Monday, May 28, 2007

Farewell Sweet Suzy and Windmill Punch

My mom is visiting my grandpa's grave today. OH. And GRANDMA'S. That's just... weird. I still forget she's dead. Grandpa B., well, he died when I was still little. But Grandma, I still expect her to, like, come to family stuff. Anyway, what am *I* doing this fine Memorial Day to remember those who have died? NOTHING.

Well, that's not QUITE true. I am watching a MASH marathon and eating soup and taking pills and playing with the parrots. And we have a flag in our yard (because we gave a donation to the Boy Scouts.).

I was so annoyed when I called in sick this morning, though. Rinny said, "Oh, I was going to give everyone the day off for Memorial Day anyway. TGP's open, but USU Extensions is closed." CRAP!
"Okay, that just sucks."
"If I wasn't sick I could totally go to Ikea with [CC]!"
"Oh, I am sorry I forgot to tell you!"
"Well, I couldn't ACTUALLY decided not to have this... whatever it is... anyway."
"Oh, right."

As for what it is, apparently it is a sinus infection and MAYBE Bronchitis! UGH! That MUST be gone mid-week! I am busy this weekend damnitall I do NOT have time to be ill! I am poisoning this Cold tout suite! Azithromycin, Cold Eeze, echinacea, Airborne, Vitamin C, Mucinex, Sudafed and more chicken soup than anyone person should consume. BLEH.

Oh, and of course, lots and lots of "clear liquids" even though I am SO sick of water and anything that either has sugar or fizzes makes me cough. Double Bleh.

Random tangent (Ha! As if everything I SAY isn't just a squiggling bundle of random tangents?) sometimes I call water Windmill Punch. Not ALWAYS, but sometimes it pops out as if is the most normal thing in the world. In Texas we got our water from these water filter thingies... big bottled water refill stations in parking lots shaped like windmills. This old man we taught used to call water Windmill Punch because of that. And sometimes I forget WHY and just think filtered water is called Windmill Punch by normal people. I was thinking that today.

And yes, apparently I am so boring today that I am talking about WATER.

It is gross and muggy in my house today. I am NOT looking forward to the summer making things even HOTTER. Watering the gardens is a pain, too. I am in charge of the gardens this weekend, as well as bird-sitting, but I REALLY don't mind considering the Roomie will tend MY furbabies while I'm in California (where they are illegal. Grrrr.) The Roomie is camping out in Kanab, taking our little Suzy Sparrow on the first leg of her journey to her new Mama, who lives in Illinois! But before she heads east she will get some paper work and more veterinary care at the very awesome Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I have worked with them before and getting Suzy "in" was a GREAT blessing. But still, even though we haven't had Suzy very long and are so proud of how much better she is doing now, we will MISS HER!

However, yeah, it's getting warm. And I feel crappy. So, BAD combo. Maybe I'll watch something cold. March of the Penguins, maybe? And I am going downstairs where I will not roast as much for a bit. Maybe I will do some more laundry, too, and at least ATTEMPT to scale Mount Washmore and do some Flying (15 minutes at a time, right?!)!

I NEED SOME PRODUCTIVITY!!! Tomorrow, I MAY be able to get away with another sick day if it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (but mostly because my sister/boss is a hypochondriac and major germophobic and is scared I'm going to make her sick) but Wednesday is UNDEBATABLE. That's Robotics Camp training! And Thursday is a big training day, too, and THEN I FLY! (as in, in a plane.... not FlyLady. Just to disambiguate.)

P.S. Is there a tornado coming or something? Because my turtle AND gerbil are both SPAZZING OUT over here! I feel like they need to get out, but I think they spray the lawn and don't want Tortuga touching something he shouldn't. And Boo is a little Houdini, so she can't be in a play pen and doesn't seem to like the hamster ball. She just sits in it and tries to climb up me in it.

And by the way, P.P.S. I am a dork but...


  1. *hugs!* Get better soon! By Wednesday!!

    And I couldn't go to Ikea today anyway. We will really have to plan a girl's day and go. :)

    and everyone... I will drive... I passed it today.. I saw two U-Hauls parked in front.

  2. LOL@U-Hauls.

    We could always snag my in-laws' truck if my BIL lets us ...

    thinking good thoughts about getting better by wednesday, kip. eeeeeeeeeeeeep.