Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The cat's out of the... bathroom?


There is a tiny feral kitten LOST in my house! I have no idea HOW she got out of the bathroom. When I found her today she was drowning in a brick thing filling with water. I caught her, but she is NOT a tame kitten and hisses and spits like a demon. Still, The Roomie and I knew we had to take her in and get her okay... however now she is missing... in my house...

I am praying to find the little thing before she hurts anybody (or Trinket finds and kills her) but I haven't heard a sound yet! I am so scared she has got into the walls or something.


  1. I am now pretty sure she must have got into our terrible laundry/furnace room and escaped into the walls like a little mouse. She will die in there, but I can't find her at all. This is so awful. I have to go to work now.

    Please keep this little cat in your prayers.

  2. Oh no ... I'm so sorry, BA.