Thursday, May 3, 2007

You know the expression, "When it Rains, it Pours?"

Well, SOMETIMES when it rains, it pours, sleets, hails, and floods. And I mean that literally AND figuratively.

I think if I write things out it will help me not feel so out of control. But I would also like to not type the f-word 600 times because I hate that word. So here goes.

Woke up with the pretty obvious realization that I was still sick and not going to work, but with too much pain to even sit up. I heard water running, but decided once it had stopped awhile and given it enough time to heat up I would CRAWL, if need be, to the bathtub and try to coax my muscles into working again. Just let The Roomie finish her shower or let that laundry load finish or whatever was running. I called Rinny to say I was death warmed over and closed my eyes for a few minutes to let my turn come. But here's the thing, I fell asleep for a couple HOURS... but could still hear water! I was annoyed that I had slept through... what, one load, and into another? I decided to check.

I climbed out of bed and thought I was still dreaming, maybe abut that bath, because my feet were inch deep in water. Not standing water. RUSHING water rushing under the door and covering my bedroom floor, my hall, my bathroom. Coming from the laundry room. The water heater was burst open and I couldn't turn it off. I turned every knob I could find while calling my dad on mt cell for help. I could barely talk. I kept crying... and throwing up.

Padre came over and was yelling, I was crying. I don't even know if he was yelling at me or just the situation, I didn't even hear words. He turned off our water and called a plumber and started pulling up my carpet. I slipped on the kitchen floor going to the door and killed my back. Suzy had had an accident on the floor. I cleaned it up. Then back downstairs. I got a broom and started trying to sweep the water out and into the drain in the washroom.

I was sick again.

Mom came over, They were both helping me, but I couldn't stop crying. My bed and stuff was all moved into the family room, everything I had on the floor, which being me, was a lot... was drenched. The parents had to leave. I went upstairs to make sure the plumber get in and slipped on the floor AGAIN. I yelled at Suzy, which was not only unfair, fruitless, and cruel considering her background... but stupid. Because suddenly a drop fell on my HEAD and Suzy can't FLY. There was a huge wet crack above my head and it was storming outside. Our ROOF was leaking. I started to cry again and apologize to the pup, who, of course, understood not a word.

Then The Roomie showed up with J, the disabled guy she tends. I told her all of what was going on. Then the plumber man came and he got to work. Hope at last! I continued to sweep water from under the now propped up carpet with fans everywhere. He did stuff, I swept, then he told me to turn on the hot water faucet to release some pressure. It didn't do any WATER, of course, but I guess it did something. J thought it was AWESOME of course and kept CLAPPING for the plumber and saying "Yay! You did it!" He also thought it was so fun that there was water on the floor.

Anyway, Roomie and I swept and then couldn't do any more for awhile and went upstairs, used The Roomie's bathroom, and generally talked myself through a little breakdown... at first. The Roomie took J out for awhile, luckily, too.

After awhile, Plumber man asked if we had a mop. So I brought one down and he said "so, I guess your sink drain was blocked and the hot water was on. So, yeah". I looked. WAY WAY WAY more water on the floor. Not one inch... more like 5. Standing water, EVERYWHERE. EVERY room. "So, umm, you have hot water now.... couldn't hear the faucet over the fans. S**t. Sorry about this, but I have to go to school."

I couldn't fight back. I literally sat down in the water and cried. Then I thought the fans would electrocute me, so I jumped up and unplugged them and began to sweep and bail water out of my room again. Then I checked the drawers of my bathroom cupboard, each totally full of water and just plain crap. My jars and bottles of meds and things were open, many of them. I threw away so much. Everything ruined. Meds and soaps and other things. And apparently cleansers that when I was dumping all the spoiled things down the toilet splashed on me... because my hands and feet are covered in rashes and chemical burns.

I tried. I tried really really hard. I just could not handle things. J and The Roomie came home and as soon as she turned her back J booked it downstairs to look at the FUN that was going on in the basement. Unfortunately, the "fun" he found was me down on the floor crying and saying "I give up I give up I give up" and thinking really bad things. And it terrified him and he started to BAWL and then yell "NO NO NO" at me and hide under my blanket which I told him to put down because I didn't want his snot on it.

Because I am a really wretched person today. I yell at abused dogs and handicapped people who I have scared the crap out of. I felt AWFUL and it made me feel worse and cry harder.

I really hated me today. And I hate the extent to which I hated me today.

After I scared away J, I cleaned up more, cried more, prayed like mad, and told the parents what happened and to see if they still had a carpet cleaner that could suck out the even MORE water that now was in my basement. Padre came to help and ask HOW this happened. I told him. He was FURIOUS at the plumber. He helped clean a little but mostly, I think he left to go chew out the plumber. I told him it was probably my fault. I didn't know I needed to stay at the faucet or whatever. I was sick, I left. I assumed that the plumber should have things covered himself. I don't know. I can't care anymore.

So now I am in my bed in the family room feeling only a little less depressed than the rest of the day. But I think I will, at least, have my hot shower at last before going to sleep.


  1. Oh my stars girl! I'm sorry you had such a rotten day ... the water would be enough to reduce me to tears and yelling. Being sick on top of all of that? I probably would've SAID the f-word. lol.

  2. oh my goodness!! I'm so sorry! I don't know why all this always happens to you... it's so hard to believe. *hugs*

    I would have said the f-word lots of times.....

  3. Aw, honey, I'm sorry! I wanted to cry when I read your blog.

  4. Woman I am so sorry!! If my own life weren't so upside down right now I'd offer to come help or at least get you out of the house. I would have said the f-word too, a few times.

  5. I concur with everybody else...F-word would've been flying (along with a few more choice words). I'm sorry dude...that really is a rotten, pouring day. :(

  6. *speechless*

    Do you still need help?!! What can I do for you?