Friday, June 1, 2007

City of Sin and Wax Statues

I am writing from the Las Vegas Airport! (I *heart* WiFi, what DID I do before it?) My flight was HILARIOUSLY bad. But not DANGEROUSLY bad, so that's acceptable. They almost bumped me, then lost my seat assignment and almost kicked me off and THEN we left about half hour late because we needed OIL. It was a teeny tiny plane (however, on the bright side there WAS no dreaded "middle seat" between the sight-seeing window seat and the leg-stretching aisle seat.). Luckily for me (and sadly for the nice Japanese lady connecting 10 minutes after they landed on the other side of the airport (and yeah, she missed it)) all that did was cut into the time I am here on my 2 hour lay over. So it's all good. OH, but why it was funny! The stewardess totally said both to put the mask our oxygen mask "after you finish screaming" and that after the whole seat cushions as flotation devices thing "and please, in the event that does happen, feel free to keep the cushions and take them home with you, compliments of Mesa Air." I thought that was pretty awesome.

Also, this airport just cracks me up, because, of course being Las Vegas the first thing you see is slot machines, which I am considering playing if I get too bored. Also there are CREEPY wax statues of Howard Hughes and, even better, what his stewardesses had to wear. And I took pictures because OF COURSE I brought my camera. And of COURSE I brought my laptop. And of course I FORGOT the wire to connect the 2. So STAY TUNED FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! For now, I think I need to walk a while (I really am scared to death of those blood clots people get from planes, even though LOGICALLY I know I have only been on an hour. Whatever, I hate sitting all cramped like that!). Then maybe sin some. I dunno.



  1. fun fun fun!!!!!! looking forward to seeing creepy pictures ....

  2. I really don't understand that blood clot thing myself...

  3. Any time you're limited in activity for a length of time, there is a danger in forming blood clots in your legs. When I was in the hospital last year, they put TED hose on me -- they're compression stockings that make your blood flow back up your veins in your legs so it's not pooling in the veins and creating a clot. The danger is if you do create a blood clot in the legs and it makes it to your lungs, brain, or heart, you die. But it's not likely to happen on a 1-hour or 2-hour flight -- it usually happens to more frequent travelers or people who are bed bound in hospitals. Kip, if you are that paranoid about it and can take aspirin, you might want to talk with your doc about taking a baby aspirin a day (81 mg). It's a blood thinner and helps prevent clots from forming. There are warning signs that you've developed one, though, before it has a chance to make it to your vital organs: Heat, warmth, redness, and PAIN in your calf.

  4. They made me wear those things when I was in the hospital for the gall bladder fiasco, too.

    The thing is I have HORRIBLE leg cramps on a regular basis anyway. Like charlie horses and knots nearly nightly. And long car rides or cramped plane rides make them worse. So even though I am fairly sure these short flights are fine, I still kind of freak. (but I can't take aspirin... one of my prescriptions has(?) or interacts with blood thinners.

  5. Ah, well ... then ... panic away, just because it's fun. :) Some people might tell you you need more potassium and it'll help the cramps.