Saturday, November 18, 2006

And where *was* Willy Wonka in all this?!

Yesterday was a good-ish day, just long. And I am a bit preoccupied. But anyway, I just thought I would tell you because of my little Sister's work me and mom got to go with her to a CHOCOLATE EXPO!!! FOR REAL, she had to do research and we got to help! By help, it meant take a few pictures and eat samples. So that was cool. But mostly we just got to go because she got to. Now, the samples were YUUUUMMY but I was disappointed with the lack of everything being edible... and Oompa-Loompas... and stuff like that. And it just wasn't quite as fun to GO to booths touting the best chocolate as a Diabetic (not that I didn't do a fair amount of of delicious cheating.)

Anyway, that was the Chocolate Show. Then I had Physical Therapy. You know how people always talk about how impersonal medical care has become? Not mine. Mine has become WAY too personal. I have been fighting with doctors who have let their personal biases interfere with even looking at what MIGHT be wrong with me. Then I have a jerk of a Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. BreakfastMeat who refuses to try to help so I get another one who does help. So my PT who is AWESOME refers me to another one who DOES listen and gets me a program but recommends a different center than my PT works at... and so now the Awesome PT is totally offended.

EVERYBODY STOP TAKING THINGS SO PERSONAL! I JUST WANT TO STOP HURTING!!! (You know... like my HEAD?! It has nothing to do with my desire to insult various doctor egos?! qwrnihtnpqewv5g2tvmnt5 lp!!!!!!!!!)

So that part of the day was less than stellar.

Other than that... oh, I bought shoes at REI. Makes me sound way more wildernessy than I was feeling because sadly they were just SUNDAY shoes. But STILL.

Then I went to a little LinkUp party. It was funny, but short because my mom took me... but then, I almost didn't go. My parents heard I was planning and knew how my therapy went and how my head was and basically went into a worry tizz. But mom needed to take around some dead Grandma stuff to various cousins in the same area as the party, so, like a 10 year old she drove me to the party (with me laying down in the back) and picked me up. Dorky? Yes. But better, I suppose, than crashing or something.

As for today... I have been cleaning. Yeah, so exciting. Well, cleaning and stressing about how if things do not get move FORWARD with Fresno at Thanksgiving, if we don't totally hit it off, then I basically feel like I may lose one of the best things I have ever had this week. So yeah. A lot of scary here.


  1. He couldn't very well watch the show from up there.

    So I just ate like this whole thing of fudge and while I don't feel physically ill, I do feel like that was not one of the smartest things I could've been doing with my time. Sigh.

  2. Drat those oompa loompas! lol

    glad you had fun, not so glad therapy was bad, but ...

    It's Thanksgiving! Life is good. ;) Good luck this week. when does Fresno get in?

  3. haha... so I was thinking that I'm highly curious as to what "sunday shoes" from REI look like... hee hee..

    And all the other stuff... well.... FRESNO IS COMING FRESNO IS COMING!!

  4. How completely unprofessional of your physical therapist. You'd think she'd want the BEST for you.

    Yay Fresno!!

    I met my husband online. Honestly, I've met a couple of great relationships online. My advice is to just relax and be yourself. You've done what you can, you're making the effort, now all you have to do is let go and allow Heavenly Father to determine how things are going to go!