT program. The had me lift a bucket with weights in it with my HEAD! And other such ouchy things, but they will help... I hope. But holy hannah I am hurting SO BAD NOW, my muscles are so damn sore!!!

But after water aerobics I was drained and SICK SICK SICK... one thing I did NOT think about with the shot? Puts my blood sugar levels through the roof and not even insulin brought it down.

So now I am temporarily ( ihopeihopeihope) on injections because the solution to one problem causes another. BLEH BLEH BLEH!!! But still... the HEADACHE is gone, so hey...

However, my day has not been ALL about meds and docs (HOORAY!!!)


Yeah, ever hear of CR England? Big Trucking Company? Yeah, well, look long and hard at that logo because guess who's making the new one?! That's right STEPH!
HOW PROUD AM I?! So proud. I have a famous friend. So watch for her art ALL OVER THE COUNTRY driving next to you!

And yes, I am SOOOOO twitterpated with Fresno. And he is coming! on! Friday! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! He is just so... NICE. So sweet. He worries about me when I am hurt or sad and worries about my future. He thinks I am funny. He thinks I am cute. He is fun and flirty and GOOD... very good. He is better at church stuff than me, making ME want to do better... BUT hasn't always been so doesn't make me feel like he doesn't understand. I don't know... I just can't explain it all. I just really really LIKE Richard. A LOT.

So.... what do you feel about, ummm... re-gifting... poems? Because I wrote a poem song thing, well, last year. About another boy. But it TOTALLY applies MORE to Fresno... so... ummm... yeah, can it be his? Or is that too weird?


I like to sip my milk from a sturdy Mason jar

I like watch folks at the store and wonder who they are

I like to name the lobsters in the tank, though they're for food

I like to read graffiti, even if I think it's rude.

But Mostly, I like you.

I like to buy a drink from local lemonade stands

I like to write to pen pals living in distant lands

I like to watch the tadpoles till they turn into frogs

I like to ignore joggers, but say Hello to their dogs

But Mostly, I like you.

You're almost all those good things that a girl like me needs

A crazy girl who reads much, star gazes and plants flower seeds

A boy who's almost silly as the girl writing this song

The girl she may just find she likes that boy her whole life long.


  1. Yay for no headaches! Boo for steroid-induced hyperglycemia (watch out for that in the future -- it'll probably happen every damn time). Yay for Richard! and cute poems that make me cry. *sniff*


  2. hee hee.... well it's more like a subsidiary of their company... but thanks. ;)hap

  3. AWWW.... Stewie, my poem made you CRY?!?!

  4. yeah ... it did. :) 'cuz ... i relate to it. not everything (naming the lobsters in the tank for one), but the gist of it. :)

  5. aww.... I WANT TO RELATE TO IT!!!

    maybe I do.... *sniff*