Tuesday, November 14, 2006

does not compute!

I admit the majority of my r
elationshipial knowledge comes from sitcoms and chick flicks. Yes, I have parents, and every once in awhile I reference their relationship (usually TO them) in relation to mine to which my mom usually says "yes, but, you're dad and I are not normal." Hello, I think I know THAT! The funny thing is, my mom and I are a LOT alike in many ways, relationship-wise. Not in the kind of guy we like (sorry, Freud.), but well, when my dad proposed to my mom she got mad, started crying and said "That's not very funny, David!" And I think that says a lot about HER ability to not panic and deal with boys. Hee hee! They dated off and on with various freak outs for about 3-4 years.

So I come by my boy phobia naturally. (Except that Mom was a Lip Slut. And I sure missed THAT gene. Or rather the boys missed OUT!)

But my point is that every sitcom tells me that the boy is supposed to dread meeting the family. The girl is supposed to be all "Come on honey, they'll love you!" and the boy is all "but your dad has all those guns" and the girls is all "Daddy? Awww, he's just a big softy when you get to know him"
and predictable zany hi-jinx ensues.

So WHY, when I like a boy, does he basically say "Kipluck, I'd really like to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family and play that week. What can we do about that?"

I WANT to... though I am super nervous... however NOT sure how my DAD is going to react to an extra addition to our vacation plans. So I just haven't
told Dad.


  1. Ok, so it is not hard to see the dilemma here. But, assuming the entire fam is there, things should be a BIT easier and at least he can see you in one of your primary elements, you know? And your mom knows about Fresno now, right?

    I really hope it works out for you to meet him. He sounds fantastic!

  2. hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee

    and zany hijinks WILL ensue... I mean it's your family!

  3. hahaha ... Meet the Parents, anyone? he does sound pretty fantastic. Yay BA!

    (having just gone through this myself with the hubby meeting my parents and most of my family the first time a week before surgery at a family camping trip ... well ... good luck.)