Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ugly Nature Continued

Here are the pictures. When I left (when Mom told me I had to leave and I bawled) the Mama was there, paying attention to ONE twin. The one we took out from under the car. K-Lee.
The other was still crying.... Mama was ignoring it. Made me feel ill. Mom SAYS she will call me in the morning if it's still there... and ALIVE...

I doubt it. I doubt it will survive. I doubt the Mama will take it. And I doubt Mom will call me.

But here they are, anyway...

The first fawn.

see? right there. (I didn't touch her!)

I still never touched them, I promise.

This is the 2nd fawn. Neighbor's granddaughters found it under our car and told their grandma who called us saying "DON'T MOVE YOUR CAR!" THAT one we DID move... but still just used gloves, a blanket and a cart to put it in the back, nearer to it's syb. It seems healthier, but still dehydrated and starving, than the other.

These are Kailey and Mikkel, the little girls who found the second deer... and named them... after THEMSELVES.
"Because we're twins, and so are they!"
"And the one that was hiding under the car is K-Lee" explains Kailey. "Because I like hiding under things, too!" Ummm... OKAY? They were cuties.

"K-Lee." The one that has a CHANCE.

"McKell." Dying as we speak.


By the way, people, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Just FYI.

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  1. Again, this story too sad!! I'm just curious... why hasn't animal control come to get them? Do they put rescue animals down or something?

    Have you ever seen the Planet Earth series? One of the best parts was a panda bear who was about to give birth, and the narrator said that when a panda is pregnant, they always hope it's just one baby, because if there are twins, the mother must choose which one to abandon since she can only give her constant attention to just one. Truly so sad... but then they showed her nursing her cub like a human nurses her baby, and it was one of the most awesome, and most heartbreaking scene my eye have ever witnessed.