Saturday, June 30, 2007

Contemplative Brainlessness

I am having one of those weekends.

I was at work for so long today in the heat and I am just BEAT (and burned) and the dogs are downstairs with me because there are fireworks and they are scared. Poor things.

But one of those half contemplative/half mindless weekends.

Part of the time I am all thinking about stuff. (Fresno's most recent, apologetic (for the other weekend) letter for one, where I am going to end up in the next few years of my life, etc.)
But the other part I am most decidedly NOT thinking. Not thinking... eating beer-battered shrimp and watching old (very old) movies on PBS. I watched The Asphalt Jungle and now I'm rather enjoying Marty. Yup... I am a dork.

Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday.
I am tired. I may go to bed early... but want to wait awhile to see if Fresno becomes available to chat.

Oh! Okay, like right now.

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