Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forget what I said before. Nature is ugly.

You will NEVER believe what I am listening to right now. Pitiful, heart-breaking mewing. Not one, but TWINS. No, not more kittens.

Newborn deer with a very stupid mother. I hate her. I hate her so much. They cry and cry. One was under our DURANGO TIRE. The other in our back yard. Finally the K-Lee and McKell's idiot mother came and sort of listened to ONE baby... but not enough to nurse her. She is an idiot. The little things are weak and shaking with dehydration. The mama was one of the baby twins LAST year. She is young. And I am afraid she is going to abandon at least the weaker of the twins all together. The Roomie already has possible homes lined up to surrogate if she does... and we can keep one or both alive for a day or 2. But the sound is making me cry. It is so full of fear and hunger and pain.

I think it is hopeless.

Nature is ugly and cruel.


  1. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Oh my goodness! Poor things. And poor mama... She probably just doesn't know what to do.

  2. They are SO TINY. I will post pictures later.

    And if they survive the night... and mom still hasn't done her job, me and Sarah are taking them. We discussed it. There is a place in Heber.

  3. That is too sad. Too too sad!

    Hopefully this story will cheer you up:

    Once while Scott was on a business trip, he was working with a friend named Bob. Bob noticed a female cat doing her mating calls and then all the sudden a large group of male cats... you know, each trying to impregnate her. Not being able to believe his eyes, Bob calls over all the guys who all begin making fun of this female cat. You get the idea. Then there's our sweet, innocent Scott who stays at his laptop and doesn't even go to the window. He says, "Whatever guys! They're just being natural."

    Well, the whole "being natural" comment put them all into hysterics and to this day they haven't let him live it down! I like to razz him about it too every now and then!