Friday, November 3, 2006

What are you gonna do now?!?!

I am so weirded out. I feel OLD. Today the fam asked me to help with some stuff ("okay, we bought a digital camera. Can you develop it for us and put it in our computer?") in preparing Spencer's "Papers." Why quote "paper"? Well, because the whole thing is now ONLINE!!! WACKY! He has been talking about his Papers a lot lately, and now, well, they are out of our hands. Spencer, my baby bro, is going to go on a mission. Weird weird WEIRD.

After he finished the "papers" (and finished making me erase a shadow on Photoshop. (Why the child can not have a SHADOW behind him I do not know. *rolls eyes*)) we went out to dinner to separate and Spencer treated us (with his cafeteria money) at Legends Grille. Had a very yummy sandwich there. Felt a little surrounded, though. hee hee!

The Padres are having a hard time with the idea of their last baby leaving the nest. Mom is just having a hard time with him even being 15 minutes away at school. But Dad is in this Family Fun Panic to play before he loses his friend. hee hee hee... Okay, yeah, I am mean. BUT it MAY mean that in addition to HAWAII for Christmas...

We are going to Disneyland for Thanksgiving!!!

Plans still may change (like, for instance if my dumb head isn't better *frets*) but HEY! (maybe) DISNEYLAND!!!


  1. sheesh... lucky. :-P I am jealous. I might have to give you money to buy me stuff. hee hee hee. your dad cracks me UP...

    my parents are going to Texas next weekend without me. Dad bought a TRUCK off the INTERNET.

  2. How fun! I am sooooo jealous!

    BTW: I love the look of your blog!

  3. I *love* that picture of Tinkerbell! Hahahaha, stuff that "fake" fairy's face. woo!

    "develop" digital pics? hilarious.

  4. No shadow? Only vampires don't have shadows.

  5. I like the idea that Spencer is a vampire. In a lot of ways it makes sense...always with the longer super conscience boy...hmm.

    I agree that it is rather weird for Spencer to have his papers in...but then again it was rather weird when Chandler put them in as well and he's almost home. Double weird.

    Man, have fun in Disneyland. I haven't been since I was 4...*sniffles* And all I remember were the creepy glowing eyes at the end of Pirates, the abonimable snowmen on the Materhorn...*sigh*

    Maybe I don't want to go to Disneyland.