Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cats and Hogs and Spiders... Oh My!

Sorry about the lapse in updating. I was trying to CATCH UP on my blog... and finish about my California trip... but didn't let you know that FINALLY yesterday the kitten was captured (we took apart our dryer) and she is, at present, YOWLING AT ME like some sort of demon from with in her dog/glider/kitty kennel. AND she is doing SO GOOD! But first, a little back story since I didn't say much about the cat (who, by the way, I am CALLING a she, but could just as easily be a boy as I am not a cat person and just can't tell as easy as gliders, you know?) at first other than HELP HELP THERE'S A CAT LOST IN MY WALLS!!!

We were out at the Gardens doing Robotics Camp on a very very rainy day when a couple of the kids started claiming they heard something crying. I thought it was a raccoon because the day BEFORE Me, Rerun, and Rinny had to rescue a young frightened coon from an empty dumpster! (Don't worry, we were very safe about it, and when they started yelling and called me over I told them not to try and touch it but instead put in a plank for it to climb and backed away). Well, it wasn't. It was a little wild kitten and she was drowning in a landscaping brick filling with water. It took a while to get her out as we had no gloves and thus were trying to lasso her with my name tag lanyard and finally grabbing her by the tail. She was coated in mud and leaves and was hissing and spitting. I wrapped her in a towel and kept her in a box in my office till I got her home to have The Roomie help.

We cleaned her up as best we could and also found out she had a 3 inch long stick in her eye (just the SOCKET luckily, not her eye BALL, but still OUCH!) Anyway, she was crying and crying and I thought that maybe I should let her out of the box in the bathroom.

I don't have a CLUE how she got OUT of the bathroom, but she vanished. She was in the walls and we couldn't get her out. Then we finally got her out of the walls and she was behind the furnace! The way we found her was when she started ANSWERING our meows. It was like playing Marco Polo, which is what we started calling her., even if she IS a she, which is in doubt. I ALMOST caught her once, but not before she got behind and INTO the back of the dryer! Finally, yesterday, The Roomie texted me at work that she had caught her! YAY!!!

She is doing SO GOOD now. She's like a different kitten. She rarely bites or hisses. She still escapes and hides really well, but she seems to really like attention. Not being HELD exactly, but she is lonely and I think she at least considers us as an acceptable 2nd choice to her mama. And so, for now, we have a kitten. Trinket is NOT pleased.

It's later now and CC and me went to Spiderman 3! It was silly and cheesy and good and FUN! (Evil Emo bangs. hee hee hee) Then we played with the kitten... and BoyKid's motorcycle. It was good to get out. Stop thinking a little while.

But that whole thinking thing... ugh... stupid California Fish Cops... dumb laws... highly frustrated heart...

I will write more about, well, Cali and such, later. And let you all know when *that's* up. But for now I better feed the [growing number of] babies and try to sleep! Church starts early... I wish there was a ward I LOVED... preferably one that was NOT at 9. I know it shouldn't matter. It SHOULDN'T. I should just do what is right because it is right. Why am I such a spiritual wuss?


  1. Ooohhh! What a cute kitten...sorry for the ordeal though.

    And hey, if it makes you feel any better I'm a 6th ward wuss...hehhh

  2. I'm glad you caught her. I was thinking about it all day yesterday!!!

  3. I love that kitty! I wish I could keep her!!!

    And yes, you are a spiritual wuss. lol... lazy really. :-P

  4. She really is freaking ADORABLE for a cat. I would ALMOST want to keep her if she wasn't a cat... if she was a puppy, heck yes. She is darling. Naughty, though. And needs to get shots... and a check up... and get fixed... which I probably will do before adopting her out though it will be pricey. BLEH. But I can't NOT help the poor thing.

    And I DID go to church, just fyi. Just... not... MINE.

  5. Cute kitten!

    Spiritual wussness must be the "in" thing to do right now ... ;)