Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is Your Boss a Psycho?

This quiz deserves it's OWN POST. Because the questions cracked me up. Or rather, the lack of CORRECT answers cracked me up. Close as I could come the results were:
Your Boss Isn't Psycho, but Your Boss Stinks

Your boss is probably not mental. Still, your boss is not competent or professional.
You may want to transfer departments or get a new job, before your boss sucks out your soul.

But they are wrong. Rinny IS Psycho. They just don't have bubble choices crazy enough. OBSERVE...

  1. True or false? Your boss expects you to work, no matter what, even if your mother died.
    • That's somewhat true, though you'd probably get a pass for a family death
    • Pretty much
    • Actually, you're boss is fairly understanding when you have to miss work. [Especially considering it would be her mom, too!]
  2. If your boss messes up:
    • Your boss finds a way to blame you or your co-workers
    • Your boss accepts full responsibility for his mistake
    • Your boss glosses over it
    • and She cries for hours.
  3. A co-worker is telling offensive jokes that bother you. Your boss:
    • Would join in with a few jokes as well
    • Would tell you not to be so sensitive
    • Would write the co-worker up
    • would scream and run away plugging her ears and praying... but never reprimand anyone unless it was me.
  4. You've been passed over for a raise for two years. When you bring it up with your boss:
    • Your boss pretty much ignores the issue
    • Your boss is surprised and wonders if it's really been that long
    • Your boss takes it under consideration - and then either gives you a raise... or gives you a good reason why you're not getting one [ie: working for a "Not-for-Profit institute" sucks sometimes and then takes me to lunch or something.]
  5. If you get a bad review at work:
    • You get a bit of feedback, but your boss is pretty vague
    • You know what you're doing right... and what you're doing wrong
    • Your boss scolds you, but you aren't exactly sure what you're doing wrong
    • If I am ME, we chat. If I am Rerun or one of the other morons, she sulks and never says anything because she doesn't want any of her employees not to like her.
  6. At the holiday party:
    • Your boss is drunk and out of control
    • Your boss doesn't even show up
    • Your boss makes an appearance and acts professional
    • Your boss is still hanging streamers and baking cookies till even after the party, and probably also making a take home craft.
  7. Has your boss ever threatened to fire you?
    • Not really, but you have felt like your job was in jeopardy
    • No, never
    • Yes
    • Rinny says "your fired." ANYTIME she is annoyed to anyone as a joke. I think if she EVER tried to fire anyone (not likely) they would never believe her.
In short, good try Blogthings, but my sister/boss IS a psycho. A pushover when she needs to be tough, a snotty bossy brat when she needs to chill, a dancer/drama queen/people pleaser, and... I love her. I wish I could help her deal better. Because sometimes I can see her on the verge of many a melt-down. She needs meds... and counseling... and a hug... and a raise... and a date...
instead, she's got 5 extra goldfish, a box of toilet paper rolls, and a fear of medication. Go figure.

I love my little sister. I think this season of Day Camps may just do her in. :O(

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