Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just another Manic Monday...

Today started very dumb but then got good and then ended, well, bittersweet. Such is the Roller Coaster of my world.

First I went to the hospital to turn in my PEE... and Dr. Princess had messed up the lab order and so I had to wait 45 minutes just for a fax to get REGISTERED to turn IN said pee. Me and MOM had an argument while there. We both cried. It was way stupid. And while waiting, Dr. Princess's office called... not about the fact that it was taking 10 years to get the fax right now, but rather about the results of the blood work/ultrasound. There is something out of wack ("Wiggedy Wack?" "No, just the regular type.") with my pituitary... and they are back to checking for Tumors. Another MRI. SIGH.

Dumb dumb dumb.

I was not really focused at the pool, either, after the hospital because I was worried about the MRI... and Marco... and issues with Mom... so my work out was pretty lame. I just felt BLEH and distracted and sad and scared.

Work was better. It was a little hectic, but I LIKE working. I like the kids and I LOVE the critters. That new pony, Lucky, really IS darling. OH! So, his story!

So, ponies usually have their foals in the middle of the night or very early morning (according to the farm girls). But Missy randomly dropped hers a couple days ago, late afternoon (as my class was ending and we were cleaning up) and 2 weeks early so she was not in a pen by herself, but in the middle of the field. So we are cleaning and suddenly we hear the farm girls screaming for EVERYONE to get out there. We see the pony give birth and AS he is hitting the ground ONE OF THE MALE PONIES RUNS OVER AND TRIES TO TRAMPLE HIM TO DEATH!!! We ALL had to spring into action! Farm Girl Becky grabs the still bloody colt in her arms and runs! Another farm girl grabs Mama Missy and pulls her out. The male is now trying to kill the pony AND BECKY! So me, Rerun, and LRG are out in the field trying to scare the OTHER ponies away from the gate and open it.

Finally Missy WAS able to clean her baby. He was JUST fine, regardless! YAY! That's why he's named Lucky... for SURVIVING that! He was beautiful! He has a huge head, though... looks like a mule. hee hee!

Here are pictures RIGHT after... and a few hours later...

Working at a Farm is never EVER boring!
(and I am becoming a slide show JUNKY.)

But anyway, it was a GOOD work day... but HARD. I was in charge of Family Night at the Farm (Tonight it was all about Daisy (our Milk Cow) and Milk) and it was a busy evening.

But then guess what? CC and TheBoy came to take pictures of flowers! That was fun. (Even though me tagging along on a little psuedo-date probably was NOT what they were planning. *blush*) OH, but while in the garden (not the real Garden or the Children's Garden, just the "backyard garden" behind the Emporium) guess what I found?

COOL, HUH? No, I didn't touch it, just reveled in it's perfection. Cute, isn't it?! Nature ROCKS. Except, you know, for when bears attack. *shudder*

Anyway, that was just a fun diversion. THEN, I went to the Padre's to play with the kitten (she has been having such FUN having a whole ROOM to play in, well, I have been letting her stay and just bringing her food and visiting to play daily.), who, of course, was hilarious. She is so cute. She EVEN in a rare cuddly moment, curled against me and nuzzled... it was so sweet.

But my best... bittersweet... news is about her. ONE day online and already we have a very likely possibility Mommy for her. We are talking and hopefully she will come meet her. But yeah. I am happy. But crying... I AM attached, even though I CAN'T be, you know?

Anyway, I will finish this tomorrow... errr... later today after I sleep. It's too late. TTYL... Tuesday... in the hours of NORMAL people.

I'm back. Anyway, also fun I got a good little email from Fresno (with more pictures from our trip) and it made me simultaneously happy (because I SOOO like him) and sad (because I miss him. And want him to move HERE.).

Then I watched Dodgeball (because, well, I needed some silliness) with the kitty and called it a day. THE END!

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  1. Aww... that is a cute pic of you and Fresno! That egg is so blue too!

    And you didn't tell me about the new foal!! That's scary and exciting!!