Friday, June 15, 2007

Doctors and Day Camps... who has time for a LIFE?!

First order of "business" I FINALLY finished the blog entry about my Cali trip complete with TONS of pictures! It's right here for those of you so inclined.

Now, onto the PRESENT, this week has been CRAZY. Basically, my time has been taken up by medical stuff and day camps. It is our "busy season" at TGP with all that stuff. And the kidletts are sometimes HORRIBLE but always HILARIOUS!

"I lost my Glifying Glass!"[Magnifying Glass] - Gracie, age 4

"It's been a hot hard day. I think we better get french fries." - Jenson, age 5

"But the cavemen didn't respect the mammoths." - Britton, age 5 [after NotSoHotAsGayishShawn telling then to respect the animals]

"I don't believe in big sharks!" - Cole, age 4

"I can't take the fish home! My brothers will flush him down the toilet!" - Jenson,
age 5
(I *heart* Jenson!)
They have been the good parts. (Also, the look of FEAR when I go into PetSmart now is pretty hilarious as the LAST time we came we asked for 40 feeder goldfish... in INDIVIDUAL BAGS... shown here in the back of Rinny's Subaru! Hee hee hee!)

The bad stuff has been doctors. Especially the new endocrinologist, Dr. Princess. I HATE HIM. He is a jerk. And NO, Not just because this week he has made me give at least a pint of blood in tests, a 24 hour urine collection, and a rather painful ultrasound of my stupid ovaries. It's because he washed his hands then primped his hair for 5 minutes before my exam. And because he wouldn't let me ask questions when I was scared of the procedure. And because he didn't read my chart at ALL and said, like 30 minutes into it "do you have any history of diabetes?" Ummm DUH?. And because he had NO bedside manor at all. But, frankly, he is the only one I can go to. But I am ONLY seeing him for the minimum of things and getting referred for EVERYTHING else. We was prissy, hard to understand... I DO NOT LIKE DOCTOR PRINCESS.

And the tests and crap are far from over. SIGH. But hopefully they can, at last, figure out what is WRONG with me. In Dr. Princess' case we are talking about possible PCOS or something else about my defective nether regions. SIGH.

HOWEVER I did do SOME fun stuff...

CC (who, with TheBoy, tonight came and gave me pictures from Ikea of Rubber Duckies PERFECT for my bathroom!), Cupcake, and our Canadian friend Prism played! And, btw, despite former concerns, it was fun. AND she is DEFECTING! Apparently she has fallen head over heals... for Sluggo actually! hee hee hee!

Anyway, we messed around at Boondocks, ate at Cafe Rio, and had Cold Stone ice cream. It is so good to have friends!

Other than that, I have played a lot with Marco, the kitten. OH, and big stuff at the farm! We helped save a pony! I will show you pics and stuff later of that. A little farm update or something. For now I really should go to bed, even though I am not tired.

And p.s. Fresno is still adorable.

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  1. Heh...terrorizing Petsmart. That's awesome.

    I want to read your Cali trip but it will have to wait. But I will...never fear. :D