Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Little Elder Spencer will be preaching the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ in...

the Italy Milan Mission!

And by the way, I looked it up, DUE is 2 in Italian. (
Buon gusto means ENJOY) Anyway, YEAH! YAY for my little brother! COOL MISSION! He doesn't leave till MARCH, which seems forever away till him, really soon to my mom who is bawling all the time, and not soon enough to my Dad who seems convinced something will go wrong in that time. Hee hee! OH, and the padres have already decided we will take a family trip to PICK HIM UP! Granted that will be it 2009 and a wee bit ahead of ourselves to plan, but still, hey, ITALY!!!

I am proud of my little brother, really. He has lived an exemplary life that got him to this point and he is just AWESOME. I love that kid! And Milan?! THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a pretty dang cool mission.

Diabetically? Today was BAD BAD BAD BAD. As in I was JUST checking my levels and I was not even a number. My meter just said "Hi" which unfortunately means not "hello, I am such a friendly blood glucose meter!" :O) but rather number too HIGH to record as in over 500. Yeah. GRAND. So not feeling so great.

But I am still excited for Thanksgiving with the family...

and maybe even more so the day after with Fresno and friends! Mmmmm-Hmmmm... SIGH. I am so pathetic. But like I have said about a bazillion times he is just... sigh... yeah. Heart-melty or something. I don't know, I have yet to find an adequate set of adjectives for Fresno. Working on it.

Now if we can just manage not to break each others' hearts this weekend...


  1. What does Italy have to do with garlic burgers? heheheheh.

    Really, that's awesome. :)

    And yay for garlic burgers!


    That's a link to the Mission President's blog, in case Spencer (or anyone) is interested. They are from here (Not sure if you've done this research yet) but I work with their son Steve (Your dad might know Steve) and I swam with their son Tom. Fantastic family! And I'm super excited for Spencer. That's awesome news! He will be fantastic.

    Along those lines, Chandler returned on Tuesday and is 'reporting' if you will, on Sunday in the Stake Center at 11:00 if you can make it. I'm sure he'd love to see you. I haven't seen him yet but apparently he looks quite a bit like Cam, stocky and big. :)

  3. P.S. Have fun tomorrow with Fresno! ;)