Friday, November 10, 2006

Confessions of a Girly-Girl

I am turning silly, sappy, and high-maintenance. Seriously, what is DEAL?! It was a couple days and normally WHO CARES, people do not NEED to write everyday... but with weird High-Maintenance Kipluck (she tends to surface if I really like a boy) it's all "shoot. He doesn't like me any more."

Or, you know, his mom could be in the HOSPITAL! Yeah. She was recovering from surgery, fell in the hospital and has to have another surgery! Plus, you know, a JOB. (I, on the other hand, fill my time with doctors, physical therapists, and messing around online so days tend to go reeeeeally slowly for me right now) Anyway, poor Fresno. <:O(

Did I mention that even more now I think he is wonderful? Adorable? Funny? Cute? I am so freaking twitterpated. SIGH! Oh my heck. I am pathetic.

But this I know, IF we get to go to Disneyland we are SO trying to meet.


  1. That's an awesome idea! I hope you do! :D

  2. you're all yucky girly... lol...

    i am not so much anymore... and it's ok... I think. I just miss that one Boy...