Thursday, November 9, 2006

When did I become High Maintanance?

BLECK. Well, so much for the pretty weather! Now it is windy and cold and hazy. Oh well. It IS November.

As for the family, things ARE being worked out. Oy. Anyway, they are doing better and figuring out the funeral, at least. My mom is up with them now. They are working on arrangements. Dumb dysfunctional people that they are.

SIGH. FlyLady would kick my butt (lovingly, I am sure). I have fallen off track in a big way and I need to gain control again, I just feel... bleh. I am just tired and overwhelmed and also my meds are needing an adjustment but I am waiting on a doctor's appointment... also I need some chocolate. (Which luckily I bought some cheater sticks that I am allowed as they are 7 grams)

OH and PS...

because I like this idea of "Thursday's 13" I think mine, because I am really really silly today will be... 13 things I like about the Cutie that is Fresno...
1. He likes animals
2. He's hilarious
3. He has beautiful blue eyes
4. He has hot red hair
5. He thinks *I'M* hilarious
6. Active in the church
7. Just plain random
8. Big family
9. Wants kids
10. Super nice
11. Wears killer Halloween make up well
12. Thinks I am cute the way I am

1 comment:

  1. Hurray for boys that are NOT BORING and have HOT red hair!

    Glad things are working out better with the fam. There'd be another similarity between you and "the doppleganger."