Thursday, November 23, 2006


I should give thanks ALL the time I am blessed as can be, but now is the season for it, so here you go!

I am truly grateful for...

1. The time I spend talking with my mom during Water Aerobics.
2. Steroid injections finally working for my 8 week headache!!!
3. Spencer's mission call to Milan, Italy.
4. Kind and ADORABLE flirting from Fresno, pretty much the CUTEST boy who has EVER liked me mutually!
5. Kettle Corn
6. The "COBRA" plan of keeping insurance I got through that has probably kept me ALIVE this year. OH MY HECK. What a BLESSING!
7. Friends like Steph who is willing to listen to me whether I am babbling about boys or whatever... the mark of a true best friend. What would I do with out her on the other end of my IM?!
8. More peace in my mom's family with my grandma's passing, even after some trauma and drama my aunts and uncles are learning to talk to each other about it like grown ups.
9. Indoor Swimming Pools.
10. My BABIES! As in the Suggies. Seriously, they are my life. Have you seen how darling they are?
11. Entertainment that is actually FUNNY... ie: The Office.
12. Weight loss, though rare, is always fun. Especially when it STICKS. Yeah.
13. Having a good roomie. It's just nice not to worry about stuff.
14. The dogs. Yes, they are my roomie's. But they live here, too and I love these pups so much. They have hilarious personalities and they just crack me up. And of course, in addition to the dogs, the birds, my turtle, the gerbil, and the fish. I love having animals around me.
15. The number 7.
16. SoftLips.
17. FlyLady. I am TRYING. She is helping.
18. The gospel of Jesus Christ. Especially the basics. The parts that when the other stuff gets hard and I get shaky I can fall back on and start climbing back up again. Because I know Heavenly Father loves me... and so does his Son, Jesus Christ. Just remembering that, and keep on working toward them... following them. And following those that follow them better than me, because frankly, I am surrounded by fantastic examples.
19. Good DVDs that I can pop in while I am doing other stuff because I hate doing one thing at a time and... yeah. YAY for fun movies!
20. My parents supporting me financially through this really frustrating time of no work and no school since this health thing. With out them... well, I'd be really REALLY screwed. Because my savings is already almost gone ANYWAY even WITH help. (Hope nobody is counting on Christmas gifts!)
21. Clear-ish skin. It's true. I just don't really get zits much.
22. Tater tots and fry sauce. Yes, I know. I am such a Utahn.
23. Thick wheat bread for toasted cheese sandwiches
24. The Power of Preisthood Blessings, especially the direction given in Patriarchal Blessings.
25. Cranberry sauce.
26. Freedom and the United States of America!
27. Playing pool with the little cousins.
28. Jake's perfect devotion to Megs despite all odds, and the odds are often many! But HE is an awesome guy.
29. Megan being happy! Megan and her laugh! Megan and our countless private jokes.
30. Skittles... literally, but MOSTLY, figuratively. THE FRINGE WILL REAR AGAIN!!!!
31. Blogs of the most random people that are just fun to read!!!
33. British slang.
34. T-La the super mommy.
35. Also, Les, the super dad... and whatever genetic recipe gave the world THOSE 3 BOYS!!!!
36. Geeks!
37. My mission in Texas and the experiences there. Even the bad ones. I learned stuff. If nothing else, to LAUGH!!! If you don't laugh you cry. So very VERY VERY true.
38. BOOKS. Good literature.... reading... the BEST. I am such the hopeless bibliophile. I admit it. I helpless to resist a good Once Upon a Time....
39. Sugar-Free drinks that don't taste like it.
40. The IDEA of upside-down kisses from Spiderman. Are they really that great? Probably not. But come on now... Hmmmmm.... CURSE YOU TV, FOR PLAYING SPIDERMAN RIGHT NOW!!! Sigh. I LOVE this movie.
41. Well-trained and well-performed massage.
42. I am so grateful that I am not FORCED to watch ANY of these new holiday movies coming up. HOLY STUPID!
43. A working (most of the time) car. Even if my Jeep is pretty busted, it GOES.
44. History.
45. My hair growing back after Alopecia (this time, at least *knock on wood*)
46. Pumpkin ________ (Seeds, Pancakes, Rolls, Cookies, etc.)
47. A house full of house plants.
48. Brave men and women who join the armed forces, especially those in my family.
49. Scriptures.
50. Talented music people. Not ME, but people that ARE.
51. Cute boys.
52. My cell phone, especially text messaging.

(I really planned on being grateful for, like, 100 things. But I am tired of typing... and it is turning into the day AFTER Thanksgiving. So, I will just say:


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  1. sure.... be grateful for text messaging when you don't even answer them!!! hee hee