Sunday, June 24, 2007

But I <3 NERDS... Don't I?

I should call Fresno FIRST tonight. But I still keep thinking "but we broke up! Maybe he doesn't WANT to talk to me right now!" but since that was a major PART of said break up I should call... unless he is annoyed by me right now. How does that work, relationship pros out there? Like, how do you know when calling is a pain and when it is good? How am I even sure that we are back together because he still likes me and not just because he felt bad for making me cry? Part of me doesn't even CARE why... but the other part is still just wondering "but how long will THIS last?" and worse "I will like him MORE then... how hard will I fall if we break up again? I really need to figure out my brain (and nether regions) soon.

CONFESSION: I STILL haven't actually called for an appointment with my new psych, Dr. Apparently, yet. I have just been... busy.


Anyway, I guess... I'll go call? And hope it's a good thing?

I am back and can I just say WHY could I not date a nerd?! I do NOT have the computer knowhow to be my boy's tech support! He gets SO frustrated with his (really NOT his... Roomie, J-Alien's) computer and honestly, SMART dude but NOT computer savvy at ALL. I try to explain something and he just gets frustrated that he doesn't KNOW it already. hee hee! Poor Fresno. I am pretty sure I could figure out what's up if I was SITTING there, but over the phone, with a stressed out male ego? Not a CHANCE! SIGH.

His phone was dying and he may call BACK though I am really REALLY hoping J-Alien comes back and fixes his computer first because I would way rather talk about, like, work and dogs and Transformers and stuff than why he can't download Adobe Flash. My answer is BECAUSE YOU HAVE AOL!!!!!!!!!!

And My solutions are usually stop USING AOL. AT LEAST stop using their BROWSER and use Firefox. Which makes PERFECT sense to me, but he just gets frustrated and says "but it's [J-Alien]'s computer..." and I try to explain this isn't, like changing his computer, but whatever.

It's a good thing he is so cute, funny, sweet, etc [in a word: HIM] because sometimes he is so FRUSTRATING!!!!!

But I think he WAS still glad I called... even though I was not able to help. :O(


  1. Calling is usually good. It's only bad if he doesn't answer and you call back 10 times every hour. That's called stalking. :) Glad you're trying to work things out. Hang in there.

  2. hell if I know... my not-boyfriend was mostly calling ME. And I liked it. And now we're broken up and I'm afraid to call him. But I wasn't for a while...

  3. I have no clue. . .the last boy I attracted is well, married and I don't like him. . .etc. . .I can't even ATTRACT boys any more. I probably disgust them more than anything.

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  5. So... Blog in Portuguese is BLOG. Huh.

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  6. Again, I agree with Stewie and Steph. Besides, in this world of technology most everyone has caller-ID so if it is a bad thing you are calling, he can not answer. Or he can do the decent thing and answer, tell you his busy or whatever, then hang up.