Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I feel like today might be the beginning of the end.

I think Fresno and I may be breaking up. I don't know.

I left work early, major anxiety melt-down.

At least the fawns are okay.


  1. I have a lot of posts to read to catch up since I've been out of town but I'm SO SORRY I had to start with this one.

  2. ugh. i'm sorry BA.

  3. I got the weaker of the fawns (who turned out to be a boy) with the EXCELLENT rehabber in Heber. The other we are watching close and if Mama doesn't feed HER the man is coming back for her as well.

    I am glad, for that, at least. But I am SICK right now about Fresno.

  4. Argh, relationships are so hard. Obviously I don't know the story, but I just want to give you hopefully a push of encouragement in saying that sometimes (especially when you're not having face to face interaction), it's hard to read what is going on with the other person and it's easy to read too much into things or to overreact. I hope that's the case. Best of luck to you in figuring this out! *hugs*

  5. aw man. I'm sorry to hear of your day. maybe some Beto's and GG might make it a lil easier...