Saturday, November 25, 2006

Centeni-post and I'm in Deep Smit!

So it is my 100th post! And I have a ton to tell! But I don't want to type it all!

And I can't! Stop! Using! Exclamation! Points!!!!!

So, Friday it was late afternoon when Fresno arrived at the door of my parents' house and I was SOOOOOO
nervous!!! He came in and he was really tired from driving so we just talked for awhile in the living room. It felt comfortable and normal pretty dang quick though, for having never met. Then I took him out to Thanksgiving Point and talked to turkeys and goats and froze our fingers off. Poor Californian. I probably gave him frost bite.

Anyway, then we went inside to the Dinosaur museum which was funner and
warmer. (Yes, I know my idea of a date may sound like a field trip.) I love the dinosaur museum, especially THIS one. I love all of the kids' hands-on displays. And we had tons of fun. Then we realized if we did not hurry and leave half way through we would be late to Steph's semi-impromptu Bunny House Not At The Bunny House Party! So we rushed through the rest of the museum with plans to probably come back, hopped in the Jeep and headed north.

However, THAT was scary because I got sick and had to stop somewhere for a bathroom, and stopped at a Carl's Jr. Well, I was in there awhile and this MAN opens the door to the Women's restroom and I guess I THOUGHT he said "are you okay in there?" because I was sick but now I don't think he did, I don't know WHAT he started to say, but then he said "come out here and sit with me."
"Uhh, I'm fine. No thanks." [from inside a STALL feeling fully creeped out!!]
" Come out and have something with me. Let me buy something for you."
"No. No thank you."
"I'll be waiting out here."

"I'll be waiting."

Ummm... yeah. not a conversation you want to HAVE on the toilet. And when I came out, there he was some freeky creepy bald dude by the window as soon as I came out and said "you, come sit here by me."
"Are you alone?"
"No, I have someone in the car! And I have to go. Now."
"Come sit by my for a minute."
Yeah, I booked it out of there and jumped in the car and told Fresno "See that guy in the window?! HE IS CREEPY!!!" (I also pointed to Fresno as I drove by the window because Creepy WouldBe KidnapperMan totally was WATCHING and even though I would probably have said I wasn't alone even if I was it was nice to be RIGHT and I wanted to sort of rub it in scary mans face. Because Fresno could have TOTALLY taken him. hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

I was creeped out.

Felt almost kidnapped.
But dang it all, I am a girl with a CUTE GUY, so TAKE THAT!!!

Anyway THEN we went back to the Trax station to meet Steph and Janessa so she could drive to Alicia's house for Pizza. We played pool (badly) were entertained by Scooter and Alicia's (respective) kiddlets, and just hung out etc. Unfortunately, at this point, Fresno was practically dead. He was exhausted from not sleeping and then driving all day, and was hungry because he didn't think he wanted anything for lunch when he got to the house, and regretted it. He was NOT impressed with Scooter, however, because he has BIG issues with what he took as disrespect to women (and also because he was tired, didn't know the group well, and was misunderstanding the dynamic a little, but I still saw where he was coming from).

But yeah, he was falling asleep at the party, (NOT the party's fault, like I said) though I think he would have been happy to play with Scooter's little boy the
WHOLE TIME, he just kept gushing about him the whole ride home (Fresno really wants babies).

So when we got home he pretty much crawled to bed in a coma and I went home. I told him to call me when he woke up and I'd come over asap.
(Then I told my mom to call me and wake me up so I could be awake and cute WHEN he called before. Hee hee hee!)

So this morning I went over to the Padres and had breakfast with Fresno before we checked out Cabela's because people kept saying "you should take him to Cabela's! That store is amazing!" And yes the store ended up being GIANORMOUS! But you know what was the coolest? He was so NOT impressed by all the dead things! I love NON-Hunters!!!!!!! SIGH! He's not a vegetarian, but totally agrees with my view on hunting for sport. So that was nice. Though we did have fun playing with puppets, making jokes about the camouflage dressed baby dolls, etc.

Then we went back to the padres because the family was
having a huge football party to celebrate the big BYU vs. U of U football game. Now, I am not actually all that interested it normally but 1) there is a party involved 2) Richard LOVES Football 3) it is a big rivalry game 4) the game was SUPER DUPER intense!!!! 5) I was sitting with Richard's arm around my shoulders.

Okay, actually, the FIRST part we go downstairs to the party and there are all of these random cousins and stuff! Okay, I was not THINKING about that, and so now Fresno is ALL over the family gossip. Second of all my dad like SEATED us.... as in WAY separately. It was way funny. And then we made face at each other from behind my dad's head. But then some cousins moved finally and Fresno came over and we sat together. But the game was stressful and fun and then "we" one and we all were cheering and screaming and hugging it was just good.

Fresno was "supposed" to leave at 4, but stayed till after the game. And yeah... we DID kiss. And I really need to somehow get better at it, with out, you know, practicing on other people besides Fresno. ;O) Hee hee hee hee! Because I am a really bad kisser. But in my defense, I have only kissed one other boy prior to Fresno... and that was once, like ONE kiss... which I didn't kiss back. So really, Fresno was sort of the first boy *I* attempted to kiss BACK. SIGH.

But he left now. He drove away. But he said he WOULD come back! And maybe move here! And he still likes me! A lot! The exclamations are back!

I! So! Like! Fresno!


  1. Awesome! Yay! Moe read part of this with me. We agree that he sounds cool. Wish we could've met him Friday but weren't feeling fantastic -- sooooo ... next time he shows up, we wanna meet him, too. ;) Glad it went well!!!!

  2. I went on a date to that museum before too. We're like dating sisters!

  3. Hey, field trips are awesome dates. And Yay for sticking it to the creepy kidnapper man. That's so bizarre...and makes me want to avoid Carl's Jr.s now. Hmm.

    Yay for Fresno! Yay for you!

  4. Yay!!

    And about the bald guy: What the crap?!!?!

  5. Lainaholo 'OhanaNovember 30, 2006 at 12:53 PM

    I'm SOOO happy for ya, kip! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun...keep us updated!