Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Expecto Depressio!

Some days are better than others.

This week has not had those so far.

I am having major medicine issues.
And idiot doctors.
And lost my tax check and can't get help.
And am going to be starting stupid vocational rehabilitation.
And just in general CAN'T HANDLE much of ANYTHING right now.

It has has better MOMENTS though, when I am NOT crying.

Like when Sarah came with her kiddlet's preschool class Monday! It was so fun to see her and she is awesome and she is going to be famous, I am telling you. (More famous than she is. hee hee!) I love when people I know come to my work!
And today's Harry Potter-themed class, Owls, Potions, and Spells was very funny.

But other than that, I am sort of not stable so I won't write right now.

REALLY tired of crying.


  1. Hugs, kip. Love you.

  2. Cute pic! Hang in there. As Stewie and Steph say Hugs and loves (and bugs?) ;)

  3. I love you guys, too. Thank you.

    Things are a little dark right now. I am sorry.

  4. I can bring you 20 flashlights if that would help.

    Or more than 20. You'll be ok though. Just keep believing.

  5. ooo ... i have those glow necklaces kids wear at Halloween. Maybe I should bring you a few. hehehehe.

  6. Many hugs for you, BethAnn.

    By the way, you are so adorable! I bet all the little kidlets just love you.

  7. Wow...Sarah. Haven't seen her in a long time either...she will be famous though, I totally agree.

    I hope you get feeling better! *huggles*