Friday, June 29, 2007

Sunny Baudilare had to use her teeth to fold her own staples out of metal rods. So it could be worse.

Why do things the easy way when you can do them the hard way? So, I am working my butt off to pull together Leonardo's Lab. The PLANNING is done, now it's the gathering supplies stage, which I HATE. For instance...

to teach linear perspective we are going to put up plastic sheets on the window and TRACE the scene with dry erase markers. Easy enough, right? Right. So I ask for 30 acetate sheets. You know, overhead projector films. Instead I am given 15 plastic sheet protectors.
"so, yeah, cut these apart."

So that is what I am doing. Cutting open sheet protectors with the best of the crappy scissors rather than simply purchasing a box of overhead projector sheets.

Education is ALL about adaptation. *hits head on wall repeatedly*
(And yes, Mali, we should talk. Though I admit most of my ideas are for younger kids. But we should, like, powwow on ideas. YAY FOR A REAL JOB!!!! Color me jealous!)

So is wildlife rescue. The robin (who still doesn't have a name, but I have been calling him Oliver as he is an orphan and also because I have been thinking a lot about Brother Mayhood and that's his middle name. But The Roomie may have a real name for him by now. I should check. He makes me miss Martin.) is not hurting, and seems heeled... but healed wrong. His wing is crooked as it wasn't set right away and we only just received him. If we were real vets maybe we would re-break it... but we won't. And none of the real vets will treat him. SO, as long as he seems happy otherwise, it looks like he will NOT be released. Either he will become a permanent resident at the Ark or, if possible, we will try and find a refuge.

The deer have a half-happy update. While McKell died, according to Mr. Coffee, even with the dead mom she has a LOT of spunk and is alive and making a PEST of herself, thinking she is a PET and following him around for a bottle and some loves. Bad for when she grows up, but I admit that it still makes me giggle and be SO proud of her. Now I just need a kitten update from V and the SpazCat!

Adaptation... in education... animals... and relationships. Oh, and don't worry about my ears. To be completely honest I am more likely to GET a tattoo than pierced ears, even though that sounds crazy. Knowing me, it's true. And really, seeing whether I can get used to makeup so Fresno can feel like he's with a real girl on occasion, well,
that's gonna be a stretch. And I am stubborn. So worry more for him than me, I suppose. Hee hee hee! SIGH.


  1. Oh so I know this probably won't make you feel better but those stupid vinyl whatjamadooeys for projectors...they seriously cost your first born. They are RIDICULOUSLY expensive suckers, so cutting up sheet protectors is actually a perty darn good idea, assuming they are the ones that aren't textured...hehhhh. I've often contemplated doing just that myself because of how expensive they are. I think I bought a package of 10 once and they were about $30!

    Personally, I hope overhead projectors rot in hell. Give me a smart board any day.

  2. Oh, actually that DOES make me feel better. They are for ONE project we don't need to spend a ton. And yeah, they aren't the textured kind.

  3. So.. um...

    I had a bunch of leftover acetate from illustration....


    ANYWAY - make up! Girl's Night!

    And that tattoo thing totally cracks me up because that's way more pain than two little holes.