Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Boy I can Say I Love to Out LOUD

Happy OOOP Day, Heebs! ((Observed) Out of Pouch) OOP Day is sort of the marsupial equivalent of a birthday. Not that that they don't HAVE birthdays, they just are a little harder to track than when they come out of pouch and so we celebrate OOP days. Only the thing is I didn't KNOW my little Heber when he came OOP... he was a rescue much later in his life. He'd been sold in Texas swap meets, lived on birdseed in a hamster cage, and basically is a true testament to his will power and luck and the help of LOTS of wonderful glider friends! But today, 2 years ago, is when I adopted my little boy Heber Lyman Nester the Molester, and I would just like to give him his due. I love this little guy. I love all my "kids" so much I can't imagine my life without these critters. They are a big commitment, and often a pain... but they are worth it. They are worth it to me, anyway. Seriously, look at his FACE! But besides that, they have saved my life more than I should admit.

In other news...

*I have a new physical therapy treatment plan and am getting a new dietitian and have a new orthopedic specialist that is not the uber arrogant idiot Dr. BreakfastMeat. (GRRRRRRR!) YAY!!! Maybe this can not just fix my head but get me back on track? ihopeihopeihopeihope. SIGH.

*Fresno really is coming to Thanksgiving! And how adorable is THIS? He asked what we wanted him to BRING! "Other than the turkey..." I told him , no, he needed to cook a turkey and drive it from California. *rolls eyes* So cute. SIGH.
Yes. I am pathetic. But really, I just... well, I am still sort of in shock that he likes me. We'll see if it holds after he MEETS me.

*I would literally cut off my leg for some peanut brittle. Okay, that isn't so much NEWS. Or true. But I want some. Now, though neither in line with my diet nor what we were talking about... I just have a major craving for some. Now.

*It is Thursday. Therefore...
13 States I have either lived in or visited for more than a day or 2
1. Utah
2. Arizona
3. New Mexico
4. Nevada
5. California
6. Idaho
7. Montana
8. Wyoming
9. Illinois
10. Texas
11. Hawaii
12. Missouri
13. Louisiana


  1. awww for Heber. And turkeys from California ... :P

    and the code i'm typing below is "idejumpu". *snicker* okay, that's a lie, it's "adejumpu" but it still made me think naughty things. neener.

  2. HA! Okay, who WOULDN'T think naughty things! That, like, had to be on purpose... who makes up these word verification jumbles?!

    "The Cheat! The jumbles, man! Just the Jumbles!"

    Unless... *semi-repentant thought*... it really is just US. *looks around shiftily.*

  3. It is just you.

    Although I find myself sometimes getting mixed up and wanting to type in that stupid verification in this box.

    For your benefit...wdbeml

  4. Oh good, glad it's you AND me BA. even if it is just US. hehehe.