Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Unnaturally Cute" Kitty Brat

Marco the kitten is, apparently, attacking ghosts. She is NUTS. Seriously she is batting at and chasing NOTHING... and with gusto! But I am still just pleased as heck with the kitten because she is 100% a different cat than when we fished her out of that brick. Rinny doesn't believe it. She was really scared of her when we caught her. But me and mom were telling her how CUTE she is now and how TAME she is! Rinny is not convinced. I wish Rinny would KEEP her.

*I* don't really want a cat, but I would love for her to stay near and in the family. She is so funny. I wish CC COULD have have her.

However, she is still not a glider. She will play with their toys but isn't as smart as them, I don't think... and can't fly... or sleep in my shirt. Kittens are just a poorman's glider. OH which reminds me. Tonight's convo at the padres'! Mom told me that Padre said if I would get rid of the gliders he would get me a dog or even let me keep the kitten. HA! RIGHT. Because I would just TRADE pets. Not like they are my BABIES or anything. Dumb Padre.

Granted, I LOVE dogs and will get one someday. But not instead of my sugar babies.

HA!!! The cat just ran HEAD FIRST into the wall! She is cute, but DANG Marco is NOT a brilliant baby. hee hee hee. She's so cute.

Today at family dinner we watched BoyKid's little slide show of recent pics and videos and just laughed and laughed. I MISS MY LITTLE BROTHER. He is so the same kid though. Funny, dorky, adorable! I love that kid. He is such a fantastic little missionary!

Part of his recent letter:

Wheeeen the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie thats lockheart amOOREEE!

Hey fam of my heart! So...hows it kidding. Thanks for all the
mail and the pictures recipes and everything and yes I recieved that email.
You are all amazing and it is great to see letters from my fam. I dont have
time to read them so I print them off, so if there are questions Ill answer
them next week.

...Saturday the day turned interesting. Anz Schanchy has had a cyst for awhile
now. Hes taken antibiotics to kill the infection be it started getting huge
so we decided to go to the hopsital. We waited for 2 hours (thank you
sociallzed medicine) and then he got it cut and drained. He was hurtin bad
and I was fairly grossed out. Anyway his strength has been low, so we
havent done as much work lately, which makes eveyone kinda edgy, and
annoyed. Missionaries are meant to be outside, not cooped up in an
apartment. Weve managed to work more as it has healed. Luckily he felt
good enough to go to the baptism sat. night. Anz Earley and Blad baptized
this awesome 8 year african girl and it was good service. I want one of my
own soooo bad! The Lord has called me to baptize, not just to sow seeds,
and I know that if I put my trust in him, we will see success.

Sunday was church and it was fun, and after we taught Flaviano. The man
needs a miracle, and I am just trying to be worthy to see one.
Monday was hard, we recieved some Bidones and had to do street, which I
respect Anz Skanchy for doing even with a bloody hole in his stomach. We
taught a Romanian who was Orthodox and laughed when we said we could
communicate with God through prayer. It made me sad that he was taught that
man isnt worthy to speak with God. I feel very grateful to know that God
loves us enough to command us to pray.

Awww... how cute and righteous is he?

...Yesterday was a busy day. We served at Mistral, by cutting lawns, and then
helped them by translating a pamphlet into english that they can send to the
Bill Gates foundation to get funding. It was funny because Anz Skanchy had
a hard time with English. It makes me worry about my classes at BYU after
my mish!

Bill Gates? I'm sorry, WHAT?

After we had a funny experience. Remember how Missionaries are just 19 year
old idiots? I do too. We taught a great investigator. She knows it is
true and even though she isnt ready for baptism yet she keeps giving us
referrals! Anyway she brought a friend to an appointment yesterday. The
Friend turned out to be a 22 year old girl who happened to be UNNATURALLY
CUTE! Both me and my comp had a real hard time beginning the lesson. The
great thing though was when we began the spirit came so strong and bore
record to us that she was a daughter of god, and that she needed to hear
this message. We taught the Restoration and it was a great lesson.
Missionary work aint easy, but it is so worth it.

Anz. Mayberry

"Unnaturally Cute" HEE HEE HEE HEE!

And my Mom decided to answer him this:

When you swim in the sea/And an eel bites your knee/That's a moray
When you ace your last tests / Like you did all the rest / That's some more "A"s!
In the Aussie outback / roasted 'roo in his pack / that's a Maori.
When our habits are strange / And our customs deranged / That's our mores.
When Othello's poor wife / She gets stabbed with a knife / That's a Moor, eh?
When a snack you desire / Toasted over a fire / That's a smore, eh?
When your sheep go to graze / In a damp marshy place / That's a moor, eh?
When you're soaking up sun / At the beach, having fun / That's some more rays
When "The Fonz" gives a shout / 'Cause he likes what's turned out / That's some more "Aaaayyyy"s
When your paycheck augments / With more dollars and cents / That's some more raise!
When your last try has sunk / But then new thoughts you've thunk / That's some more ways!
When you read tons of books / About cowboys and crooks / That's (Louis) L'Amour-ay.
And our friend Mitch Albom / every Tuesday would come / to hear Morrie.
When a horse is among / Others nursing their young, / That's a mare, eh?
When the school says "Don't worry / Learn to dance in a hurry.", / That's A (rthur) Murray.
When a golf ball you drive / and for cover they dive / That’s a "Fore!", eh?
When you've had quite enough / Of this bad rhyming stuff /That's "No more!", eh?

I *HEART* my family.


  1. hahahahahaah. cute poem.

  2. ok, that song rewrite is AWESOME!!!!

  3. I KNOW! I don't think she made all those up... but my mom kills me.

    My favorite is "When our habits are strange / And our customs deranged / That's our mores."

  4. I laughed super hard at the first one but I think my fave was the nod to the Fonz. Hehhh.

    As for Bill Gates, yeah, he is a philanthropist. However, I do get a big kick out of the idea that his major donation each year is to none other than the Gates' Foundation. I may not like Microsoft but I'll admit that Bill Gates has done some great things.

  5. I don't get the strange habits one.... someone explain.

  6. mo·res /ˈmɔreɪz, -iz, ˈmoʊr-/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[mawr-eyz, -eez, mohr-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
    –plural noun Sociology.
    folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group.

  7. That is the most unbelievably awesome thing I've seen. Your mom rules.